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Pacific  Labs  & VVX  engineering Uk Presented New Technology Products for Air Pollution Control & Acid manufacturing plant Based on PLASMA Technology.

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1 Pacific  Labs  & VVX  engineering Uk Presented New Technology Products for Air Pollution Control & Acid manufacturing plant Based on PLASMA Technology.

2 Introduction What we can offer :
Desulphurisation  & Denitrification plant  for Flue Gas to make Fertlisers, Ammonia or calcium  based Nitrate & Phosphate. Mini Fertliser unit for Small farmers to make their  own Fertiliser Air Plasma Generator for Air Conditioning / HVAC Projects Modular City Air Cleaner for cleaning of Polluted air of City HNO3 Manufacturing plant from Air H2SO4 Manufacturing Plant.

3 Our Principal M/s VVX Engg
Our Principal M/s VVX Engg. Limited, is manufacturer of HIGH VOLTAGE  PLASMA  Generation System for AIR PURIFICATION &  De-odorisation  plants for solid waste , based on High Voltage & Bio-Degradation process.  They have supplied various types of CUSTOMISED systems based on these principles to  the worldwide customers.

4 These  systems can be used in Industrial fields for removal of  Toxic Pollutants in gases.  These systems are requires No maintenance or  little maintenance as compared to other. It can be run in Unattended operation requires less manpower . We suggest 2-3 persons per shift for operation of these plants.

5 Industrial Desulphurisation & De Nitrifications plant.
INTRODUCTION The treatment for DeNOx and DeSOx of exhausted fume is very complex and require more step of treatments to assure the required performance. We offer a SEMIDRY  process which has secondary products Ammonium Sulphate & Ammonium Nitrate that are a very good fertilizers, which can sell in market and from this profit, they can reduce the operative cost of the plant.

6 Our process is based principally on reactions induced in COLD PLASMA Reactor, and Its not require very expensive catalyst & high temperature of the fumes. Our process operate to fume temperature at normal pressure & not require to heat or to cool the fumes.

7 The COLD PLASMA Reactor is equipped with our special Cold Plasma Generator which requires a very low power. Inside the Cold Plasma Reactor Ammonia in water solution is dosed, so the reactions are in Cold Plasma: 1- 2NH3 + 2NO2 + H2O + 1/2O2 --> 2NH4NO Ammonium Nitrate 2- 2NH3 + SO2 + H2O + 1/2O2  (NH4)2SO Ammonium Sulphate

8 The Nitrate and Sulphate products inside the Cold Plasma Reactor are separated from fumes with Cyclone and sent to tank. To achieve the best performance, after the cyclone the fumes are sent into Wet scrubber with alkaline water, for better separation of particles from fumes.

Now, you can make your fertilizer at your Home. Introducing  World First  Mini-fertilizer Plant for Production of calcium Nitrate  fertilizer for agricultural farms, farming communities, co-operative societies and others. Optional : Ammonium Nitrate can be made by adding Ammonia  Gas cylinder

10 RAW Material : Calcium , sodium richer stones, Land Side Stones can
be  accepted  EXCEPT  High Contents  silica Stones. The chemical reaction in Plasma Chamber and stones  is :                                                         Limestone Plasma  liquid    + CaCO3   =  Ca(NO3)2   + CO2       + H2O                                   solid           salt                 gas         liquid This is salt reaction of Plasma with Calcium.

11 More land stone are based on CaCO3.
The limestone have CaCO3 > 70% The white marble is CaCO3 > 90% The gravel is CaCO3 based. If the stone have < 50% as Calcium Carbonate + Silicium + Iron + Potassium + Sodium   So, final product is  a mixture of  Nitrate of Calcium + Iron + Potasium + Sodium +...+ This fertilizer is GOOD because introduce a lot of micronutrients that ABSOLUTELY NEED to crop ! Maxm. & Min. Size of stone recommended for use:  From 10 mm to 300 mm

12 The silicon based stone NOT are good to produce Calcium nitrate.
Portable. , Can be used anywhere in the world. Require  Low electricity , Can run on Solar Panel Does NOT require the purchase of raw material ! Natural stones can be taken as RAW material , Eco-friendly ! Calcium Nitrate fertilizer & Sodium & Potassium ,stones in which  N 100% available. Title in N from 13 to 16.

13 AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY for fertirrigation - should not be diluted further!
Ready  solution from 10% to 20% in water. Capacity: Maximum production (as dry): 20 kg / day, 40 kg / day and 100 kg / day. With these quantity can be fertirrigated m2/day up to 2000 or up to 4000 or up to 10,000 m2/day of crops. Easy & Ready to use. Lightweight,  Easily transportable.

14 MCAC ( Modular CITY Air Cleaner )
Air Pollution control System which purifies the AIR. The pollution in cities is due to thin dusts & Vehicle exhaust which causes increase of the allergic phenomenon in the people of whatever age.

15 In the industrialized areas the concentration also overcomes permissible limits,
10- million of particles per cm3. While in clean areas they have been measured only 100 per cm3. The greater presence of dusts, blocks the circulation of the Fresh Air  in the urban areas. All we have seen at least once a city surrounded by a strip of grey clouds in form of smog.

