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SPIECAPAG Pipeline & Facilities Expertise General Presentation

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1 SPIECAPAG Pipeline & Facilities Expertise General Presentation
The international pipeline contractor for landmark projects SPIECAPAG Pipeline & Facilities Expertise General Presentation

2 SPIECAPAG: shareholders changes
Unmatched success extending over almost a century Safe delivery of the most challenging pipelines in the world A leading international pipeline & facilities general contractor Today, SPIECAPAG is a fully owned subsidiary of ENTREPOSE Contracting, and VINCI Group controls 82% of ENTREPOSE Contracting

3 VINCI – Enhanced leadership
VINCI is the world's leading integrated concession-construction group Over €33 billion turnover in 2010 160,000 employees worldwide 90,000 employees in France Operating in over 90 countries A network of 2,500 companies 260,000 projects per year A history going back more than a century

4 ENTREPOSE Contracting
A French group specialised in the design and construction of complex industrial projects in the oil, gas and energy sectors and shallow water operations from regional services to international landmark projects. Operations & maintenance services Project investment Environmental Project management & delivery Design & consultancy Construction From the development of transport and storage solutions to the delivery of turnkey projects, the group provides highly specialised human resources and project management skills for sensitive onshore environments.

5 ENTREPOSE Contracting major divisions
Treatment & Transport O&G Storage Tanks – 25% Pipelines & Facilities – 47% Marine Works – 20% Services – 8% Total Turnover for 2010: (equivalent of US$1170 millions)

6 ENTREPOSE Contracting
Treatment and Transport Units for Oil & Gas Oil Treatment Plant Sonatrach Algeria, 2007 Gas Modules Shell Nigeria, 2001 Gas Treatment Chevron Nigeria, 1997 Compressor Station BGE UK, 2000 Energy transformation Plant Sietrem, France 35 years of expertise in delivering onshore turnkey projects for Oil & Gas and other energy industries. Operating from France, UK, Algeria and Nigeria.

7 ENTREPOSE Contracting
Storage Tanks LNG Storage Tanks Statoil Norway, 2005 Oil Storage Tanks Techint Ecuador, 2003 LPG Storage Tanks KOTC Kuwait, 2007 Gas Storage Spheres CITC China, 2000 Crude Oil Tanks BP Baku, 2005 30 years of experience in design & construction of natural gas and liquid storage structures. World leader in Cryogenic and large scale tanks up to 200,000m3.

8 Shallow Water Offshore Pipelines, Coastal Works
GEOCEAN Shallow Water Offshore Pipelines, Coastal Works 20km 24” pipe laying Tatar Strait, Sakhalin Russia, 2005 Desalination Plant Water Intake Limassol, 2003 28” submarine PGN pipeline Sumatra Singapore, 2002 Treatment of marine pollution Prestige, 2004 Sub sea fresh Water springs Engineering and installation of submarine pipelines in shallow water. Marine coastal facilities and wharf construction for refineries and water terminals.

9 A General Contractor from Field to Terminal

10 A general contractor from field to terminal
Worldwide Pipelines A general contractor from field to terminal SPIECAPAG provides a world class service to the onshore pipeline industry from conception and financial assistance to engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of pipelines and ancillary systems

11 Proven Performance With over 80 years experience, SPIECAPAG is one of the world’s premier companies in the field of Oil & Gas onshore pipelines and ancillary systems including: Pipelines Pumping and compression stations Terminals Metering and regulation facilities Telecom and Scada Storage complex Loading and unloading facilities Over 50,000 kilometres of pipeline and related facilities in more than 60 countries covering the five continents.

12 SPIECAPAG Group 100% 47,5% 100% 100% 100%

13 SPIECAPAG: Quality Management System
Health, Safety, Quality and Environment are essential components of our performance : Certified to ISO 9001 since 1995, ISO 14001, since 2001, OHSAS since 2003, SPIECAPAG implements an integrated Quality, Safety and Environment system that aims at the complete conformance of each project to the stated and implied requirements of its Clients. Our success, both today and tomorrow, mainly depends on the high quality of our services and on our Quality Management System.

