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Future City® Competition Teacher Workshop May 20, 2010.

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1 Future City® Competition Teacher Workshop May 20, 2010

2 Future City® Competition Introduction/Overview of Future City® Future City® Start to Finish Future City® Pilot Program Anatomy of an AWESOME Team Update from Nationals Important Dates Contact Information Questions

3 Introduction/Overview of Future City® - 1 Work as a team under the guidance of a teacher and volunteer engineer mentor Create a city of the future on the computer using SimCity 4 Deluxe software Build a large tabletop scale model of their city Write a brief city narrative describing their city and an essay on an engineering challenge/social need Present a verbal presentation relating their experience in the design of their city

4 I ntroduction/Overview of Future City® - 2 2009/2010 18 th annual National Finals Nationally, more than 35,000 students from 1,100 middle schools participated 17 teams from 9 different middle schools attended the regional competition January 2010 Las Vegas Region has participated since 1999/2001 Las Vegas finished 8 th overall at Nationals

5 Alexander Dawson School – Vegas 2.0 Recipient of the Best Essay Award and Bentley Systems Special Award Best Management of Water Resources

6 Future City® Start to Finish Creating the team Classroom Project or After School Club Determined by teacher/school Recruit students – Top Ten Reasons…, posters, kick off party Single teacher or team of teachers – choose a Lead Find an Engineering Mentor Contact Mentor Coordinator Break into teams of 3 or work as large group However, final presentation team is 3 students, 1 teacher and 1 engineering mentor

7 Future City® Start to Finish Plan Your City Research Best/Worst U.S. and World Cities Discuss/brainstorm pros and cons of different cities Research/discuss key terms – infrastructure, zoning, high density, power grid, etc. Draft a city design – pick a challenge that interests the group – it will make the research less work and more fun!! Solve a problem that real city is dealing with or consider a future problem (drought, rising ocean levels, industrial pollution)

8 Future City® Start to Finish Create Your Computer City Using SimCity 4 Deluxe and the starter region Handbook is being modified to address changes – revised scoresheets and rubrics will be available by Fall Expect 2010/2011 Handbooks to be delivered at September SimCity Tutorial Workshop

9 Future City® Start to Finish Build the Scale Model Only need to model a SECTION of the City Try to select an area with all types of zoning Much easier if City Planning was discussed prior to Computer Design (but never to late to PLAN) Model Dimensions Not to exceed 25 W x 50 L x 20 H (this includes base material) Model measured in its fully extended position Built to Scale – team sets the scale Ask Engineer to bring in samples – invite architect as guest speaker Practice drawing skyscrapers to scale Build sections/building to scale as home work

10 Future City® Start to Finish Build the Scale Model – contd Monitor your budget All materials need to have a value $100 limit will be strictly enforced Needs at least one moving part No electrical cords, live animals or hazardous materials Use Recycled Materials – start collecting now Utilize the Teacher Exchange – Vicki Herman Consider weight and mobility During judging the models are moved from room to room Winning team is also responsible for designing the shipping box to Nationals

11 Future City® Start to Finish City Narrative and Essay City Narrative approximately 300 to 500 words Describing the Future Citys key features and design attributes Quick overview of the infrastructure and public services Essay up to 1000 words Provide a reliable and effective health care product that effectively improves the quality of life and comfort for a patient who is either a senior citizen or has a specific disease, or is suffering from an illness, injury or physical disability. Rubric is currently being revised.

12 Future City® Start to Finish Oral Presentation This is the time to SELL your project 5 to 7 minutes in length Deduction for exceeding 7 minutes Review 2010/2011 Handbook Practice your presentation for an audience: parents, your administration, your mentors office, etc. Practice, Practice, Practice

13 Future City® Pilot Program Introductory Program Select any 2 of the 5 project elements to complete Participation as a Pilot school is limited to 2 years The number of Pilot schools is limited each year Pilot schools are not eligible for the regional title If you begin as a Pilot school, you can still complete all the elements and compete for the regional title

14 Anatomy of an AWESOME Team READ the Handbook Have a schedule – plan of attack for the upcoming school year Build relationship with mentor Discuss what roles each will play on the team Have reasonable expectations (volunteers – work commitments/deadlines) Get parents involved Letter to the Parents (coordinator will provide in Fall) Forward Newsletters, emails and important dates to parents Some work/research can be done at home Know what submittal deadlines are and meet them Review your submittals against the rubrics before they are turned in Contact Coordinators for support when needed

15 Update from Nationals SimCity 4 Deluxe and Handbooks Will distribute new handbooks, software, posters, etc. during September 2010 Workshop National Competition Changes Medium Start Region only will be used for SimCity Competition now includes 6 th thru 8 th graders More to come in September…

16 Important Dates - DRAFT September 1, 2010 – Workshop – SimCity Tutorial October 15, 2010 – Last day for school registration (20 schools required) December 3, 2010 – Computer Models Due (online submittal) January 12, 2011 – Final Team Registration (online submittal) January 21, 2011 – Scale Model Check-in including City Narrative, Essay, Budget, and Media Waivers (NWCTA) January 22, 2011 – Las Vegas Regional Competition (NWCTA) February 2010 – National Finals (Washington D.C.)

17 Contact Information Regional Website - National Website – Regional Coordinator Olivia Furlan, Brown and Caldwell 266-8086 or Clark County School District Liaison Davis Ayers, Career and Technical Ed 799-8462 or

18 Questions?

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