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evacuate the station in emergencies answer questions and give information all day sell tickets resolve Oyster and ticket problems service ticket machines.

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2 evacuate the station in emergencies answer questions and give information all day sell tickets resolve Oyster and ticket problems service ticket machines carry out security checks reunite passengers with their lost property, lost friends and lost children assist drivers with various issues and incidents make PA announcements help disabled passengers update information boards are the first on the scene when there is an incident help passengers who are taken ill help during delays and disruption and lots lots more

3 be less safe be less secure provide less information provide a worse service have more passengers lost or stranded have more passengers distressed be less able to help vulnerable passengers, such as children, elderly and disabled people leave other Tube staff to deal with incidents alone risk potential catastrophe in the event of a fire, crash or bombing.

4 "Several groups representing those with disabilities suggested that having more staff available to provide help... would improve current levels of accessibility significantly.... Increased availability of staff would also reduce fear of crime by those with disabilities and the elderly, who frequently report feeling particularly vulnerable." (London Assembly, The Future Tube Priorities Investigative Committee, January 2003, para 11.4)

5 intrinsically linked with stations job cuts recategorising platforms self-dispatch notching back detraining stalled trains puts passengers at risk leaves drivers less safe and more vulnerable

6 Vacancies not filled Duties not covered Stations not supervised Staff and passengers put at risk

7 they have a problem with their ticket or Oyster they find that the POMs are not working (more frequent with fewer staff to service them) they need to buy a ticket that is not available elsewhere they believe that the ticketing system has treated them unfairly their ticket or Oyster does not work they want a personal touch they find it harder to use alternative outlets

8 £5 minimum Oyster top-up not allowing MF staff to provide full range of services advertising alternative outlets incentivising alternative outlets maps that do not show ticket offices changing window signs scripts for ticket sellers

9 But LU plans to cut ticket office opening hours by 35% 28% figure dates from February 2006, when ticket office hours were significantly cut POM transactions up 47%; SAMFs service POMs Changing the measure by which it is decided whether a ticket office is open in any particular hour from 15 minutes of ticket-selling activity to 30 minutes. ignores customer services that do not involve TOM activity eg. answering questions closes the ticket office in any hour where tickets are sold for 29 minutes or less

10 There is a case for more groups not fewer Enlarged groups will mean reserve staff working at even more stations: reserves' working lives even more unpredictable and chaotic travel longer distances in their own time to and from work. work-life balance difficult or impossible for staff, especially those with caring responsibilities reserve staff may be deployed to work at a station a long time after they last worked there Significant increase in Administrators' workload. Threat to alter grading of Reserve Station Supervisors

11 "White City Tube Station is very busy and well situated at the heart of a large residential community and serves a number of major businesses such as the BBC and Westfield Shopping Centre. I object most strongly to the proposed staff cuts at this station." Simon McKay "We need the staff in these areas. A lot of crimes are committed in Tube stations. Reducing staff opens the doors to crime. East Finchley and Golders green are great areas to live. Please do not turn these areas to crime sites. "At the beginning of this year the price of train passes was increased. How on earth can you justify cutting staff after increasing the price to travel? A lot of people including myself depend on this form of transportation, if the price and safety become unreasonable we would find other options. Take care of the customers you have!" Patricia Idusogie "I got your leaflet outside Seven Sisters station saying about the jobs cut and the new station opening hours. "I'm totally against that. With all the money TfL have, it's just outrageous. I am ready to help you, like dropping leaflets in houses or having a board in front of my house or whatever you need. Just let me know." Oli Arlotto

12 Government grant: London Underground receives much less grant than other, comparable metros Government should provide extra grant to improve services and protect jobs (as in 1920s and 1930s recessions) £310m paid to Bechtel and Amey (Ferrovial) for Tube Lines TfL has spent £7.8m so far of a £15m budget allocation to find a replacement for the Routemaster bus £1.5 billion written off from the collapse of Metronet payouts to Employment Tribunal claimants use of contractors and consultants

13 In 2008/09: nearly 800 managers were paid £70,000-£99,000 200+ TfL managers were paid £100,000-£199,999 12 managers were paid £200,000-£300,000 two received more than £400,000 one topped £570,000

14 ask for extra government grant take Tube Lines back inhouse without paying its former owners take all functions back inhouse stop fat cat salaries by introducing a maximum wage for LU/TfL employees stop advertising and paying commission to external ticket-selling outlets minimise Employment Tribunal payouts by stopping managers acting unlawfully against employees open the books: allow trade union and public scrutiny to identify additional savings


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