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Web Page Training Summer 2014 Presented by: Mountain Brook Schools Tech Team.

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1 Web Page Training Summer 2014 Presented by: Mountain Brook Schools Tech Team

2 Background The goal is to change the focus of the webpage to be more user centered.  Parents  Students  Staff In the process we hope to accomplish the following:  Refresh the appearance with updated colors and graphics  Incorporate social media  Empower all staff (easy interface)  Improve navigation for parents, students, & staff  Incorporate password protected access  Individualize views

3 Design Components The components of the website consists of the following:  Channels  Sections  Pages  Apps or Building Blocks The technology staff has created templates with building blocks added to get you started. You may add, delete and customize pages to meet your needs.

4 District Home Page Rotating Pictures Upcoming Events MBS News Expandable Menus For Parents For Students For Staff


6 Channels

7 Sections


9 Pages and Page Types Section Channels

10 Apps or Building Blocks

11 Adding Content Flex Editor

12 Accessing the Section Workspace 1.Signing in & Accessing Your Section 2.Accessing Site Manager 3.Automatic access to Section

13 Logging In and Navigating 1. Go to the following URL: ault.aspx ault.aspx 2. Sign in with your network username and password. 3. Click the Site Manager tab.


15 Site Manager View This is the Site Manager View. This is your Section where you see a list of your Current Pages in your section. To edit your Homepage, you can either click the Homepage or choose Actions/Edit next to the Homepage. You will only see what you have permission to see.

16 Section Workspace Layout (Green) Summary Tab  Adding Pages  Page Status – Active/Inactive  Editing Pages in a Section  Changing Page Name / Display Duration  Change Page Layout  Page URL, Page Viewing Rights, Copy, Move, Page Statistics, Delete pages  Organizing Pages within a Section

17 Managing Your Homepage Your Homepage may begin with the Flex Editor App as shown on the right. Most teacher homepages have a layout of one (1) column. District department pages may have 1, 2, or 3 columns! If you want to edit another page in your section, you can click the home button under the Summary tab and then click the other page you want to edit. When you want to go back to the website view, you can click View Website.

18 Pages You can add new pages to your section by clicking the New Page button. At that point, you will be asked to select a type of page, for example a blog page or flex page, etc.

19 Pages If you have access to other pages other than just your section, those will appear to the left of your Section.

20 Editing a Page

21 Common Apps

22 Flex Editor—Most Common App The Flex Editor allows you flexibility to format text, insert photos, link text, etc. The options in this editor are very similar to options in Word and other programs.

23 Calendar: Use a Calendar App to display information about timing / dates of important events in your classroom. Combine the Calendar App with the Upcoming Events App for a crisp look on the page.

24 Document Viewer App The Document Viewer app, powered by Google Docs ™ Viewer, allows you to display a document on a page on your end - user website without the worry of embedding and adjusting code within the Schoolwires editor. You add a Document Viewer app to your page, edit the app and Browse to locate the document that you wish to display.

25 Links You use a Link Library App to build a collection of links to other websites of interest. For example, you might include links of a similar topic or theme.

26 Photo Gallery App

27 Getting the Right Effect on the Contact Page



30 Getting Started with YOUR Pages!

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