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MEP201 Mechanical Engineering Drawing 1 st semester 2005-06 S R Kale Lecture Wiring Drawings.

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1 MEP201 Mechanical Engineering Drawing 1 st semester S R Kale Lecture Wiring Drawings

2 Wiring (2005)2 Wiring - Applications Power to equipment (grid, back-up) - motors, generators, arc welding, furnace, lathe, A/C, Connecting computers or DAS - Power to computers, instruments, … Product wiring (industrial/consumer); – P-control IC engine, CNC lathe, Robot, Injection molding m/c, Aircraft (300 km), Automobile, Washing machine,… Illumination – Domestic, Laboratory, Factory, Office, Plant – Power plant, refinery, food processing, paper mill, Safety - fire

3 Wiring (2005)3 Wiring drawings Input information Schematic, P&I drawings Equipment G.A. drawings Layout drawings Logic for interlocks Wiring outputs Wiring schematic/diagram Wiring/Cable routing (to scale, with BoM) Teams of Electrical, I & C, civil, engineers

4 Wiring (2005)4 Types of wiring Power supply and transmission I & C signal Telephone Data cables

5 Wiring (2005)5 Wiring - Construction Conductor Copper and Cu -alloys Aluminum Optic fiber Sheath (insulation, protection, mechanical strength) Plastic, PVC Armored Fabric Diameter, single-multi core, strand, bend-radius

6 Wiring (2005)6 Wiring Piping Similar methodology Schematic Line diagram Use G.A. of equipment + layouts Prepare routing drawing - 3-D or plan-elevation Provide supports and joints Get Bill of Materials

7 Wiring (2005)7 Types of wiring diagrams Wiring schematic (One-line diagram) Power connections Control system diagram Interlock wiring / Sequence control wiring Data bus

8 Wiring (2005)8 Power Power Supply - available at one location. Power Demand – supply to each equipment. A.C. No. of phases: 1 or 3 Voltage: 240, 415 V; 3.3, 11, 25, 220, 400, 600 kV Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz.; 400 Hz D.C. ± 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, 14, 24 V (cars, computers, TFT, instruments) ± 1500 V, 500 kV (HVDC)

9 Wiring (2005)9 Wiring Elements Wires / Cables Devices Switch, Fuse, Meters, Relays, Circuit breakers, … Equipment Consuming: Lamp, T/L, motor, heater, … Production: Generator, battery, SPV, … Transmission: Transformer, converter, …

10 Wiring (2005)10 Domestic wiring ELNELN M

11 Wiring (2005)11 Domestic Wiring ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING/LAYOUT

12 Wiring (2005)12 Domestic Wiring MCB

13 Wiring (2005)13 Industrial wiring 3 phase, 440 V or more, R-Y-B Circuit breakers Relays Motor starters Switchgear Cable size Transformers CT, VT Panel with meters

14 Wiring (2005)14 Industrial wiring Layouts and routing (similar to piping) Cable trench Cable tray Cable gallery Towers

15 Wiring (2005)15 Industrial wiring

16 Wiring (2005)16 Wiring – Haywire Missing wires mid-way through construction Long routing of wires – extra cost Interference with equipment, piping and structure Wrong type of cables Not enough space to lay cables or provide bends

17 Wiring (2005)17 Summary Output of wiring diagrams: Cable sizes and lengths Routing – cable gallery, cable trench designs Relay room and cabinets Electrical panels and cabinets Switchgear Scope of supply Detailing for civil and mechanical works

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