16 The nature has always its remedies
The nature has always its remedies. A  Little shower of Rain & lightning , clean 3,00,0000  litres air from the dust & contaminants  AND Another  is   Modular City AIR Cleaner  which guaranteed in  cleaning of Air at   maximum efficiency,  with the smaller use  of energy.   The use of solar   panels, make them completely electrically self-sufficient. The installation of the model require for a small supply of water and a connection to the sewer. Various Models are available from 25 K to 1000 K Lit /m3 capacities.

17 It can reduce : Total dust : 30% to 70% Metals : 40% to 90%
Ammonia : 35% to 65% Hydrocarbons : 20% to 50% Carbon monoxide : 40% to 80% Nitrogen oxide 40% to 90% VOC’s : 65% to 95% Total Viral : 5% to 50%   Total Bacteria : 90% to 100%     

18 Features: No use of filters, no frequent cleaning
No active carbon replacement No catalyst for heavy metals. Low operating cost. Unattended auto operation No Frequent  maintenance

19 PLASMA GENERATOR The main effect of the high-voltage electric field and high frequency is the creation of a plasma generation at  ambient temperature and pressure and therefore commonly referred COLD  PLASMA. This cold plasma is generated in the air has at least four effects on air. Polarization of particles, catalysis of reactions which are not commonly obtainable at ambient conditions.

20 Sterilization of bacteria and viruses; aggregation of particles.
The outgoing air from the chamber of the cold plasma has a qualitative content of substances other than they had before, while the content remains essentially the same mass. To ensure the best performance and advise on the use of the Plasma Generator please do not  hesitate to contact us.

21 The Plasma Generator can reduce :
Total dusts: 30% and 70% Metals: 20% and 90% Ammonia: 25% and 65% Hydrocarbons: 15% and 50% Carbon monoxide: 20% and 80% Nitrogen oxides: 20% and 90% Sulphur oxides SOx: 30% and 70% VOC: 35% and 95% Total bacteria: 50% and 100% Total viruses: 2% and 50%

22 HNO3 Plant Our Process is based on New GREEN Technology. Our plant is very simple and to low risk. The process we can build as green-process as to reduce production-costs and also to reduce the emission of greenhouse-gas. ADVANTAGE OF PROCESS: 1. The start gas is simply to have nitrogen & oxygen of environmental air. 2. The reaction of oxidizing the nitrogen is from low to ambient temperature & pressure, thanks to New Technology. 3. The reaction of synthesis of nitric acid by NO2 is carried out at low to ambient temperature & pressure.

23 4. No requirement of catalyst.
5. Energy requirement less that 20% of other process. 6. Only final product is Concentrated HNO3 which require special storage tank. 7. No need of special high temperature & high pressure or vessels and piping. 8. No explosion risk. 9. Less risks of chemical accidents.

24 10. No high corrosion in piping, pumps, blowers and others
thanks the low pressure & temperature. 11. No cost for raw chemicals & energy. 12. No cost for storage of raw chemicals. 13. Eco-friendly 14. Can be worked on Solar Power + wind Power. The Possibilities are to be determined. Through these powers you will reduce 30 % power   Consumption.

25 Working Principle This is new patented  proprietary technology  ( Patent Pending 2010) Any copy of the design is strictly prohibited.                                     The production of Nitric Acid from N2 fume it can process with the following reactions (not reported the intermediate reactions):

26 Recirculation with High Voltage Ionisation & Cold Plasma
1) N2 + 2O > 2NO2 gas                                         Wet Reactor 2) 3NO2 + H2O ---> 2HNO3 + NO  liquid / gas ( Untreated)      Recirculation with  High Voltage Ionisation  &  Cold Plasma

27      3) 2NO + O2 -----------------------> 2NO2  gas 
Wet Reactor     4) 2NO2 + 2H > 2HNO3     Final Product liquid The N2 gas added with O2 gas go in first step where cross a special  High Voltage  Reactor. In this reactor the N2 react with O2 to form NO + NO2 = NOx                         (reaction 1)

28 The NOx cross a special wet reactor in which is in contact with water.
The only NO2 in NOx react with water to form Nitric Acid (reactions 2 & 4). The NO not reacted return to High Voltage reactor to complete the reaction  into NO2 (reaction 3). The Nitric Acid produced is drain as liquid from wet reactor. Final Product output % Concentrated  Nitric Acid , HNO3 .


30 : H2SO4 Plant INTRODUCTION The production of Sulphuric Acid from elementary Sulphur (liquid) it can process with the following reactions (not reported the intermediate reactions):

31 Burner 1) S2  O > 2SO2 Solid      Gas        Cold Plasma      2) 2SO2 + O > 2SO3                               Wet Reactor 3) SO3 + H2O > H2SO4                               Wet Reactor      Liquid

32 The S2 burned produces SO2, this gas go in Plasma Condensing Reactor where cross a special VVX’s Cold Plasma Generator. In this reactor the SO2 react with O2 added and H2O to form H2SO4 (reaction 2 & 3). The Sulphuric Acid produced is drain as liquid from wet reactor.

The start gas is O2 simply. It is produced by Molecular Sieve from air. Due to absence of Nitrogen NOx is not produced, so need for treatment for gaseous effluent from plant. The oxidizing reaction of SO2 is carried out at low to ambient temperature & pressure. The synthesis reaction of sulphuric acid by SO2 is carried out at low to ambient temperature & pressure.

34 No requirement of catalyst. Only final product H2SO4, require
special handling The plant is energy balance positive. Final Concentration 40 % Normal can go up to 80%.



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