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Coretalk For Schools Absentee Management Sports / Event Teams Reduce Communication Cost.

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1 Coretalk For Schools Absentee Management Sports / Event Teams Reduce Communication Cost

2 Coretalk is a PC to Mobile Texting product Operates from most PCs Can operate in a network Doesnt need to be internet enabled It is quick & easy to send texts To one or a group of recipients With standard & customised messages Coretalk is easy to manage Quick to manually enter and update customers Or synchronise with Outlook, files or other data Sent and received communication stored by recipient Sound alert advises receipt Easily see the trail of communication How could it help a school environment? I will show a few of its key features

3 Advise parents quickly Standard text message permanently set up Select the recipients Send a text to them all (one or both parents) Advantages Quick and simple – time saving Parent calls back or texts – cost reduction to the school Less intrusive to parents They will text from a meeting, but not call Improved hit rate compared to phoning Typically > 2 calls to achieve the same result It is that simple!

4 Issues in managing teams Children and parents Travel & after game pick up Venue and time changes Practices and events Can be at awkward hours The coordinator may be mobile Only tool is a mobile phone Has to ring around (phone trees) May end up paying themselves! How does Coretalk get around this?

5 Team members are all part of a group One text can be sent directly to the group Practice reminders Game reminders Advanced venue changes Cancellations But sometimes you are not near a PC! Training reminder. 3:30pm Seddon fields thursdy night

6 The manager / coach can be remote from Coretalk 1.One text to Coretalk, with a prefix of the group name i.e. u13g Venue change to Seddon Fields… 2.Coretalk relays the text to all group contacts 3.Problem solved!! U13g Venue change to Seddon Fields, same time. Venue change to Seddon Fields, same time.

7 Team members can query the next event 1.They text a code i.e. nxtu13g Meaning Next Under 13 gold 2.Coretalk responds with details of the next game / practice etc. nxtu13g SEND Under 13 gold. Nxt practice, Wed 3:30pm Seddon Park. Nxt game, Saturday 23rd 11am Domain. Manager Mike - mob 021521072

8 One person managed two soccer teams Two Cancellations Three venue changes Two time changes Changes were coped with quickly & easily Everyone arrived on time and effectively The system was very popular Everyone liked the ease of information flow Parents now encouraging the club to use the system for all teams

9 Texting is not always the solution But it can be part of the solution It IS PERSONAL Suits low emotion communications Time critical, fact based, informative Potential other uses in a School environment Advice to parents of child in sick bay Locating relievers Staff alerts / meetings / messages Events (arts, sports, picnics etc.) Payment reminders

10 $80 per month rental $60 per month for schools Contract for 24 months One off installation costs $150 Payment by direct debit Text costs scale with volume 1 – 9917.8c(20 cents with GST) 100 – 299917c 3000 – 499916c 5000 +15c Schools 15c per text fixed charge Sponsorship is an option… Coretalk can provide a prefix All Costs EXCLUDE GST

11 Thank You For Finding Out About Coretalk Contact: Mike Carroll 021 521 072

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