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Company Owners: Sara Zarowin, Annika Christensen, and Pauline Warroquiers.

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1 Company Owners: Sara Zarowin, Annika Christensen, and Pauline Warroquiers

2 Company Facilities Store visible to the community Office in back room Inventory in back room

3 Mission Statement At Annipaulsar, our mission is to provide our customers with fashionable, quality clothing in any size at an affordable price.

4 Keys to Success Optimism: Think positive. Planning: Know what is important, set priorities accordingly Determination: Have courage to take big risks Vision: think big, dream big, keep success on your mind Attitude: If you think you can’t, you’re probably right. Winners have positive attitudes. Goals: Set goals, plan on achieving them Perseverance: Try and try again until achieving your goals Knowledge: Learn to accept your mistakes, only make them once Enthusiasm: Choose work you like, enjoy the challenges Faith: Believe in yourself!

5 Company Location Location: 185 Montauk Highway Westhampton Beach, NY 11978 Cost: $2,250,000 over all, $14,969.31 per month.

6 Product Summary Products and Services: Clothing store Stylish selection Low prices Helpful employees Provide highest level of customer service

7 Product Summary Cont. Competitive Comparison: Annipaulsar Shopper Card – 15% discount after ten purchases Plus size clothing for men and women Detailed record on each customer, logging address, purchases, size, customer follow up, in-house promotional purposes.

8 Product Summary Cont. Sales Literature 2,500 full-color postcard flyers with a 10% coupon distributed throughout Westhampton Beach area, show our grand opening 200 grand opening invitations mailed two weeks before grand opening in May, 2010, include 10% coupon off customers first purchase 5,000 business cards with Annipaulsar Frequent Shopper Card on reverse side, include 15% discount on eleventh purchase

9 Target Market People who can’t afford to buy very expensive clothing All ages, gender, and size

10 Market Analysis Market Needs: Large assortment of sizes. Big sizes are missing from some stores. Difficult for some people. Focus and attention to customer’s personal preference and customer retention Market Trends: Shopping is main trend. Very popular during summer time because of tourists. Locals during summer and winter seasons

11 Market Analysis Cont. Market Growth: Anticipate customer base growth Customers tell friends, family, etc.

12 Competition Chic Impulse for Men Jimmy’s No Worries “Life Is Good” Shock Westhampton T-Shirts Co.

13 Strategy and Implementation Summary Well trained employees, kind and helpful Strong relationships with customers and community Try hard to be successful and lasting as a company

14 Strategic Pyramid Planning Vision Goals Planning: Know what is important each day, set priorities accordingly. Vision: Think BIG, keep success in mind. Goals: Sets goals. Plan how to achieve them.

15 Marketing Strategy Sales promotion Loyalty with customers Marketing budget won’t exceed 5% of gross annual sale

16 Sales Strategy Qualified, experienced, polite and kind employees The Annipaulsar Shoppers Card

17 Strategic Alliances Lavish Beauty – Cosmetic boutique on Main Street in Westhampton Beach Female customers can buy cosmetics from Lavish Beauty to wear with clothing from Annipaulsar Clothing

18 Web Plan Summary Important to have this website Tells people this business exists Potential customers can learn about our business

19 Website Adobe\business management\

20 Management Summary Owned and operated by Sara Zarowin, Annika Christensen, and Pauline Warroquiers First time owners and managers of own company Determined to make the business successful Part time associates workers Need of an organizational plan Sara Zarowin will be the marketing manager Annika Christensen will be the purchasing manager Pauline Warroquiers will be the financial manager

21 Organization Chart Owner Sara Zarowin Marketing Manager Owner Annika Christensen Purchasing Manager Owner Pauline Warroquiers Financial Manager Associate Part time Associate Part time

22 Financial Plan Growth will be moderate The money balance will always be positive. Being a retail environment we will not be selling on credit Will accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards Marketing and advertising will remain at or below 5% of sales Will continue to reinvest residual profits into company expansion, and personnel

23 Break-Even Analysis Graph

24 Milestones Secure Finances – May 2009 Obtain Constructor Bids – August 2009 Hire Constructor – September 2009 Hire Employees – March 2010 Opening Date – May 2010

25 Long-term Plan Clothes are not expensive, will need more time to make more profit Want to expand our business, won’t happen in 3 years. Building will stay the same, going to sell shoes and accessories after a few years


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