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The history of Kai Tak Airport. * Details * §Name: Hon Kong international airport Kai Tak §Open:1924 §location:Kownloon Bay §Facilities:one runway,one.

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Presentation on theme: "The history of Kai Tak Airport. * Details * §Name: Hon Kong international airport Kai Tak §Open:1924 §location:Kownloon Bay §Facilities:one runway,one."— Presentation transcript:

1 The history of Kai Tak Airport

2 * Details * §Name: Hon Kong international airport Kai Tak §Open:1924 §location:Kownloon Bay §Facilities:one runway,one departure building,Two stations of cargo transport §Close:1998

3 The History of Kai Tak §1924 Kai Tak Airport opened §1936 The first plane arrived §1941-45 Kai Tak Airport was expanded during Japanese occupation §1954 Kai Tak expanded §1958 Expansion finished §1998 Kai Tak Airport closed

4 How the name Kai Tak came from §Because Hong Kong did not have a good airport before 1924, so two Ho kai and Au Tak bought the land in Kownloon Bay for building airport,that why the airport is called Kai Tak Airport. Is it good?

5 In the past §Do you when the first plane arrive in Hong Kong and came from? §Its the plane on 24 th march,1935 from Kepong.After then, Hong Kong have the airlines between many countries. §Before 1935, Kai Tak was used to be a air based for UK Royal Air Force.

6 In the past (2) §In 1935,the facilities like and had been built up in Kai Tak Airport. §In 1936, Hong Kong started to use the air mail.On the right is the first air mail of Hong Kong.

7 Airport During Japanese Occupation §During Japanese occupation, the Japanese is very bad because they removed the to make the second runway of Kai Tak Airport by using the prisoners. But it cant be use after the war due to it was destroyed. §Are the Japanese bad??

8 The development of Kai Tak §Why and when did HK government expand the airport?? §As the demand of air transport,Hong Kong have decided to expand the airport in 1954.So on Kai Tak became a international airport in the world.

9 The development of Kai Tak (2) §In 1962, the departure building of Kai Tak have built as many new model of plane like Boeing 707 could land on Kai Tak. §In 1975, the runway have been increase in its length to 3390 as the demand of the increasing air transport of 31 airlines The new departure building

10 The development of Kai Tak (3) §In 1976, Kai Tak was expanded by reclaiming land, so it became the a advanced airport in the world and made a station of cargo transport. §After the fourth development of Kai Tai, HK government know that Kai Tak cant deal with the passage of 1990s, so they have decided to expand the Kai Tak once more times.

11 The development of Kai Tak (4) §The fifth development of Kai Tak had started in 1984.This improvement was finished in1988 which the parking parks and some facilities are increased and improved. §Also the immigration centre in Kai Tak have computerized in 1988.

12 The development of Kai Tak (5) §In 1989, HK government have decided to improve Kai Tak again. §In 1991, the station of cargo transport no.2 had opened. §In 1992 and 1994, Kai Tai improved and which can provide many spaces for the largest plane,Boeing 747-400.

13 Before Closing §As the demand of air transport increase, HK government had decided to built a new airport instead of Kai Tak in 1987. §Kai Tak had serviced 295 million and 6 hundred thousand ton cargo which is the third busiest airport in the world.

14 Before Closing (2) §Before the closure of Kai Tak, 60 airlines used Kai Tak and they provided 1400 times regular fright to another countries weekly and 230 times irregular fright to another countries. §The value of the transport thing of Kai Tak was 5600 billion in 1995. §The transportation of cargo of Kai Tak was the highest in the world.

15 Problems of Kai Tak §Due to the history factor,it was very near the urban area,so the air and noisy pollution will be the problem. §Due to it is near the urban area, so the building nearby must build very low. Boeing 747-400

16 Effect of Kai Tak to Hong Kong §Kai Tak airport was importance to Hong Kong transportation as it is the only airport in Hong Kong. §Also it is a factor of Hong Kong to be a international financial centre as it transported with other countries

17 Interesting thing §Do you know when is the first accident in Kai Tak? Its on 1947 Do you know when was the first Boeing 747 arrived in Hong Kong? Its on 11-4-1970 Do you know when Hong Kong started to transport cargo ? Its on1976. Do you what is the thing on the right? Its the shuttle bus.

18 Comments §Cheung Kai Pong I think this project is quite difficult to do as the information of the airport is so little. Although we can find the information of this airport but it is in English that is so difficult for us to read it.Also the time of doing this project is not enough so we must do it as quite as we can.

19 Comments §Ho Ka Lun After doing this project,I have knew more about the history of Kai Tak airport.I think that it has been an international airport.And I think that it had also very famous in the world.Although Kai Tak airport has left us,but i would not forget this international airport,I would remember it forever.

20 Comments §Yim Ho Wing Before I did this project, I had not known anything about the history of Kai Tak Airport; but after I did it, I could know more about it.When my group members and I wanted to find the information bout this topic, we found a lot of difficulties for finding them. But at last, we could solve those problems by discussion. And we needed to find it for a long time by using the books information and going through Internet. At last, I think the time allowed is quite short, if we had at least one month, I think we may do it better.

21 Comments §Ngai Sha §I know more after I do this project and I can remember this airport as long as I can. I think it is difficult to do this project.

22 The works §Search for information: Ngai sha, Cheung Kai pong, Yim Hoi Wee §Made Power point:Yim Hoi Wee, Cheung Kai Pong §Search for the picture: Ho Ka lun

23 The Marks Name Ho Ka lun Ngai Sha Cheung Kai Pong Yim ho Wing Ho Ka lun \ 8 8 8 Ngai Sha 5 \ 8 8 Cheung Kai Pong 7 8 \ 8 Yim ho Wing 6 8 8 \


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