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2 · What is CRONOPARK-II? · In what kind of car park is installed CRONOPARK-II? · What advantages does CRONOPARK-II provide compared with a manual tickets punch clock ? · Can CRONOPARK-II be used in a car park with barriers? · What advantages does CRONOPARK-II provide compared with a completely automatic system? · How does CRONOPARK-II work? · Features of CRONOPARK-II · Optional accessory · Examples of tickets and reports · Example of card design

3 What is CRONOPARK-II? · CRONOPARK-II is an ideal team for car parks without automatic Issue of entry ticket and with manual charge. It works with magnetic cards and/or keyboard, does not need a computer and is easy to use. It allows managing vehicles’ way-in and way-out quickly and simply. It performs the exact calculation of the parking time and the appropriate amount to charge. It also provides a precise information of the operator’s settlements, as well as the collections.

4 In what kind of car park is installed CRONOPARK-II?
· CRONOPARK-II is an ideal device to be installed in car parks where personal management is performed to control vehicles’ way-in and way-out, that is, without using automatic barriers or computers. The CRONOPARK-II alternative parking control system is the classic punch card clock that prints in a ticket the date and the hour at which the entry takes place, to later make the exact calculation of the stay time and the amount to charge. · CRONOPARK-II is not intended to be used in car parks where a full automatic management is desired, with automatic barriers, automatic issue of tickets and computer based paying systems.

5 vs What advantages does CRONOPARK-II provide compared with a tickets punch clock? · Automatic, fast and accurate calculation of times and amounts to charge. · It makes the charge management easier. · Control the number of vehicles remaining in the parking and when they entered. · It doesn’t need qualified stuff, because it is very easy to program and use. · It allows knowing the flow of vehicles, employees’ settlements and the collected amounts. · Avoid irregularities that can be done with other systems. · It doesn’t need to be connected to a computer neither to learn using complex programs. · Quick refund of the investment. · Easy installation. It only needs two outlet plugs and to be placed on the wall, near a table where to place the printer. · Magnetic cards are reusable and they can be used more than 2000 times.

6 Can CRONOPARK-II be used in a car park with barriers?
CRONOPARK-II is not designed to do car park control with automatic barriers but can be used with manual ones.

7 vs What advantages does CRONOPARK-II provide compared with a full automatic system? Although the installation of an automatic control system (barriers and automatic issue of tickets) may be sometimes necessary, in other cases this investment may be avoided. In this case, CRONOPARK-II also provides several advantages compared with complex and expensive automatic control equipment: - Fast installation, cheaper and easy . - No maintenance cost required. - No computer is used, so it is not necessary to learn to use complex software. - A qualified personal is not needed, because it is easy to configure and use. - Price much lower. - Low cost of magnetic card (can be used up to 2000 times) and tickets.

How does CRONOPARK-II work? It works with plastic cards, with magnetic stripe, that are reusable and magnet immune. The cards can be customed, containing car park’s data, as address, telephone number and text. Although CRONOPARK-II can also work through the keyboard, it is recommended to use only magnetic cards in order to avoid possible irregularities. By means of a card, vehicles’ way-in and way-out events are stored in memory. The card’s magnetic stripe contains the card identification number and the number of the rate attached to the card itself. For instance, a car park could have 100 cards for cars (rate 1), 15 cards for auto vans (rate 2) and 10 cards for motorbikes (rate 3). Rates 1, 2 and 3 would be defined in the CRONOPARK-II’s setting. GRAPHIC EXAMPLE OF THE ENTERING VEHICLE RECORDING GRAPHIC EXAMPLE OF THE LEAVING VEHICLE RECORDING

9 How does CRONOPARK-II work?
1) Entering vehicle recording 1) Swipe the appropriate magnetic card of the kind of vehicle (car, auto van, motorbike, etc…). 2 tickets will be printed. 2) One ticket is for the customer Also, may give him the card. 3) Put on the car windscreen the remaining ticket.

10 How does CRONOPARK-II work?
2) Leaving vehicle recording 1) When a customer comes to remove his vehicle, he gives the ticket and/or the card. 2) Supposing that the client gives the card, only need swipe it into the CRONOPARK-II to get the amount to pay. If the client only gives the ticket, we will swipe the appropriate card whose number is indicated in the ticket.

11 Features 128x64 pixels graphic display, with controlled back light.
Maximum number of vehicles: 5.000 5 available reports: Employee Settlement, Collection of several Settlements, Pending Leavings, Master list including some statistics and Rate List External matrix printer, with automatic paper cutter. Customizable garage’s data (name, address, telephone number) with 3 lines by 42 characters every one (total 126), and used currency too. Staying vehicles counter. Programmable VAT amount printing: included in the price or separately. 9 programmable rates. Every rate lets programming: Prices depending on the time elapsed from the entrance. Prices for different hours along the day (typically daytime/night). Time counting (selectable from 1 minute to 1 year) Franchise’s time. Maximum amounts in defined periods (usually, stays of 12 and 24 hours) It allows connecting an external indicator of “FULL”. Programmable rounding to avoid rarely coins used (cents, units..). It allows payment with vouchers. Precision clock with perpetual calendar and automatic detection of leap years. Backup battery, Lithium, 10 years with the device ON or 2 years with the device OFF. NiMH working battery, 6 hours of autonomy. Emergency battery operation indicator with the. In this modality, printer and external display don’t work. Several languages: English, Spanish and Catalan. Supervisor of correct working by “watch dog” circuit. Operating Temperature: 0 to 40ºC. Weight: 1 kg. Dimensions: 177(W) x 220(H) x 89 (D) mm. Printer Dimensions: 140 (W) x 150 (H) x 225 (D) mm. Voltage and power consumption: 90 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz. 1 W.

12 Opcional Accessory VISCRON-II is an external amount display for CRONOPARK-II that uses a blue colour fluorescent vacuum display. It shows clearly the amount to pay and the currency, even in conditions of intense lighting. It is connected to the CRONOPARK-II and its goal is to make the customer to read the amount easier Powered by an external power supply of 220V/9V DC. Character size: 9,2 mm. (H) x 6,4 mm. (W). Weight: 1 Kg. Adjustable position and adapter for wall installation included. Panel dimensions: 110 (Hl) x 220 (W) x 45 (D) mm. Telescopic support dimensions: from 270 to 440 mm.

13 Example of tickets and reports
Collection report Entry Ticket Rate list Settlement report Exit ticket

14 Example of card design


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