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1 Venturing Recognition. Recognition / Awards / Ranks Venturing Bronze Award Venturing Gold Award Venturing Silver Award Venturing Ranger Award Sea Scouting.

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1 1 Venturing Recognition

2 Recognition / Awards / Ranks Venturing Bronze Award Venturing Gold Award Venturing Silver Award Venturing Ranger Award Sea Scouting Quartermaster Award Quest Award TRUST Award Venturing Leadership Award 2

3 3 Awards

4 Boy Scout Ranks

5 Earning your Eagle in a Crew Eligibility remains the same First Class Scout Earned as a Boy Scout or Varsity Scout Requirements remain the same Leadership position in the crew

6 Earning your Eagle in a Crew Scout rank must have board of review May be troop, team, or crew / ship 3-6 committee members No advisors, assistants, relatives Purposes Work has been learned and completed What kind of experience youth having? Encourage advancement to next rank Not an examination, 15 minutes max Eagle board follows council procedures

7 Bronze There are five bronze awards open to Venturers »Outdoor Bronze »Sea Scout Bronze »Sports Bronze »Arts and Hobbies Bronze »Religion and Community Bronze 7

8 Ranger Eight core requirements Four of 18 elective requirements Demonstrate high degree of outdoor proficiency Resource for Venturers and Scouts Venturers can work up to the requirements 8

9 Life Skills First Aid is extremely useful for any person to know Communication skills are important for every job, and for working in group situations Emergency preparedness is important, as shown by the recent Hurricane Sandy 9

10 Scholarships –A list of scholarships that are based around wildlife, wildlife biology, and Outdoorsmanship –“college scholarships for outdoors” 10

11 Quest Core requirements 1. Sports Bronze Award 2. Sport Safety Training 3. Fitness for Life 4. Fitness assessment 5. Sport disciplines 11 One elective 1. History / heritage sports 2. Sports nutrition 3. Drug-free sport 4. Communications 5. History / heritage of disabled sports movement

12 Life Skills Teenagers can be tempted to try drugs by friends or other peers, the Sports Bronze Award and Quest Award show them the consequences of using drugs This can help anyone interest in a career in sports or sports management Provides a supplement to taking part in sports 12

13 Scholarships –Sports scholarships for non-athletes –Information about sports scholarships 13

14 Trust Award Tending Your Beliefs (first requirement) –Religious Bronze –Religious Emblem Respecting Beliefs of Others Understanding Other Cultures Serving Your Community –Significant service project Transforming Our Society 14

15 Life Skills Learn about religion and how it affects your life Pursue understanding and knowledge of other cultures Resolving conflicts Religion in the context of the BSA 15

16 Scholarships – Scholarships listed by religion 16

17 Quartermaster Award 17 For Sea Scouts See the Sea Scout Manual, Ch. 3

18 Life Skills Helps teach people about running a ship Especially for teens looking for a career in the Navy or where they would be on a ship/running on a ship 18

19 Scholarships –Marine and naval scholarships –Colleges with strong sailing teams/programs

20 Scholarships search/scholarships-hobbies-interests/scholarships-unusual-talents- hobbies/ –Scholarships for unusual hobbies –Scholarships for normal and abnormal hobbies Scholarships for artists –Scholarships for Arts & Sciences, as well as general Arts 20

21 Gold Any one Bronze Award 12 months tenure Leadership role Participate in a district (or higher) event Personal growth in six experience areas Lead two crew activity projects Recite Venturing Oath Three letters of recommendation Crew review 21

22 Gold – Crew Review Required for Gold and Silver Awards Required for all Sea Scout ranks Completion paperwork to Advisor / Skipper Crew president (with Advisor) appoints review committee of 4-6 Venturers and adults Review determines if person grew as a result of the experience Advancement report to council office 22

23 Life Skills Teaches Venturers to be better leaders Gets them involved in Scouting at a greater level 23

24 Scholarships -award scholarships.html

25 Silver Award At least one Bronze Award Gold Award Emergency Preparedness –(First Aid, CPR, Safe Swim Defense) Demonstrate leadership Including ILSC Course Participate in Ethics in Action Crew review 25

26 Life Skills Leadership Ethics Involvement 26

27 Scholarships coach/2011/07/28/6-college-scholarships-that-award- leadership27

28 Venturing Leadership Award VENTURING LEADERSHIP AWARD Presented by Councils, Regions and National Council to Venturers who have made exceptional contributions to Venturing ADVISOR AWARD of MERIT Recognizes Advisor / Skipper for outstanding ability to work with youth. Nominated by crew president and committee chairman 28

29 Recognition is not mandatory –Scouts can choose to go after the awards they want Activities done for awards in Venturing can be used to earn other awards or scholarships 29

30 Other Awards Honor Medal Heroism Medal Medal of Merit Hornaday Award Conservation Good Turn 50-Miler

31 Young American Award For outstanding college students ages 19 through 25 who have achieved excellence in the fields of art, athletics, business, community service, education, government, humanities, literature, music, religion, and science; and have given service to their community, state, and/or country.

32 High Adventure Bases Philmont Sea Base Northern Tier

33 Water Sports Badges Boardsailing BSA Lifeguard Kayaking Mile Swim Scuba Snorkeling Long Cruise

34 Other Quality Unit Historic Trails Paul Bunyan Interpreter Strip Jamboree Venturing Shooting Sports

35 Non-Scouting Awards Congressional Gold Award Prudential Spirit of Community Award President’s Gold Award 35

36 Questions, go here and the current Area 5 Venturing Cabinet will help you in any way they can!

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