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Capital Goods Skills Council A Brief 08 October 2013.

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1 Capital Goods Skills Council A Brief 08 October 2013

2 Capital Goods Sector Comprise of plant and machinery,equipment / accessories required for manufacturing / production, either directly or indirectly, of goods or for rendering services, including those required for replacement, modernization, technological up- gradation and expansion. Also includes, packaging machinery and equipment, refrigeration equipment, power generating sets, equipment for testing, R&D, quality and pollution control. Capital Goods Sector has a multiplier effect and has bearing on the growth of the user industries as it provides critical inputs ie: Machinery and Equipment to the remaining sectors covered under manufacturing.

3 Capital Goods Skill Council Supporting Organisations / Associations Promoter – FICCI Co-Promoter – DHI S.NoName of the Organisation 1Larsen & Toubro 2Thermax 3BHEL 4HEC Ltd 5Bharat Forge 6GW Precision Tools India 7ALSTOM 8Process Plant & Machinery Association of India (PPMAI) 9Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association (TMMA) 10Tool & Gauge Manufacturers Association (TAGMA India) 11Plastic Machinery Manufacturers Association (PMMA) 12Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (IMTMA) 13Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC India)

4 Key Segments Initial focus is on the following segments of Capital Goods Sector: – Machine Tools – Power and Electrical Machinery – Process Plant Equipment – Dies Moulds and Press Tools – Plastic Machinery – Textile Machinery – Light Engineering Industry

5 Important Regions of Employment Concentration Textile Machinery Plastic, paper & rubber Process Plant Machinery Power & Electrical Machine Tools Sub-sectorKey Geographic presence Machine ToolsSouth and West Power & ElectricalSouth, West and North Textile MachinerySouth, West and North Process Plant MachinerySouth and West Plastic, Paper and Rubber Machinery South and West

6 Skill Requirements of the Industry A Skill Gap Study has been done for the Sector by NSDC through KPMG with industry inputs. Study highlights increased demand for: – Innovation and design roles. – Competent Managers. – Computer skills based jobs. – Multi-skilled employees.

7 Brief Description of Major Roles (1/2) S.No.Core jobs in respect of all sub sectors of capital goods 1 Machinists include the operations such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding, tool sharpening, tool setting, gear hobbing, etc. 2 Machinist for large size machining application such as Boring/Slide way Grinding/Plano-milling 3 Machinist for precision machining for tool room applications, Precision Grinding, Jig boring, etc. 4 Welder for joining or welding operation 5 Electrician to assemble, install, test, and maintain electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus, and fixtures, using hand tools and power tools. 6 Instrument Technician performs specific job duties such as inspecting and adjusting mechanical and pneumatic instruments and systems. also maintain metering and recording instruments in order to regulate the flow and water pressure of various types of manufacturing equipment. 7 Cable Operator for Wire drawing, Stranding operator, Extruder operator, Laying-up, Armour jointer, etc. 8 Operator for robotic material handling 9 CNC Programmer 10 Crane Operator for handling the raw materials and goods

8 Brief Description of Major Roles (2/2) S.No.Core jobs in respect of all sub sectors of capital Goods 11 Tool and Die Maker 12 Machine Builder/Assembler for performing the following jobs: Fitting / Filing /Scraping, Hydraulic Assembly, Electrical Assembly, Pneumatic Assembly, Lead screw / Ball screw, fixturing & tooling assembly and whole machine assembly 13 Inspector for Adjustment test / Alignment test /Measurement & inspection 14 Designer for tool, fixture and machine tool, plastic machinery, earthmoving machinery, process plant machinery, textile machinery and its assemblies 15 Heat Treatment Operator and Forman 16 Expert in operating furnace and handling/fixing molten metal, ladles, etc. pattern making, sand mixing & casting, fettling, etc. 17 Specialist for Erection and Commissioning 18 Operator for surface coating, painting, etc. 19 Maintenance staff for Tooling maintenance, Preventive maintenance Service /Maintenance at customers end 20 Middle level Managers with managerial skill for Shop Management, Marketing Management, vendor development, inventory management, Materials Management, Finance Management, Human Resources Management, IT Management like ERP etc.

9 CGSC & STAR Scheme As on date, Four Qualification Packs comprising of 19 Occupational Standards are Ready. Development of 50 more Qualification Packs with about 250 Occupational Standards is under way and is expected to be completed in phases by January, 2014. S. NoExisting Qualification Pack & REFERENCE ID 1Welder CSC/ Q 0101 2Fitter CSC/ Q 0102 3Machinist CSC/ Q 0103 4Tool and Die Maker CSC/ Q 0104 CGSC is participating in the recently launched STAR Scheme

10 STAR Scheme Training Centre Alignment as on 08 Oct 2013 (work in progress) S. No StateTotal No. of Centres 1Andhra Pradesh3 2Chhattisgarh1 3Gujarat19 4Jammu and Kashmir1 5Jharkhand1 6Karnataka1 7Maharashtra1 8Meghalaya1 9Madhya Pradesh9 10New Delhi1 11Odisha3 12Punjab2 13Rajasthan4 14Tamil Nadu2 15Tripura1 16Uttar Pradesh2 17Uttarakhand1 18West Bengal3 TOTAL as on 08 Oct 201356

11 Thank You

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