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Mrs. Dess’ 2nd Grade Students present…

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1 Mrs. Dess’ 2nd Grade Students present…
A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE A Slideshow of Facts About Animals

2 Muskox By: Meg Aubry They are very hairy but very clean
The muskox is nice not mean They are very hairy but very clean It sheds its hair when it gets warm It sleeps in herds of 20

3 Arctic Hare by Ashton Leverets are born in den.
In the ground they look like rocks. Fights by boxing with its paws. Stands upright to look for danger.

4 The Caribou by Dominic In the winter, caribou bury their food in the snow In the summer caribou live far up north on the tundra

5 Polar Bear By Mouhannad
Known to swim 60 miles Usually hunt and live alone Give birth to two cubs Eat seals, walruses , and fish Polar Bear By Mouhannad

6 Walruses by Maddy Can stay under water for 10 minutes
Weigh 1 to 2 tons If they are very hungry they eat seals

7 Adelie Penguins by: Julia Govostes
Melt snow on their tongues for water Live up to 20 twenty years Live in Antarctica Breed farther north

8 African Penguins by Matthew
Eat fish and krill Eggs hatch in 40 days Two babies at a time Live off southern cost.

9 Sea Otters by:Caroline.H.
Are not picky eaters In the weasel family Tiniest marine mammal Has ear and nose holes that close in water Eat one fifth their body weight Live up to 20 years Big Males can weigh up to 100 pounds

10 Emperor Penguin By Avery
They are bluish-black on their back and their wings. They can stay under water for 20 min. They eat fish, krill, and plants .

11 King penguin by: Daniel
Can hold their breath under water for 3 minutes Eat squid and other small sea animals Lays 1 egg every 2 or 3 years Raising a penguin chick usually takes 10 to 13 months King penguin by: Daniel

12 Arctic Fox By:Zachary lima
Arctic foxes use their tail as blankets. The arctic fox’s winter coat is white. From their head to their body is inches long.

13 Arctic Tern by: Caroline M.
Females and males look the same. Arctic Terns are sea birds. They have red beaks, black heads, and gray bodies.

14 Puffin by Nathan They swim underwater. Eat small fish.
They live near Greenland.

15 Snowy Owls by Kate Their feathers cover their whole body.
Some mate for life. The Snowy owl controls the rodent population.

16 Lemmings By: Kavya Can have 50 babies a year
Live up to 2 years Can have 50 babies a year Can change color from grayish brown to white Can have babies when they are only a few weeks old

17 Beluga Whale by Jack They have rounded fins
Change color when they get older Swim together once in while Can find family by color

18 Wolverine by Luc Jumps on prey’s back to kill it. Hunted for its fur.
Digs burrow for its babies. Wolverine by Luc

19 Narwhal by Reece They have a tooth that grows out of its mouth.
They eat squid and flat fish. They stay close to their mother.

20 Albatrosses By: Jordan Schwartz
Spread its wing up to 111/2 feet. Follows a ship for days but is seldom seen sleeping. They are rarely seen on land. They spend better part of life on the wing, gliding and circling the Southern Ocean.

21 Killer Whale by:Rebecca
Catch prey with sharp teeth Baby Killer called Calves Like oceans by polar areas one baby at a time .

22 Harp Seals by Jillian Parents can be 285 pounds Pointed teeth
Carnivores Can be 5.5 feet long Parents can find there babies from smell

23 The End

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