14 A Global Pipeline leader
EUROPE e.g. Gaz de France, Marches Nord-Est Shell Tunnel Pipeline, Norway SNAM Pordenone Istrana, Italy RUSSIAN FEDERATION e.g. Chevron CPC Shell Sakhalin II CANADA, USA e.g. Transcanada, Manitoba Nova, Alberta MEDITERRANEAN e.g. Sonatrach OZ2, Algeria Total, Yemen LNG CASPIAN e.g. BP BTC, Georgia Azerbaijan BP SCP, Georgia Azerbaijan WEST & SOUTH AFRICA e.g. Exxon Mobil, Chad Cameroon Chevron, Angola LNG Transnet, NMPP ASIA PACIFIC e.g. GAIL HBJ, India Chevron, Kutubu Papua SEA Gas, Australia Total Tunu & Peciko, Indonesia ExxonMobil, Papua New Guinea LATIN AMERICA e.g. BP Mariquita Cali, Colombia CMA Antamina, Peru

15 Azerbaijan : BTC, SCP (BP) Bangladesh : Titas Gas, Bakhrabad Gas
Our Clients (1/3) Algeria : Sonatrach Angola : Somoil, Sonangol, Chevron Australia : Tenneco, EAPL, Caltex, AGL, Sea Gas Austria : ÖMV Azerbaijan : BTC, SCP (BP) Bangladesh : Titas Gas, Bakhrabad Gas Belgium : Air Liquide, Distrigaz, SNTC Brazil : Petrobras Cameroon : Cotco (Exxon/Chevron/Petronas) Colombia : Transgas de Occidente, BP Exploration, OSCA, Ecopetrol Denmark : DONG France : Gaz de France, GRT, Trapil, Air Liquide, Air Product, Esso, SPLSE Gabon : Shell Gabon Georgia : BTC, SCP (BP) Germany : Mider Mitteldeutsche Erdoel India : GAIL Indonesia : Total Indonésie, Huffoc, Hudbay Oil, Pertamina

16 Irak : SCOP, BWSA, Elf Irak Iran : NIGC, NIOC
Our Clients (2/3) Irak : SCOP, BWSA, Elf Irak Iran : NIGC, NIOC Ireland : Irish Gas Board Italy : Air Liquide, SNAM Libya : OOL Morocco : SCP Mexico : Pemex Myanmar : MGTC (Total/Unocal/PTT/MOGE) Netherlands : Gasunie, Total Holland New Zealand : Ministry of Work & Development Nigeria : NNPC Norway : Statoil, Norkse Shell Peru : Antamina Portugal : Transgas PNG : Chevron Niugini, ExxonMobil Russia : CPC (Chevron), SEIC (Shell)

17 Saudi Arabia : SWCC, SCOP South Africa : Transnet
Our Clients (3/3) Saudi Arabia : SWCC, SCOP South Africa : Transnet Spain : Enagas, Campsa, Eniepsa Switzerland : Unigaz, Gansa, Swissgaz Trinidad : NGTC Tunisia : Soptrapil, STEG Turkey : Botas UK : British Gas, Esso, Shell, Transco, BP, National Grid Yemen : Jannah Hunt Oil, YLNG (Total/Hunt/…) Yugoslavia : Petrol Tozd ZEmelski Jugonaftovod

18 SPIECAPAG: Ongoing Projects (main projects)
CLIENT COUNTRY PROJECT Contract Value MUSD MEDGAZ Spain & Algeria EPCC of Beni Saf Compressor Station, Receiving Terminal and Control Room of Medgaz System Project 230 TRANSNET South Africa Assistance to Engineering & Construction of New Multi Product Pipeline (NMPP) Project 380 ANGOLA LNG led by Chevron Angola EPCC of Nearshore and Onshore Pipelines 330 PNG LNG led by EXXON MOBIL Papua New Guinea EPCC of onshore pipeline comprising 450-km of pipelines and associated infrastructure 800

19 Some recent references…

20 Recent Signature Projects
Recently completed Oil & Gas Projects YLNG Pipeline EPC Pipeline & Facilities 345-km 38/32’’ Yemen BTC Pipeline Baku Tbilisi - Ceyhan Pipeline 248-km 46’’ + 3PS Georgia & Azerbaijan SCP Pipeline South Caucasus Pipeline 248-km 42”+CS Georgia & Azerbaijan OZ2 EPC Project 6 Pumping Stations 1 million bpd each Algeria ExxonMobil/ Chevron Chad Cameroon Pipeline 1,070 km 30” Chad Cameroon SEA Gas Pipeline 1035 km 14 & 18” and Facilities Australia TOTAL led YLNG Company $500 million in Yemen, BP led Consortium $860 million in Georgia/Azerbaijan, SHELL led Consortium $2,500 million in Sakhalin, Sonatrach $500 million in Algeria, ExxonMobil led Consortium $400 million in Cameroon, SEA Gas SPV $250 million in Australia.

21 Asia & Pacific Experience
TOTAL Tunu & Pecko Developments Indonesia TOTAL Yadana Pipeline Myanmar GAIL HBJ Pipeline 1780-km 18/36” + 4CS - India CHEVRON Kutubu Pipeline Papua New Guinea SEA GAS Pipeline Australia The scale and breadth of these projects shows the experience and ability of SPIECAPAG to provide pipelines and facilities of the highest quality in Asia-Pacific and throughout the world.

