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Health Ed.. Personal appearance is very important to teenagers today. Societys most advertising suggest that being physically attractive is more important.

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1 Health Ed.

2 Personal appearance is very important to teenagers today. Societys most advertising suggest that being physically attractive is more important than being intelligent or skilled Teenagers become very self conscious because of the onset of acne, and puberty, squeaky voices. First impression often based on appearance

3 Organ- a group of cells that perform a function. Your skin is your largest organ with it being 15% of your weight. List the three layers of skin 1. Epidermis 2. Dermis 3. Subcutaneous


5 Thin outer layer of skin about as thick as a piece of paper. Made up of several layers of cells New cells force old cells to the surface or your skin. These old cells are dead and you will shed them every 28 days.

6 With in the epidermis are living cells which produce MELANINE. MELANINE- a pigment which gives skin its color, the more melanine the darker your skin. List the Three Functions of Melanine: 1. gives skins its color 2. Blocks UV rays 3. Forms freckles Pores- Tiny openings on the skins which allows sweat and oil to escape.

7 Inner layer of skin which is 30 times thicker than epidermis. Contains most of the living structures or your skin such as blood cells- which brings oxygen and nutrients to your body. Also in the dermis are SEBACEOUS GLANDS – release an oil called Sebum that makes your skin soft, You have very few sebaceous glands on the palms of your hand or soles of your feet ( FYI also contains an acid that kills bacteria)

8 Also in the dermis are SWEAT GLANDS- which produce perspiration- a body fluid that contains salt and water. You have 2 to 3 million sweat glands.

9 There are two functions of sweat glands- 1. Cools our body down so we do not over heat 2. Gets rid of waste

10 Subcutaneous Layer – is the layer of skin that connects your body to your skin. All or your fat cells are located here.

11 There are four functions are skin has- 1. Regulates Temperature- Sweat glands work with tiny blood vessels that expand and allow more blood to come to the surface release heat and cool the body 2. Removes Waste 3. Protection-shields delicate organs 4. Sensation- hot cold pain

12 Treating skin problems- Skin problems are a very common problem either through are or through bacteria germs Dermatologist- A doctor who treats skin disorder Acne- a natural development in the body in which the oil gland becomes infected

13 Acne…. Extra sebum from the sebaceous gland causes black heads and pimples. For many years doctors thought greasy foods and chocolates caused acne; food has very little to do with acne. The male hormone Testosterone stimulates the sebaceous gland to produce sebum girls have lower levels of this hormone and possibly less acne.

14 Boil- Skin infection caused by bacteria a hard red lump treatment- wet hot compression Athletes Feet- A painful fungal infection skin becomes red, flaky and itchy. Treatment of this would be to dry your feet well, use antifungal cream

15 Burns- destroy the skin and affect the bodys ability to fight infections. First Degree burn- injure only the epidermis like a sunburn. Second Degree burn- injure the epidermis and part of the dermis, swelling and blistering are involved. Third Degree burn- all three layers are burned and affects the tissue underneath.

16 Treatments for 1 st and 2 nd degree burns- submerge the burning part in cool water keep elevated Treatments for 3 rd degree burns- Do not remove the clothing do not used water or ice watch for shock and get to hospital.

17 Sun Tan- When you are working on your tan your skin must produce pigment which means there is damage to the skin. When you are young your cells are forming and are more vulnerable to damage unfortunately you spend more time out side when you are young.

18 Sun exposure is the main cause of skin cancer 700,00 new cases a year. The sun damages your DNA (genetic make up). Tanning occurs when the pigments are stimulated from the sun Melanin absorbs the ultra violet rays. OZONE MAY ALSO PLAY A ROLE IN MORE CASES.

19 When sun tanning, you need to keep in mind there are 700,00 cases of skin cancer each year, Most vulnerable for cancer are fair skin people People who live in SUN belt states Keep eye on moles that increase in size and change color or crack Ozone Layer could be an issue to?

20 Teeth- Each tooth has three main parts 1. Crown- Part of the tooth that you see 2. Neck-just below the gum 3. Root- Part of the tooth just below the gum line

21 There are also three types of teeth 1. Incisors- Sharp front teeth used to cut food 2. Canines- Pointed teeth that tear food into small pieces 3. Premolars- Combo of ripping and grinding 4. Molars- Large teeth in the back used to grind food.

22 The most common dental problem is gum disease and decay. Cavity- Holes in the enamel cause by decay Periodontal Disease- Disease of the gum 3 steps to keep your teeth healthy 1. Brush and floss daily 2. Use fluoride toothpaste 3. Regular check up at the dentist


24 Sclera- the tough white part of the eye Cornea- a transparent tissue that bends and focuses light before it enters the lens Choroid- a thin structure that lines the inside of the sclera Retina- the light-sensitive membrane on which images are cast by the cornea Lens- Aligns the light Pupil- Regulates amount of light

25 70 percent of the sensory information your brain recieves comes from your eyes. Function of the eye is to gather light, form an image, and sent information to the brain. A layer of fat surronds each eyeball(LOL) and cushions it inside a socket. On average most humans blink 6,205,000

26 If you want to have healthy eyes here are some steps: 1. Follow a well-balanced diet- eat foods that have Vitamin A. Without it, you could get night blindness or start to see less in dim light. 2. Protect your eyes- Wear Saftey googles when do activities were your eyes could be in danger 3. Have regular eye exams- do be dumb, go get them checked 4. Rest your eyes- go to sleep, get off the phone!!!

27 Snellen- Eye Chart 20/20 Vision is what you want First number is how far you stand from snellen chart Second Number is how far someone with normal vision stands to read what you can read at 20 feet

28 Optometrist- Fit you for glasses Ophthalmologist- A doctor who can perform surgeon.

29 Sty- A bacteria infection around the eyelash which causes swelling and pain. Treatment is warm compression and the sty will drain Pinkeye- Caused by bacteria, like makeup, pollen; inflammation of the inner eye in which the white part of your eye (sclera) turns red and itchy Treatment see a doctor highly contagious

30 Glaucoma- Build up of fluid pressure in the eye damaging the optic nerver ( 2 nd leading cause of blindness in US usually over 35 years of age) Nearsighted- Objects that are far away appeared blurred, (usually develops about the age of 12 worsen by 20) Farsighted- Nearby objects appear blurred

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