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Affiliated to Valfajr Shipping & Kish Free Zone Organization

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1 Affiliated to Valfajr Shipping & Kish Free Zone Organization
Kish Shipping Co.(KSC) Since 1997 Affiliated to Valfajr Shipping & Kish Free Zone Organization

2 Policy: With consideration to Safety of Life, Properties &Protection of Environment, KSC dedicates itself to meet the expectations of customers and the aspirations of shareholders by ensuring that national and international safety & standard requirements are being complied within our business practice . With managerial belief in team success, KSC shall achieve the targets by providing human resources to a high motivated and an empowered workforce with due regard to their health and safety.

3 Services : Oil/gas rigs logistic services
Shipping & Carriage of cargo in Persian Gulf Oil/gas rigs logistic services Marine Excursions

4 1- Shipping & cargo carriage in Persian Gulf
1- The only Transship line between Bandar Abbas – Kish Island 2- Light & heavy vehicles transportation to Kish Island 3- General cargo services between Kish – UAE,Qatar,Oman 4- Full agency services(Port handling ,Supply,fuel,workshop asst.,immigration) 5- I.R.I.S.L official agent in Kish Island 6- Valfajr Shipping Company official agent in Kish Island

5 2- Marine Excursions 1- Standard aqua ship (Kish Starfish or Setareh Daryai Kish) takes you 2.5 meters below sea water level where you can enjoy watching magnificent corals and colorful fishes from the windows provided. 2-Kish coastal tours day & night excursions Live music & fun programs on board our class approved ships.

6 3- Oil/gas rigs logistics services
1- Full agency services (hotel reservation, customs , immigration & transportation,… ) 2- Crew changing with fast crew boat Marjan Kish 3- Petrobras appointed contractor in 2008 4- PetroIran appointed contractor in 2009 5- NIDC - StatoilHydro - IOSC - IOEC crew change services 6- Emergency rescue services

7 Ships particulars 1- Marjan Kish Fast Crew boat built in 2008 Norway 2- Aria L/craft,48teu 1000t capacity, full P&I,built in Gowhar fast catamaran 230 seats, built in 1993 Japan 4- Setare daryaei aqua ship,50 person, built in 1992 Japan 5- Hormuz-23 open deck passenger ship with 80 seats 6- IR-Hormuz-25 RO RO Container / Gen.Cargo vessel

8 Gallery : Marjan Fast crew boat

9 Gallery : Hormuz-23 passenger ship

10 Gallery: Gowhar fast catamaran

11 Gallery : Arya landing craft

12 Gallery : Setareh daryaei aqua ship

13 Organization Chart Board of Directors Admin. Manager Com.Director
Fin.Director Managing Director

14 Contact us : Kish Shipping Company Tel:+98(0764)4421767-9
Sanaei St., opposite Amir mosque,Kish Island – IRAN Post code: Tel:+98(0764) Fax:+98(0764)

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