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R EGISTRATION 101 (& OTHER THINGS !) Stacey Dunderman Prudie Miller Carol Paczolt Sue Young.

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1 R EGISTRATION 101 (& OTHER THINGS !) Stacey Dunderman Prudie Miller Carol Paczolt Sue Young

2 A PPOINTMENTS – WATCH FOR AN E - MAIL FROM YOUR ADVISOR !!!! C OMING SOON ….. Make sure you know who your advisor is– you can check this on MyPurdue Read the Registration E-mail you will receive from your Advisor. There is a new appointment system for all students (except Staceys advisees) Do NOT miss your appointment! PIN numbers will not be given out without an appointment Make appointment BEFORE your Registration Window (called a time ticket) opens

3 R EGISTRATION W INDOW – Y OUR T IME T ICKET Freshmen Registration is Monday, November 18, – Wednesday, November 20 and Monday, November 25 – through start of classes…BUT go by TIME TICKET To check your Time Ticket on or near October 7, 2013 (this is based on earned credit hours, not including fall semester hours): go to the Academic Tab. Under theQuick Links on the left side go to Registration Status and pick Spring 2014 as the semester. SOME of you may have earlier time tickets, if you have transfer or AP creditplease check!!!

4 R EGISTRATION Check for HOLDS Register via computer – just like during STAR ERROR messages Links: check your links, something is incorrect Time Conflict: you have another course at the same time – change one course. Pre-req or test score error: contact advisor via e-mail College or Major: contact advisor via e-mail Classification: contact advisor via e-mail

5 T IPS Check Pre-requisites If you dont meet pre-requisites after fall grades post (i.e. fail a pre-req course), remove yourself from the course before the Registrar cancels the course from your schedule

6 C OLLEGE OF S CIENCE C URRICULUM Lab Science Choose one sequence BIOL 110/111 CHM 115/116 EAS 111/112 PHYS 172/272 or 220/221

7 C OLLEGE OF S CIENCE C URRICULUM Composition and Presentation ENGL 106 or ENGL 108 Freshmen Composition COM 217: Science Writing and Presentation

8 C OLLEGE OF S CIENCE C URRICULUM General Education9 credit hours (only 3 of the 9 credits can be ECON, MGMT, OBHR). You want to double-dip these course to meet the UCORE for Behavioral Science and Humanities. NOTE: Check with your advisor because some course that are okay for UCORE cant be used for Science – so have a course or two selected to discuss with your advisor!!

9 General Education Humanities/Social Science includes classes such as: Literature Philosophy History Political Science Psychology Communications Visual Performing Arts Music/Dance/Theater/Art & Design – NON STUDIO Classics Sociology Anthropology Interdisciplinary Studies

10 Foreign Language/Culture LANGUAGE 101 course LANGUAGE 102 course LANGUAGE 201 course OR a Culture or Diversity course OR approved study abroad International Students should see advisor about this requirement! If you took a Foreign Language Placement Test during STAR and tested into the 201 level or above…..are your credits posted on MyPurdue?

11 M ULTIDISCIPLINARY Multidisciplinary requirement may be fulfilled by: Minors Dual Majors Certain Courses Minor or Dual Major must include 9 hours not required for primary major

12 G REAT I SSUES Pre-requisite is COM 217 and/or ENGL 10600/10800 AND Junior level standing or above Great Issues combine science, technology, economics, social impact, and look at a current issue facing the world today such as: Global Warning Nuclear Material Fossil Fuels Biotechnology Not a lab science course. It is a discussion course usually including a research paper. Courses must be approved for this requirement!

13 D O YOU NEED TO RETAKE A COURSE ? The course and grade is always on your transcript When you retake the course, the new grade replaces the old grade IN THE GPA. Replaces even if the newer grade is worse. New credit is all that counts Example: FALL 2013 – ENGL 106 is a D with 4.0 credits SPRING 2014 – ENGL 106 is a B with 4.0 credits The B grade is calculated into your GPA and you get 4.0 credits for English. Course MUST be taken at a PURDUE campus to replace a grade AND be the exact same course number!!

14 E XAMS COMING UP … Foreign Language Placement Exams French, German, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish November 6, 7, and 8 in Stanley Coulter 231 at 6pm Need a FORM 231 from advisor to take this exam Chinese October (TBA) Need a FORM 231 from advisor to take this exam

15 MA 165, 166, 261 exams (only given the first 4 weeks of each semester CHM 115 or CHM 116 exams Usually in November and beginning of semester PHYS 172, 220, 221, 241, and 272 October 24, 2013 Need a FORM 231 from advisor to take this exam Need to pre-register for these exams

16 N EWSLETTER Are you getting one about every two weeks? If not, let your advisor know Are you reading it? This is a MUST! You will miss vital information.

17 CLUBS Have you joined any clubs? Math Club Regularly scheduled meetings are planned every Thursday. Thursday meetings will be held in REC 113, from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., and will involve faculty or student talks, or problem solving sessions (and will have free pizza!). Everyone, member or not, is welcome to join our meetings. CALLOUT: 6:00pm in REC 113 on Thursday, September 6 th – pizza will be served! Actuary Science Club CALLOUT IS TONIGHT: 6:30pm in EE170. Math Education Club CALLOUT IS TONIGHT: 6:00pm in REC 114.

18 R EMINDERS Use your Purdue e-mail account Sign your full name to your e-mails If you come to see your advisor, go to MATH 231 first to sign in!

19 E- MAIL L ISTS The following majors have special e-mail lists you need to belong to. If you are not on these lists, let your advisor know: Actuarial Science Statistics majors (including Actuarial Science) Mathematics Education

20 S TUDY A BROAD Many opportunities in many different countries You dont necessarily need to know another language. If you plan correctly with you advisor, you may still be able to go and graduate within four years College of Science has scholarship possibilities and cost is the same tuition as Purdue plus travel expenses

21 I NTERESTED IN S TUDY A BROAD ? The annual Study Abroad Fair will take place on the Memorial Mall from 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM on Wednesday, September 4 th.


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