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North American Aviation System Part 2 Standard 3 Objective 1.

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1 North American Aviation System Part 2 Standard 3 Objective 1

2 How many airports are there? There are 17,000 airports in the United States 700 airports actually have facilities to handle passenger planes

3 Airports Airports have two names: - Name of Airport - 3-Letter Airport Code

4 Busy Airports The United States accounts for more than 1/3 of the worlds aircraft activity. Of the worlds 25 busiest airports, 16 are in the United States. Busiest Airports: – Hartsfield (ATL) OHare (ORD) – Los Angeles Intl (LAX) Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) – Denver Intl (DEN John F. Kennedy Intl (JFK) – Miami Intl (MIA) San Francisco Intl (SFO) – La Guardia (LGA) Worlds Busiest Airports

5 Terminals The buildings used by passengers in their procession from ground to air

6 Airport Facts What airport is within a 90-minute flight of more than 50% of the U.S. and Canadian populations? – Pittsburgh (PIT) What is North Americas largest-in-area airport? – Denver (DEN) What airport is designed to handle as many as 3,200 arriving passengers an hour? – New York – Kennedy (JFK)

7 Airport Information Airways are numbered just like highways on the ground. The FAA are airway patrollers to keep things running smoothly in the air and in the airports. The control tower is the nerve center of the airport. The top of the tower is the cab.

8 Airport Revenue Traffic Operations Airport Concessions Parking Lots

9 Airline Executive Clubs Advantages of being a member of an Airline Executive Club: – Check-in services – Stow luggage – Local calls – Bathrooms – TVs – Newspapers – Drinks – Snacks – Meeting rooms

10 Airline Executive Clubs American Airlines – Admirals Club Delta Airlines – Crown Club United Airlines – Red Carpet Club

11 What do you mean it is Overbooked? How do no-shows affect an airline? – Empty seats – Lost income Airlines overbook to keep all planes full at the time of flight Voluntary Denied Boarding Compensation – People give up their seats in return for a seat on the next available flight and some financial compensation

12 Airplane Information Pitch is the distance from the front of one seat to the front of the seat behind. Bulkhead seats are seats immediately behind the wall that separates coach from first class. All U.S. flights are non-smoking.

13 Aviation Jobs

14 Airport Manager The duties of an airport manager: – Enforcing aviation rules and regulations – Planning and supervising maintenance and safety programs – Negotiating leases – Administering the budget – Promoting the airports use – Training and supervising employees – Maintaining good community relations

15 Skycap Skycaps do curbside check-in They also process your luggage Can people use a Skycap when flying international? – No, they must pass through customs

16 Airplane Ground Services Cleaning the cabin Putting food and beverages from the flight kitchen on to the plane Pumping drinking water aboard Unloading and reloading baggage, cargo, and mail Making a mechanical check Fueling the plane Boarding the passengers

17 Pilots and Crew Pilots have a daily flight limitation of 10 hours for a two-person crew. Flight crews may not exceed a maximum of 40 flight hours during any seven consecutive days. Each must have a 24-hour rest period during any seven consecutive day period.

18 Flight Attendants Preflight – Weather conditions and potential passenger problems at briefings. Checking supplies and equipment on board, greeting passengers, assisting passengers, seat belts, and safety briefings. In-flight – Distribute pillows and blankets, serve drinks and meals, assist passengers, secure cabin, and handle medical emergencies

19 Flight Attendants Post-flight – Writing reports, reporting money, lost and found articles, medical emergencies, equipment needing attention Flight attendants fly from 75 to 85 hours a month, plus they have about 50 hours a month duty time between flights.

20 Air Traffic Controller Job duties of an air traffic controller – To keep airplanes flying safe in the sky – To keep airplanes away from each other A stressful job High paying

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