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My week - What do you do every day ? (Simple Present Tense) Primary Two.

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2 My week - What do you do every day ? (Simple Present Tense) Primary Two

3 Tom is showing his friends a family photo in his birthday party.

4 The children are my sister, Sally, and my brother, Peter. We like playing badminton on Monday afternoon.

5 Look at my Activity Timetable. TuesdayWednesdayThursday

6 On Tuesday, I go swimming. On Wednesday, I draw pictures. On Thursday, I make models with Peter and Sally. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

7 Look at Peter’s Activity Timetable. FridaySaturday

8 On Friday, Peter paints the model. He likes painting very much. On Saturday, he goes to a painting class. Friday Saturday

9 This is Sally’s Activity Timetable. Tuesday Wednesday ThursdayFriday

10 On Tuesday, Sally goes jogging. On Wednesday, she plays chess with her friend Tom. On Thursday, Sally and Tom go cycling. On Friday, they play table tennis. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

11 John, you like playing ball games. Do you like playing with us ? Yes, I do. My dog likes picking up balls. It likes running too. Let me bring it to our games !

12 Study Table There is no ‘s’ at the end of the verb.There is an ‘s’ or ‘es’ at the end of the verb. I go swimming. I make models. We like playing badminton. You like playing ball games. Sally and Lily go cycling. They play table tennis. Peter goes swimming. He makes models. Sally likes playing badminton. She likes playing ball games. Sally goes cycling. She plays table tennis. The dog likes playing table tennis. It likes running.

13 Tom wants to go hiking with Paul at the weekend. Fill in the blanks in their conversation with the correct verb forms.

14 Let’s go hiking at the weekend ! That’s a good idea. My sister ______ (like) going hiking too. Let’s go with her ! That’s nice ! likes

15 What do you do on Saturday morning ? Ah ! I _____(go) ice-skating on Saturday morning. go

16 What do you do on Saturday afternoon ? I _____ (am/is/are) free. That’s nice ! I’m free too. am But Sally is not free on Saturday afternoon. What does she do on Saturday afternoon ? She ______ (go) dancing. go es

17 What does Sally do on Sunday morning ? She ________ (make) a model at nine o’clock. make s She _____ (draw) and _____ (paint) at ten o’clock. draw s My dad _______ (go) jogging with Sally and me in the park after that. go es We ______ (play) tennis in the park too. play paint s

18 How about Sunday afternoon ? We _____ (am/is/are) free. That’s great ! Let’s go hiking on Sunday afternoon. are What do you and Sally do on Sunday afternoon ?

19 Well done ! Here’s a present for you.

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