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UreSil Tru-Set Locking System

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1 UreSil Tru-Set Locking System

2 User Friendly The Tru-Set locking system is designed to be user friendly and allows for a secure, leak resistant hub (in both the locked and unlocked position) with a one-step locking process. What makes the system so superior to the other locking systems is its patent pending thread securing mechanism and sealing process.

3 Locking the Pigtail For the One-step locking method, merely pull the thread tight to form the pigtail and engage the locking mechanism by sliding the housing to the proximal end of the hub until you hear or feel a positive “click”. Cut the excess suture. If suture storage is desired, pull the suture to form the pigtail and wrap the suture in the channel provided prior to sliding the locking mechanism. Slide Suture channel

4 Suture Storage Notch To wrap the suture pull it straight out and then hook it in the notch at the bottom of the retention channel. Wrap the suture into the channel. On the last wrap, hook the suture behind the “suture retention post”. Suture retention post

5 Securing the Suture To secure the suture and prevent it from unraveling, slide the housing to the proximal end of the hub until you hear or feel a positive “click”. The excess suture can be removed. The suture will remain in the channel and will be available once the hub is disengaged. Slide

6 Unlocking the Tru-Set System
Release tab To unlock the hub for catheter removal, you can cut the tube or depress the blue release tab with your finger, or the tip of a small instrument and slide the housing to the unlock position. This procedure will automatically release the suture from the locking mechanism. Remove the catheter. If suture was retained, after releasing the locking mechanism, unwrap the suture from the retention channel to release the pigtail and then remove the catheter. Slide

7 Conclusion

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