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1 DDS Xpress Digital Data Storage Solution. 2 Long-term Goal Legacy Telecoms switches are still operational Expected lifespan at least another 10 years.

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1 1 DDS Xpress Digital Data Storage Solution

2 2 Long-term Goal Legacy Telecoms switches are still operational Expected lifespan at least another 10 years IP-based replacement technology Currently being evaluated, ordered or even installed However this will take some years to complete Need to extend the lifecycle of legacy switches But several switch components are failing Replacement 'spare' parts are hard to find

3 3 Presentation Outline DDS Xpress Magnetic Tape Replacement Long-term Goal Customer Wishes Fulfilling Customer Needs Cost Analysis Strengths and Advantages Next Steps of Action

4 4 Equipment Problems Basic Switch hardware is still functional But it relies on many moving parts MTU (Magnetic Tape Units) DKU (Disk Unit) These parts are failing at an increasing rate Expensive to repair Difficult to obtain parts Media is obsolete No roadmap to replace these parts Replacement items no longer manufactured

5 5 MTU is a Key Component The MTU provides a final backup solution If all else fails, the system falls back to the MTU There are no options if the MTU fails Failure of MTU means loss of office data MTU often has the low level software To bring the switch back after major failure Without this, switch may be down for some time MTU used for storing billing (AMA) data Loss of data = loss of revenue

6 6 Customer Demands Need to replace MTU with a modern alternative Ideally a drop-in replacement for MTU Minimal moving parts Remove need for magnetic tapes Removeable media for data transfer Life of at least 10 years

7 7 DDS Xpress Overview Solid state data storage for legacy devices No moving parts, uses flash media RAID storage with error correction 512 MB internal capacity 512 MB external media size Drop-in MTU replacement NEAX 61E/M/K Any Pertec connector Others TBD Small low power unit

8 8 Plug and Play DDS Xpress provides connector options 2x50 way standard Pertec 1x50 way NEAX 61K / SCSI NEAX 61M supported via low-cost adaptor 6-way standard power connector Alarm circuit supported

9 9 Physical Dimensions Significantly smaller than existing MTUs Secured with rack-mount brackets Easy cabling options via standard interface connectors Solid metal enclosure construction

10 10 Media DDS Xpress uses standard xD cards Widely available (local camera shop!) Low cost Unit is supplied with two internal cards Plus one external card for data transfer

11 11 Data Reliability Two levels of data error/loss prevention ECC and RAID ECC on data Additional error correction data is written In the event of a single bit error, ECC codes can correct the error Resulting performance (without RAID) Error rate of 1 bit in 10 billion (10 10 ) for writing Verify catches these Average 1 million reads before error

12 12 Data Reliability (RAID) RAID Data is simultaneously written to two cards Data verify ensures that it was written correctly During a read operation data on both cards is compared if one card has an error, the other is used Resulting performance: Write errors detected by automatic verify function More than 1 million reads (of same data) before error Will not happen in normal operation

13 13 Wear Leveling DDS Xpress incorporates advanced wear- levelling technology Each flash sector is written only once during a pass through the entire media This provides ideal operating conditions for the flash memory Advanced 'journaling' filing system As used on large database servers Power failure does not result in data corruption Only the last few blocks being written are lost

14 14 Power Consumption Standard NEAX 61E MTU is up to 10 Amps While starting up / loading tape 4 Amps normal operating DDS Xpress uses only 100 mA Operation on 1kWhr of power MTU: 5 hours DDS Xpress: 8 days

15 15 Easy Menu Operation DDS Xpress has a small colour screen Simple menu system Online button Media load/unload buttons

16 16 Status Display LCD display shows current status Reading / writing / rewinding / offline Some operations can take up to 45 minutes DDS Xpress shows number of MB written For reads, shows a percentage

17 17 Software Upgrade Unit supports field-upgradable software Using a special 'upgrade' xD card Can be used to add custom features

18 18 Documentation Full printed manual supplied in English Quality colour reproduction Translation can be arranged to many languages Describes product operation and modes Separate installation guide for installers

19 19 Support and Maintenance Supplied with 1 year manufacturer warranty Return to base warranty Full replacement or repair as required Support provided through local distributor Servicing by 'Repair Group Ltd'

