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Asian Small Clawed Otters In The Wild By: Adamaris.

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1 Asian Small Clawed Otters In The Wild By: Adamaris

2 Table of Contents

3 Habitat Indonesia, Southern China, Southern India, The Philippines, Southeast Asia Go to dense foliage to protect each others from their enemies Freshwater, Streams, Rivers, Creaks, Costal Region River Hongshui, River Yangtze

4 Food and Water Crabs, Mussels, Frogs, Snails, Fish, Crayfish, Snakes, Clams, Earthworms Find food by riverbank Eats 22% to 25% of its body weight a day to survive They are omnivores

5 Daily Behavior Live in family groups of 12 individuals Play fetch and throw themselves to water to catch stick before it sinks Hold breath underwater for 4 minutes Asian Small Clawed Otters are nocturnal Otters have a dozen or more calls including distress call for trouble and help Otters have to be 2 years to mate Mother takes care of otter for at least a year

6 Family Structures 2 years old to be able to mate Otters have 1 pup at a time Pup is active within 1 day after birth No teeth and eyes closed for 5 weeks after born Pup can swim 2 weeks after birth Mother stays for 1 year after birth Male and Female stay together for 3 days after mating Mate anytime of year Pups cry while mother is gone Pups can float when born Travel in packs of 12

7 Interesting Facts Endangered but population is growing Can die by pollution in the water Take very good care of fur groom everyday Special muscles to close ears and nose automatically underwater Short legs 5 toes webbing between each toe Fur on feet all the way except fingers 1-2 babies at a time maximum 6 babies at a time Sounds 12 different calls help and trouble

8 Bibliography Giles, Bridget. Sea Otters. Danbury: Grolier Educaitonal,2001 http:\\\publicaitions\zoogoer\2006\5otters.ctm 11/8/12 http:\\\animal\asiatrail\smallclaw_edotters\11/8/12

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