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Coretalk For Retail Attract More Customers Improve Service Reduce Promotion Costs.

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1 Coretalk For Retail Attract More Customers Improve Service Reduce Promotion Costs

2 Promotions To Groups Loyalty Clubs, Competitions & Stock Queries Personalise Messages Click on an icon to find out more Send TXT Vouchers Pass It On John sick today. Who can work 12 – 5:30? TXT back. Manage Staff

3 We believe that Coretalk is a very effective way of communicating with our client base and acquiring new clients. We have found Coretalk to be very professional and their support has been impeccable Road To Rome I have been really impressed with customer feedback since using Coretalk….. Our sales expectations were well and truly exceeded Brave Clothing

4 Thank You For Finding Out About Coretalk Contact: Michael Verster 021 648 980

5 At first send to smaller, targeted groups Find out what YOUR customers like Keep it light, fun and personal People dont mind an interesting text Rhymes, jokes & quizzes have all worked well Measure the response Expect a return on the investment Customers like to take vouchers away They come in once to pick it up … and again to spend it Two chances to sell to them It can be useful to show a web link on your text People are more sceptical than in the past… Proves that it is not SPAM

6 Announce specials Offer birthday vouchers Offer Add On to earlier sales Shirt special to person who bought a suit… Tops for girls who bought jeans… Age or gender specific specials Brand launch THE WEATHERS HOT BUT YOURE NO FOOL OUR SUMMER SALE WILL MAKE YOU COOL ALL STORES Ace Clothing

7 Set up a loyalty club They text in club And automatically receive this weeks special.. Run a competition Use newspaper, billboard or flier to generate entries This increases your base of potential customers Automatically notify winners Coretalk has many other options How creative can you be? CLUB SEND Club special 4 this week. Shirt & skirts all 25% off. Show txt in store.

8 A Message Template can be used to make texts more personal This text could be sent to an unlimited number of people The underlined information can be inserted personally for each person You can link to information on a spreadsheet or other file too! Hi John. It is your birthday in October. Visit to our City store and get a $30 voucher this month.

9 Find staff to work today if… A staff member is sick You need extra staff at short notice The first to respond gets the work You can be remote from Coretalk 1.You text to Coretalk 2.Coretalk relays the text to all your staff 3.They reply to you 4.Problem solved!! staff John sick. Txt or call if you can fill 12 – 5:30. First back gets job. John sick. Txt or call if you can fill 12 – 5:30. First response gets job

10 Sending messages is easy Seconds rather than minutes Receiving has sound & screen notification You dont have to be near the screen You hear that a text has arrived Coretalk is easy to manage Quick to manually enter and update customers Or synchronise with Outlook, files or other data Sent and received messages are grouped You can quickly see both sides of a communication on one screen.

11 Send an electronic voucher Give a discount or incentive for showing the text in store Invite participants to pass it on to friends Can result in > 100% response Effective marketing Worth considering… It is a good idea to give a phone or web reference Proof that it is not a false advertisement We can supply a site if required Hi Mary. Ace Clothing will give 20% off in store with this txt.14–18 Nov. Pass it on.

12 Lets be conservative!! Approach 300 customers in one month 30 of those come into the store They spend $150 each You earn $75 profit each, that is $2,250 total Coretalk costs you 44 cents per customer Total value $131 for the month Total extra profit $2,119 $25,428 in one year! No Of Customers Cost Per Customer 30044 cents 100025 cents 300019 cents 500017 cents

13 $80 per month rental Contract for 24 months One off installation costs $150 Payment by direct debit TXT costs scale with volume 1 – 9917.8c(20 cents with GST) 100 – 299917c 3000 – 499916c 5000 +15c It is that easy!! All Costs EXCLUDE GST

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