22 Russia & FSU Experience
SEIC Sakhalin II Pipelines km 20/48’’ Far Eastern Russia CPC, Caspian Pipeline Consortium Project km 40/42’’ Russia BTC Pipeline Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Georgia & Azerbaijan SCP Pipeline South Caucasus Pipeline Georgia & Azerbaijan Specific Knowledge & Strong Local Partnership The scale and breadth of these projects shows the experience and ability of SPIECAPAG to provide pipelines and facilities of the highest quality in Russia and throughout the world.

23 Over 85 years of experience in France and Europe.
European Experience NORSKE SHELL Norway Troll Phase I GAZ de FRANCE France, Marche du Nord Est TRANSGAS Portugal Projecto de Gas Natural ENAGAS Spain, Leon Oviedo TRANSCO UK, Birch Heath to Mickle Trafford Over 85 years of experience in France and Europe.

24 Worldwide Complex Projects Experience
Safe & reliable asset delivery of complex projects Large Diameter Experience Long length Experience Green field or heavy Logistic Experience Sensitive Environment Experience Knowledge Integration to deliver both globally and locally

25 Large Diameter Experience
40 & 44” 48” 48” 40 & 42” 48 & 56” GDF, France, Artères Nord-Est & Hauts de France Pipelines SNAM, Italy, Pordenone-Istrana & Zimella-Renatico Pipelines Enagas, Spain, Gasoducto Tarifa-Cordoba CPC, Caspian Pipeline Consortium Project-Russia SCOP, Iraq, Iraq-Trans Saudi Arabia Oil pipeline Our experience in large diameters covers the most challenging pipeline environment. Few examples of delivered projects with 40” diameter and above.

26 Long length experience
1,070- km 1070- km 680- km 1750- km 757- km 1034-km 1,034-km 780- km 780- km ExxonMobil, Petronas & Chevron Chad Cameroon Pipeline SEA Gas Victoria to Adelaide Pipeline -Australia GAIL - HBJ Hazira Bijaipur Jagdispur Gas Pipeline India East Australian Pipeline, Moomba to Sydney Australia SCOP, Iraq-Trans Saudi Arabia Oil pipeline Iraq Long length pipelines need special organisation, means and logistics that SPIECAPAG has gained over its extensive experience. Detailed above are a few examples of delivered projects over 500 kilometres.

27 Green Field or Heavy Logistic Projects
Remarkable achievements due entirely to the pioneering spirit, dedication and expertise of SPIECAPAG 1,070- km 757- km 1,034-km 780- km TOTAL Yadana Onshore Pipeline Myanmar CHEVRON Kutubu Pipeline PNG BP - BTC/SCP Pipelines Georgia / Azerbaijan SHELL Sakhalin II Pipelines Russia ANTAMINA Slurry Pipeline Peru SPIECAPAG develops dedicated construction method to respond to special projects constraints whether technical, social or environmental matters

28 Sensitive Environment Experience
High Pressure 1,070- km Harsh climate Tropical forest 757- km 1,034-km 780- km Mountains Swamps Norske Shell Troll Phase I Laying in Tunnel – 200 bar Norway Desert and Cold climate, Saudi Arabia Sakhalin Cameroon Rain forests Peru and Colombia Altitude ranging from sea level to m Deltas of Borneo and undiscovered PNG land A unique experience in environmentally sensitive areas from one extreme to another such as the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula to the arctic conditions in Russia, and from the tropical rain forests of Cameroon and deltas of Borneo to crossing the Andes in Peru.

29 Local Knowledge & Partnership
Wherever our clients go, chances are that we have been there before. This applies to more than 60 countries and in addition SPIECAPAG has: Excellent relations with the major local contractors. Demonstrated ability to work in extremely adverse climatic and geographic conditions calling for heavy logistics. Personnel familiar with that part of the world. Demonstrated ability to complete its projects on time satisfying local and International standards of Safety, Environment and Quality. 1,070- km 757- km 780- km

30 Constructability Review Services
Wherever our clients go, chances are that we have been there before and that we have personnel familiar with that part of the world. So we know what matters and how to find our way This know-how is very important for the overall success in the early phases of a project. Spiecapag provides to its major clients Constructability Reviews for International Pipeline Projects (Route selection, Cost estimate, Planning, « Cold Eye Review »,…) Area not disclosed but clients are : ExxonMobil, Total, Unocal, BP, Japex, Epic, Gaz de France, Sofregaz, …

31 Parc d’Activités Kléber – Immeuble Hampton 165 boulevard de Valmy
Contact SPIECAPAG Parc d’Activités Kléber – Immeuble Hampton 165 boulevard de Valmy 92700 Colombes – France Phone: Fax:    

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