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How to View User Counts on Sharp Copiers with Account Controls Enabled.

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1 How to View User Counts on Sharp Copiers with Account Controls Enabled

2 If you have account controls enabled on your Sharp MFP, someone must login in order to use the MFP. The machine can track how many pages that user has copied, printed, scanned, faxed, etc. This guide will show you how to view, and clear counters. This guide will also show you how to download an excel spreadsheet to your computer that also shows the counters.

3 First, you will need to know the copiers IP Address. If you do not know the IP Address, and need help finding it, please refer to the guide entitled “How to Find the IP Address on Sharp”. In this example, I have typed it into my address bar on my computer’s web browser and I am at the machine’s web page interface. Click on “Administrator Login”

4 Next you should see this screen asking you to login. The default password is “admin” (all lower case). If this password does not work, the default has been changed. Please ask your IT department for the correct password. After typing in the password click “Login”

5 Next you should see the “top page” with a picture of the copier in the middle of the screen. Click on “User Control” on the left side of the screen.

6 On this screen, click on “User Count”

7 First, we are going to save an Excel spreadsheet version of the “User Counters.” It is a good idea to save this data so you have a historical reference of the user counters during the last time period (in most cases the last month). Once we clear the counters later in this guide, you will not be able to get them back. Click on “Save User Count”

8 Check the box and click “Save” and the Excel spreadsheet will begin downloading to your computer.

9 In this example, I am using the Google Chrome Web Browser. Click on “Show in folder” it will open up to where the Excel spreadsheet downloaded and will be highlighted. Double click on the file and it will open in Excel  Click on this arrow to open the menu above

10 This is an example of what the spreadsheet may look like when opened up. It has a lot of information. You may have to scroll down and to the right to view all the columns.

11 On this screen is where we can setup what counters we want to view. In this example, I only have 4 user accounts. In the “User list” section, check mark what accounts you would like to view counters for. In this example I have all 4 accounts selected. In the “Select Function” section, select what functions you want to view counters for. In this example, I am only selecting functions Copy, Printer, List Prints, and Prints from document filing. Click the “Show” button

12 On this screen, we can see up to 3 user accounts at one time. To view additional users that you have selected, click the “Next” button and it will take you to the next page to see additional accounts. If you selected many accounts, you may have several pages to view.

13 In this example, I am going to clear the “Copy” count for the administrator account. Check the boxes you wish to clear. And click “Clear Count” and the counters will be reset to zero. When it is zero, it may display with empty blank. In this example, I am using a black and white machine. For color machines, it will have the counts separated between black and white and color.

14 After you clear the counters, the page will refresh and say “Your request was successfully processed at the top. To clear counters for more accounts, click the “Next” button to view and clear them. Only one page of accounts can be cleared at one time. Congratulations! You have saved the Excel spreadsheet and can view and clear user counters successfully!

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