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Information Technology Management Carroll University CSC409 The Antagonists.

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1 Information Technology Management Carroll University CSC409 The Antagonists

2 Introduction Foot Locker (NYSE: FL) is a leading global athletic footwear and apparel retailer. Foot Locker has 1,911 stores located in 21 countries, with headquarters in New York City. Strategic Vision… Be the leading global retailer of athletically inspired shoes and apparel.

3 Foot Locker Divisions

4 Sponsored Events James Jones - 2011 Foot Locker 3-point Contest

5 Corporate Structure & Responsibilities

6 Foot Locker Executive Board

7 Finish Line Executive Board

8 Centralization vs. Decentralization

9 System Types Centralization – Upper Level Control and Decision-making Decentralization – Lower Level Control – Distribution of Decision-making

10 Foot Locker & Finish Line Both use a Hybrid System – Combination of both centralized and decentralized. – A mix of strong control and agility. – Both have a stronger centralization influence rather than decentralization. Foot Locker – More diverse and decentralized than the Finish Line.

11 Which is better? Foot Locker is doing great now; however, only time will tell.

12 Use of Technology & Trends

13 Use of Technology User Friendly Website VIEW VIEW Easy Navigation Products Organized By: – Brand – Collection – New Arrivals – Sale Secure – Data Stored with Username & Password

14 Use of Technology App – Champs Sports mySTYLE Allows Users To: – Customize Outfits – Locate Stores – Shop & Order

15 Use of Technology Sponsors many major sporting events. Video In-Game Advertising – FIFA World Cup – NBA 2K11

16 Future Technological Trends Strong Trend to E-commerce – Sites to be exciting places to shop and buy. Added: – Product Ratings – Faster Checkout – Improved Navigation Web-based Sales Becoming Stronger – Up 11.7%

17 Strategic Information Systems

18 Handhelds For use by sales associates Provide information about products – Inventory – Information – Comparable products Enhances customer interaction

19 Shopper Tracker Analyzes traffic into and out of the store Provides data that can prove useful to the business – Peak hours of customer shopping – Helps improve conversion rate Number of shoppers / Number of purchasers – Labor optimization

20 Operational, Tactical, and Strategic Outlook

21 Foot Locker & Finish Line Planning Operational – Quarter Reports Tactical – Year-to-Year Reports Strategic – Vision – Priorities – Long-Term Financial Objectives

22 Laggard, Average or Leader in Technology

23 Why is cloud computing not racing ahead at the Foot Locker websites? – Mostly data integrity / security risks… – Businesses use databases all the time to track 12 bazillion things … data integrity? Bad! – Last weeks crash would be a great example of technology kicking the CIO in the face… being down for 2 days? Pretty bad for their career!

24 Laggard, Average or Leader in Technology

25 Why is cloud computing not racing ahead? – Security risks abound… – How does a businesses keep key data safe? Look at the recent release of millions of user profiles by a bank processing center… Bad-Bad-Bad!! – Until data can be secured with confidence (which is coming), the adoption will be slow.

26 Laggard, Average or Leader in Technology

27 Are clouds ever any good for todays stuff? – Yes: iPads/Netbooks, etc… – Dont need much of a hard drive… – Ditto on power… – Spiffy and skinny, quite attractive! – Apps abound ;) Remember, cloud-based stuff is good fun for an everyday user, but not for a business backbone.

28 Website Analysis

29 Website for Customers Social Media Flash Design with New Product Good Design and Easy to Navigate! Promotional Card Account Access (VIP Club) Not a retailer but your partner. Misc Stand Items: Store Locator, Search

30 Website for Potential Employees Company is staying current. Horizontal expansion into the same market (e.g. Champs). Management understands what is necessary to maintain a corporate advantage. Signs of stability.

31 Website for Investors This is more critical than the previous reviews. Apps! Champs but no Foot Locker App. Multi-Platform Apps – Customers should not have to worry about what phone they buy! Websites should cross between divisions (Up Selling!) More back-end information on the website costs, security, and maintenance.

32 Summary We discussed: – The corporate and technological aspects – Organizational goals – The potential of Foot Locker as a leader

33 Questions?

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