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1 COMMITTEE FAST START for NON-COMMITTEE BSA Leaders Understanding Committees.

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1 1 COMMITTEE FAST START for NON-COMMITTEE BSA Leaders Understanding Committees

2 2 OUTLINE Types of Committees What Committee Type Works Best The Committee Organizations Roles/Responsibilities Committee Programs How a Committee Functions Common Misconceptions Committee Guides Questions

3 3 Types of Committees BSA recommends 4 Committee Types Venture Committee Varsity Committee Scout Committee Cub Committee How do you know which Committee Type is correct for a given Unit?

4 4 What Committee Type Works Best Committee Type Factors Traditional LDS Church Organization Based on Priesthood year groups Based on Ward youth numbers Meets the needs of the Unit Can change as the Unit changes Committee comprises people officially called by Bishop and by volunteers

5 5 What Committee Type Works Best (Cont’) Traditionally Wards have 2 Committees Cub Committee Scout Committee covering… Scouts 12-14 Varsity 15-16 Ventures 17-18 Large Varsity/Venture programs Some Units – 1 Committee over all 4 Yes, some Units have no Committee

6 6 The Committee Organizations BSA Committees vs. LDS Committees Similar functions/slightly different names All Committee functions should be covered Primary and Young Men Leaders - CALLED Committee members have important roles Committee members support each other

7 7 Committee Roles & Responsibilities Chartered Organization Representative Member of the District – Not on Committee Unit Committee is - Board of Directors Supports - Cubs/Scouts/Varsity/Venture Performs many administrative functions Assists Cub Master, Scout Master, Varsity Coach and Venture Advisor Committee makes it all come together

8 8 Committee Roles & Responsibilities Ensures that quality adult leadership is recruited and trained. Provides adequate meeting facilities Advises leaders on policies relating to youth and Chartered Organization Supports leaders in program execution Is responsible for finances, adequate funding and funds disbursements

9 9 Committee Roles & Responsibilities Obtains, maintains and properly cares for unit property and equipment Ensures the unit has a monthly outdoor activity program Serves on boards of review and courts of honor Supports leaders in solving problems

10 10 Committee Roles & Responsibilities Provides for special needs Helps with Friends of Scouting Helps with behavior problems

11 11 Committee Roles & Responsibilities Part of the Committee Cub Master, Scout Master / Asst Scout Master, Varsity Coach, Venture Advisor Parent Volunteers as needed Not part of the Committee Chartered Organization Rep - District

12 12 Committee Programs Annual Unit Recognition Board of Review Equipment Purchase and Storage Fund Raising Youth Leadership Training Quality Unit Awards 2 Deep Leadership Youth Safety

13 13 Committee Programs (cont’) Publicity Parental Involvement Unit Calendar Unit Newsletter Courts of Honor/Pack Meetings Adult Leader Training Annual Planning Eagle Project Approval

14 14 Committee Programs (cont’) Summer Camps/Activity Registration Support Chartered Organization Tour Permits/Permission Slips Physical Examinations Award Purchases Youth Records at Council Rank Advancement Unit Library Resources

15 15 Committee Members Chairperson Secretary (Primary Sec/Young Men Sec) Treasurer (Ward Finance Clerk) Outdoor/Activities Coordinator Advancement Coordinator Chaplain (Normally not filled in LDS Units) Training Coordinator Equipment Coordinator

16 16 Chairperson Organizes Committee Ensures Committee functions are covered Promotes relations with Chartered Organization and Unit leaders Give policy guidance Prepares Committee meeting agenda Presides over Committee meetings Ensures representation at Roundtable Charter review and re-chartering annually

17 17 Secretary Keeps meeting minutes Handles publicity Family newsletter - events and activities Conducts Unit Resource Survey Family Night Programs and Activities Reports on previous meetings/actions

18 18 Treasurer (Financial Clerk) Handles all Unit funds: checking/savings Supervises fund raising projects Lead annual unit budgets preparations Reports monthly at Committee meeting

19 19 Outdoor/Activities Helps secure use of camp sites Serves a transportation coordinator Ensure a monthly outdoor program Promotes National Camping Award Promotes attendance at camp activities Secures tour permits Reports monthly at Committee meeting

20 20 Advancement Encourage youth advancement in rank Work with scribes to maintain records Arrange for boards and courts of honor Oversees merit badge counselors lists Coordinate with local Council on actions Build and maintain Unit reference library Report monthly at Committee meeting

21 21 Training Ensure leaders are trained Maintain up-to-date training materials Work with District: train all Leaders Responsible - Youth Protection training Encourage Junior Leader training Unit, District, Council and National levels Report monthly at Committee Meeting

22 22 Equipment Coordinator Supervises/helps procure equipment Works with Quartermaster on inventory, storage, and maintenance of equipment Makes safety checks Encourage safe equipment use Reports monthly at Committee meeting

23 23 How a Committee Functions Monthly Committee Meetings Supports all BSA Programs Supports Cubs, Scouts, Varsity and Ventures Supports Unit events and activities Ensures all Committee leaders are trained Support each other: replace dead wood Understand District/Council functions Understand overall Committee functions

24 24 The Committee Meeting Chairman Report Review of Past Activities Cubs, Scouts, Varsity, Venture Secretary Report Treasurer Report

25 25 Committee Meeting (cont’) Outdoor/Activities Report Advancement Report Training Report Equipment Report Review of Future Activities Cubs, Scouts, Varsity, Venture Long Term Goals/Planning

26 26 Common Misconceptions The Committee Chairperson can do it all Eagle earned = Committee does it Cub Master and Scoutmaster can do it Scouting is easy – anyone can do it Committees run by themselves Committees are on their own All Bishoprics know what is required

27 27 Committee Guides Committee Guides are available Available at Trading Post Committee Roundtable training 64 wards X 8 Committee members = 512 Average Roundtable attendance is 15 Committee Challenge is the Specific Leader/Basic training for Committees 2 times per year – encourage attendance

28 28 Questions

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