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Integumentary System. Welcome! Get out: ◦Biking Slips ◦Notebook ◦Pen/Pencil.

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1 Integumentary System

2 Welcome! Get out: ◦Biking Slips ◦Notebook ◦Pen/Pencil

3 How do you care for your skin?

4 How do you care for your hair?

5 How do you care for your nails?

6 You will find out how to keep these body parts healthy! First you need to know the structure of your hair, skin, and nails and how each part works!!!

7 1. Integumentary System ◦Covers and protects body ◦Made up of skin, hair, and nails

8 2. Skin ◦Largest organ in body ◦Has nerve cells that help detect pain, pressure, heat cold, and touch ◦Protective layer from germs

9 ◦Maintain a healthful body temp. ◦Removes waste from body

10 3. Two Layers of Skin ◦Epidermis – outer layer which is constantly shed and replaced ◦Dermis – layer below epidermis that contains hair follicles, glands, blood vessels and nerves

11 Picture of your Skin!!!


13 4. Melanin ◦Protects you from ultraviolent radiation ◦Pigment that gives skin its color

14 5. Glands ◦Sweat glands – rids the body of salt and helps cool the body by releasing sweat through pores

15 ◦Sebaceous gland – oil producing gland that protects the skin  Sebum – oil produced by sebaceous gland

16 6. Nails ◦Composed of dead cells and keratin, a tough protein

17 7. Hair ◦Dead cells filled with keratin ◦Protects skin and helps maintain body temp  Goosebumps  Prevents loss of heat through head ◦Each hair grows in a hair follicle

18 ◦8. Hair follicle – a depression on the surface of the skin that contains nutrients needed for hair to grow


20 9. Problems of the Integ. System

21 A. Sunburn – ◦Caused by UV rays from the sun ◦People with fewer amounts of melanin are more likely to be sunburned ◦Can be prevented by wearing sunblock (at least SPF 30!!!)

22 B. Skin Cancer ◦Also called melanoma ◦Can be obtained from the sun ◦Studies have shown tanning booths may cause skin cancer

23 ABCD’s of Skin Cancer

24 A – Asymmetry ◦If your mole is NOT the same on both sides, it could be cancerous

25 B – Border Irregularity ◦If the outside borders are shaped oddly, the mole may be cancerous.

26 C – Color ◦If your mole is black with a blueish tint, it may be cancerous

27 D – Diameter ◦Check for moles that are wider than ¼ of an inch, or larger than the size of a pea.

28 C. Acne ◦ Lesions on the skin filled with excess oil and dirt which encloses the skin’s pores. ◦To prevent pimples:  Wash face daily with facial cleanser that contains Benzoyl.


30 D. Athlete’s Foot ◦Fungal infection of the skin between the toes ◦Caused by sweating and heat ◦Highly contagious ◦Wear sandals or other foot coverings when in locker room or shower!


32 E. Ringworm ◦Common fungal infection of skin ◦Ring-shaped ◦Scaly, blistery patches form ◦Itchy ◦Contagious! Be careful of locker rooms…

33 11. Keeping the Integ. System Healthy A. Nails ◦Clip regularly, clean dirt out under nails ◦Wear clean socks, avoid contact with locker room floors, showers to prevent athletes foot

34 B. Hair ◦Wash every day ◦Cut regularly ◦Avoid sharing hats or headgear ◦Brush hair

35 C. Skin ◦Use sunscreen ◦Don’t use tanning beds! ◦Use ACNE medication ◦Wash face and skin everyday when showering

36 12. Deodorant ◦Used to prevent excess sweating and body odor smells ◦Applied to armpits ◦Look for a deodorant and antiperspirant – prevents sweating..

37 How I will Keep My Integumentary System Healthy… Hair – Skin – Skin on Face - Nails -

38 1. Epidermis 2. Dermis 3. Blood Vessel 4. Hair 5. Pore 6. Nerve 7. Sweat Gland 8. Oil (Sebaceous) Gland

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