20 20 Other Features Media copy (to/from internal media) Allows backups and AMA data to be retrieved Offline console allows switch reboot Networked operation available Through integrated ethernet port Switchable between different Switch types Disk emulation option Adaptation service available Branding available

21 21 Media Copy Copy the backup, or overwrite the backup From external media High speed copy in a few minutes cf up to an hour for legacy tape copies

22 22 Offline Console NEAX Switch sometimes needs a full restart Small 'offline console' program is loaded from tape DDS has special support for this mode Can store the program in a separate area Always available No need to locate and change tapes

23 23 Networked Operation Ethernet port 10/100 on rear Networking software available as a software upgrade Allows retrieval of files to a central location Central server software supplied Supports 100s of DSUs with automatic upload

24 24 Switch Type Selection DDS allows selection of Switch type Currently options for Pertec, 61K, 61M SCSI support expected soon

25 25 Disk Emulation DSU can support emulation of hard disks Drop in solid state replacement Includes integrated RAID functionality High performance Seek time <1 ms Data transfer rate up to 6 MB/s SCSI base support Can also support manufacturer's variants Through Bluewater's adaptation service

26 26 Adaptation Service Support for esoteric interfaces / devices Using in-built reconfigurable hardware Access to the team that developed the DDS Options include Adaptor board to support specific connectors Interface signalling changes Reasonable cost Adaptor board development < US$10k Minor protocol changes < US$50k Can be included in unit price Low risk and guaranteed results

27 27 Adaptation Service Several steps Probing of existing system Creation of prototype for testing Integration into DDS product

28 28 Adaptation Example NEAX 61K support added at NEC's request Proprietary protocol No documentation available Results Full 61K support added successfully Project duration12 weeks Cost US$155,000

29 29 Branding Option DDS can be branded as your OEM product We will assist with required internal approvals Options for: Case colour and design Front panel branding Integration into other products Manufacturing license Full IP available under license

30 30 Switch Type Selection On-board FPGA configuration technology Allows complete reconfiguration of connectors Support for many switch variants in one unit Support new options via software upgrade

31 31 Example Installation Telecom is New Zealand's largest operator Around 1.8m lines Over 100 switches across New Zealand Telecom was the lead DDS customer Purchased 180 DDS Xpress units through NEC NEC-badged product (the NEC DSU) Tested in NEC's Tokyo lab Used for 'office data' backup Installed in March 2005 Expected to operate until 2015-17

32 32 Testimonials Bluewater Systems...could give us one box to work with three types of exchange, within our time constraints, saving us development time and money. Leonard Dench, Group Manager, Carrier and Provider division at NEC NZ

33 33 Strengths and Advantages Summary Purpose built MTU replacement Reliable solid state storage Plug and Play compatibility with NEAX switches Purchase cost similar to reconditioning an MTU

34 34 Availability Supplied through accredited distributors Provides local support Can operate through your chosen vendor Small quantities available ex stock Standard lead time 10 weeks Shipped FOB from New Zealand

35 35 Additional Specifications More technical details follows this page

36 36 Connector Specifications Standard Pertec P1 and P2 – 50 way IDC NEAX 61K – 50 way IDC SCSI – 50 way IDC Ethernet 10/100 Control Serial Maintenance Serial Power

37 37 Connector P1

38 38 Connector P2

39 39 61K / Kennedy / CT-7500

40 40 61M Low Speed Adaptor Adaptor pinout available on request

41 41 Connector SCSI Adaptor pinout available on request

42 42 Ethernet

43 43 Connector Power 1 NC (no connection) 2 ALMS (alarm supply) 3 ALMM (alarm monitor) 4 -48V 5 GND (ground) 6 FE (frame earth)

44 44 Connector Serial

45 45 xD Media Widely available off the shelf DDS currently required non-M-type cards DDS is supplied with three cards 2 internal 1 external Media can be purchased easily Either with the DDS or locally Available at local camera and computer stores

46 46 xD Media Compatibility DDS uses a special encoding scheme To protect xD card data against modification or viewing on a PC Allows access control to data Use a central DDS to read AMA data cards However, PC read/write can be enabled To support emailing/download of data Using standard USB card readers Contact us for details

47 47 Brackets Standard 19 rack brackets available DDS can be attached to protect against seismic activity Rubber feet option also available

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