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New Perifix® Catheter Connector

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1 New Perifix® Catheter Connector
How to Use

2 Step 1 Check that the connector hinged cap is in the open position.

3 Step 2 Insert proximal end of catheter into opening of connector.
NOTE: Inserting the catheter when hinged cap is not in the open position may cause the catheter to not seat properly.

4 Step 2 Note that there are small “teeth” on the underside of the connector “lid.” If the lid of the connector is lying on top of the tubing, these teeth will prevent you from backing the catheter in all the way.

5 Step 3 HUB Ensure that the catheter is fully inserted and seated to the hinged area of the connector. (see dotted line) NOTE: Catheter may occlude or leak if not seated past the “teeth” and underneath the hub. If this should happen, please verify the catheter is seated all the way to the end of the connector.

6 Step 4 Close the top hinged cap of the catheter connector body by depressing it until an audible “click” is heard. If not securely attached, re-open connector and repeat steps 1 thru 4.

7 Step 4

8 Step 4

9 Step 4

10 Step 4

11 How to Open Firmly hold each side of the connector with two fingers and press on both sides of the connector firmly flexing the sides of the connector downward as if you are trying to snap the connector in half. The lid will spring open with an audible click.

12 How to Open

13 How to Open

14 For More Information Go to website
Or contact your local rep

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