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London City Airport Bernard Lavelle Sales

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1 London City Airport Bernard Lavelle Sales Director @bernardlavelle

2 Where are we today? Days before London City Airport London City Airport today

3 The ONLY Airport in London!

4 London City Airport: Connections

5 Service Features – 20/10 No queues 20 minute check in Easy and quick access to London Business environment 10 minutes from plane to taxi Fastest processing times in Europe Quick, easy & efficient to get through LCY Fast track airport – no fuss, no bother, no reason not to use LCY

6 LCY v LHR/LGW – Typical Cost Waterloo – LHR/LGW Tube £4.50 HEX/GEX £20.00 (£25.00 on board for HEX) Total £24.50 Waterloo – LCY Tube/DLR £4.50 Difference £20.00 Assume 20,000 journeys pa Minimum saving £400,000 £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ £ Add in time saving on top (c3 hours for a round trip)

7 LCY 2012 3.07m passengers in 2012 3.2M expectation 2013 10 Airlines, 44 destinations Largest airline by pax & Capacity is BA

8 Current Operators

9 Current Route Map

10 Connecting flight opportunities from LCY Connect To 09.15 Dep Aberdeen Amsterdam Antwerp Basel Dundee Dublin Edinburgh Frankfurt Glasgow Geneva Nuremburg Rotterdam Zurich Connect To: 08.45 Arr Arlanda (Stockholm) Billund Edinburgh Glasgow Linate (Milan) Madrid Orly (Paris) Rotterdam Zurich Connect To 14.50 Dep Orly (Paris) Geneva Connect To 14.15 Arr Amsterdam JFK (New York) Luxembourg Nante Zurich Connect To 19.30 Dep Amsterdam Arlanda (Stockholm) Billund Bern Dresden Dublin Frankfurt Geneva Jersey Luxembourg Madrid Rotterdam Connect To 19.00 Arr Antwerp Dundee Edinburgh Glasgow Kristiansand Rotterdam Assumes 30 MCT, 90 minute max wait Min 24 Destinations

11 London City Airport: IOM-LCY History

12 2000-2004 Jersey European/British European 2005-2008 Euromanx & VLM (Euromanx stops May08) 2009 Aer Arann & VLM (VLM stops July 09) 2010- April 2012 Aer Arann 2012 June - BA Chequered History….. Connection into London & the business & financial district important? Never been a better product!

13 London City Airport: Into The Future

14 LCY: City Airport Development Programme (CADP)

15 LCY: Vision for the Future LCY: a Vision for the Future Permission granted for 120k movements per annum A vision of 6 million passengers by 2023 Development of the airport to provide additional business & leisure destinations LCY as the gateway to London – as London moves east

16 Peaks - Optimising Runway Capacity Current configuration – 38 movements per hour Additional entry point – 42 movements per hour Full parallel – c50 movements per hour16




20 London City Airport 2020

21 East Development: Indicative Visualisations (WIP)





26 London City Airport: Divider 2011 London City Airport Thank you!

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