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Product Introduction FOUT Worlds First Vaporizing-type Food Disposer.

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1 Product Introduction FOUT Worlds First Vaporizing-type Food Disposer

2 One of the hottest issues raised in environmental problems is the disposal of food waste. There are products from many companies but none were satisfying consumers. Thereupon, we developed an epochal food waste disposer by solving the problems and weak points of existing equipments through a long research and development. Vaporizer, which does not produce residues and processes in shorter time and generates no environmental pollution will lead the market. 1. Outline

3 Food wastes are organic matters composed of C(carbon), H(hydrogen), N(nitrogen), O(oxygen), S(sulfur), P(phosphorus), and so forth. Decomposing and extinguishing by microorganisms like self-purification of nature is known to be the most efficient and safest way but it takes long time and 100% decomposition is not assured. Thereupon, vaporizer was born with the demand for efficient food waste disposer with shorter processing time and low maintenance cost. 2. Background of developing vaporizer

4 In the world of nature, when animals and plants die, they are decomposed and go back to earth after a given time. This is because animals and plants have dissolution enzymes of self- purification and bacteria. The special feature of this equipment is molecule decomposition and vaporizing by breaking molecule rings through interaction between self-purification catalyst and food waste applying this principle of natural cycle. Vaporizer generates hydrogen, the self-purification catalyst artificially and that makes each element of food waste repeat bonding and decomposition and this process generates intense heat momentarily. Through this momentary intense heat, elements of food waste become water and carbon dioxide repeating bonding and decomposition and be vaporized and scattered in the air. 3. Processing method of vaporizer

5 When food waste contacts with self-purification catalyst, vibrating energy of water is voluntarily converted into chemical energy and atomic hydrogen(H) is generated. Generated atomic hydrogen(H) combines with oxygen molecules provided through hot wind. H + O 2 = HO 2 Generated HO molecular formula is extremely unstable and reacts with hydrogen(H) molecules in the water that are not reacted. HO 2 + H 2 = H 2 O 2 + H HO 2 + H 2 = H 2 O + OH Thus, hydrogen peroxide(H 2 O 2 ) and hydrogen(H) are generated. Also, water and separated hydroxyl group(OH) are generated and this hydroxyl group(OH) continuously reacts with hydrogen(H 2 ) that is not reacted (tens of thousands of times) and generates water and hydrogen continuously. OH + H 2 = H 2 O + H Water is compound of hydrogen(H) of mass number 1 and oxygen(O) of mass number 8 but the most pure water itself is a huge mass of water molecules with 18 types of molecules, 15 ions, sulfurous acid gas, carbonic acid gas, carbon dioxide, chlorine, and calcium. Water discharges energy. All water in the world contains 0.017% of heavy water(D 2 O) and discharges energy through exchange reaction of same and different substances. HO 2 + D 2 O 2HDO Exchange equilibrium discharges HDO in accordance with the law of constancy of mass. (HDO) (H 2 O) (D 2 O) = K = 4 Water absorbs radio wave and radiates it. All animals and plants on the ground whose principal ingredient of which is water selectively absorb rearing rays among sunrays and radiate them. 4. Principle of self-purification catalyst

6 Molecular decomposition of food waste that is the hottest issue in modern society? Is that possible? Molecular decomposition in environment-friendly way using the principle of nature is a triumph of ultramodern science. 5. Principle of ultramodern science

7 Input food waste inside the machine Possible to decompose 100% (organism) Vegetables,rice,meat,fish,fruit,small bones After input, azitation with the heat The scene after 30minutes later Condition we cant know after decomposition Remained reaction powder only after vaporization After 3hours/ dried,vaporized perfectly remained only reaction powder organism perfectly decomposed inorganic matters of small quantity remains

8 .

9 Injection of food waste Organic matters can be processed. Vegetable, rice leftover, meat, fish, fruits, and spices classified as food waste are randomly injected for test. Agitating after food waste injection 40 minutes after the injection of food waste. Quickly decomposed out of recognition with some fibroid materials and water remaining. 1 hour and 20 minutes after injection Only moisture generated from molecular decomposition has remained and food waste has been totally decomposed and vaporized. 6. Operation process

10 Efficiency[Testresults] Food waste begins to be decomposed after injection and is totally decomposed in 2 – 3 hours. Installment is easy, equipment cost is moderate, and operation cost can be reduced. Catalyst is economic for its long life span(used for 6 months when using 2-3 times a day) and waste catalyst can be discharged as general waste according to test results. Discharge, storage, shipment, and disposal facilities are not necessary. Secondary pollution and residues are not produced. Environ- mentality [Examined by official agency] Environment pollution is not cause during or after operation of equipment. Innovative alternative for its environment-friendly processing method that generates no secondary pollution using decomposition of molecular rings, and reduces/extinguishes at the generating source. Environment-friendly as food waste is extinguished and processed at the generating sources(homes, restaurants, and mass feeding facilities). Environment-friendly as food waste is extinguished and processed at the generating sources(homes, restaurants, and mass feeding facilities). 7. Special features of vaporizer

11 30 minutes after injection (Reaction with catalyst begins) 60 minutes after injection (Extinguishing vaporization begins) Begins to be discharged as cooled water after vaporization 90 minutes after injection (Extinguishing vaporization gets activated) 120 minutes after injection (Extinguishing vaporization decreases) 180 minutes after injection (Extinguishing vaporization completed) 8. Extinguishing process of food waste(vaporizer)

12 Beginning operation Mixed vaporization begins after 30 minutes Extinguishment activated after 100 minutes Totally extinguished after 180 minutes 50kg of food waste Reaction powder:food waste=1:2 Heating+agitating/70 +30mins Heating+agitating/80 +180mins Heating+agitating/80 +100mins 9. Extinguishing process of food waste(vaporizer).

13 TypeFeatureAdvantageWeaknessRemark Dryer Removes moisture from food waste using heat energy only: reduces more than 80% -Residues can be recycled (Ex, compost or feed) -Long processing time (17-19 hours) -High electricity consumption -High salinity of residues -Residues cannot be recycled -Processing cost and process for secondary residues Vaporizer Totally decomposes food waste into water and vapor in 3 hours using catalyst -Can be used several times a day for its short processing time -Low electricity consumption -No residues Liquid-type extinguisher Decomposes food waste using microorganisms and discharges as liquid -Frequent injection possible -Low electricity consumption -Intense bad odor -Excessive water use -Periodic interior cleaning required -Excessive sludge -High water- processing cost Fermenting extinguisher Ferments food waste in agitating container using microorganisms -Residues can be recycled (compost) -Big size -Inappropriate for compost for high salinity of residues -Bad odor 10. Feature, advantage, and weakness of each equipment (comparison between food waste disposers)

14 export nation : Japan,China,AU,U.S.A,Sweden,India


16 FOUT(means to food problems out) Product line: 50,100,200,300,500 /time Products of larger volumes can be ordered 11. Vaporizer (Vaporizing-type food disposer)

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