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New Venturing Awards and Recognition

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1 New Venturing Awards and Recognition
Prepared by Lizzie Schneider

2 Order of Awards Venturing Award Discovery Award Pathfinder Award
Summit Award

3 Breakdown of each award
Adventure Leadership Personal Growth Service

4 The first step: making a commitment The Venturing Award
Award focus: Joining Requirements: Participate in a crew activity Interview with the crew president and Advisor Complete Personal Safety Awareness training State intention to join during an induction ceremony If registered Venturer prior to June 1, a Venturer has earned this award.

5 The next step: exploring boundaries The Discovery Award
Award focus: Participation Requirements include: Two Tier II or Tier III adventures Introduction to Leadership Skills Course (ILSC) Goal Setting and Time Management Training Crew Officer Orientation One Personal Growth reflection 24 Service Hours Requirements 1-3, 5-6 can be past credited (if registered Venturer while completed)

6 Moving on: expanding opportunities The Pathfinder Award
Award focus: Leadership Requirements include: 2 more adventures! Lead one of them Project Management Training Serve in an officer position for at least 6 months or staff a national leadership course; set and achieve performance goals 2 more personal growth reflections Ethical controversy and conflict resolution 36 additional service hours Plan one crew service project Requirements 1, 3-6, 8

7 The final step: achieving your vision The Summit Award
Award focus: Mentoring Requirements include: Mentoring Training 3 additional adventures Mentor a youth in planning one, and provide feedback 6 more months of leadership positions Lead ILSC Create a personal code of conduct Lead a service project Requirements 1, 4, 8

8 What the Summit Award means
A Venturer who earns the Summit Award has earned the equivalent of the Eagle Scout Rank or Quartermaster Award. They have learned and grown, but also given back to the program and are held accountable to continue to embody the program.

9 Tying it all together The awards are all attainable if a crew is functioning. It encourages participation in activities. Each award has a different focus, but includes aspects of Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth, and Service.

10 Existing Awards Some of the existing awards are staying. These include: Ranger Award Quest Award Trust Award Sea Scout rank system

11 Outdoor Skills: The Ranger Award
Complete all 8 of the Core Requirement sections Complete 4 of 18 electives Backpacking, Cave Exploring, Cycling/Mountain Biking, Ecology, Equestrian, First Aid, Fishing, Hunting, Life Saving, Mountaineering, Outdoor Living History, Physical Fitness, Plants & Wildlife, COPE, Scuba, Shooting Sports, Watercraft, Winter Sports First Aid Land Navigation Communications Leave No Trace Cooking Wilderness Survival Emergency Preparedness Conservation

12 Sports and adventures: The Quest Award
Explore the world of fitness, training, and sports management Complete an American Red Cross Sport Safety Training Course Fitness for Life Program Fitness assessments Sports disciplines 1 of 5 electives: History and heritage of sports, sports nutrition, drug-free sports, communications, history and heritage of the Disabled Sports movement

13 Religion and beliefs: The TRUST Award
Trending beliefs Respecting the beliefs of others Understanding other cultures Serving the community Transforming society Each of the 5 sections have individual requirements

14 More information
Venturing Awards and Requirements handbook and Advisor’s handbook FAQ sheet released monthly Direct questions to

15 Questions?

16 Discussion What awards can you, as a Venturer, work on now?
What requirements have you already completed? Are you ready to get started?!

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