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The Wood Badge Ticket.

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1 The Wood Badge Ticket

2 Learning Objectives Purpose of the Wood Badge ticket
Identify the intent of the ticket. Components of the Ticket Tips Writing Your Ticket

3 Purpose Practice Being LEADERS

4 A Wood Badge ticket is… A commitment A vision of personal improvement
A vision of how the Scouter will lead A series of goals

5 Your ticket should Reflect YOU!
Your personal values Your vision Your personal mission

6 Your ticket will include 5 significant goals.
The goals will be written At least one will include diversity Goals work toward fulfilling the vision related to the specified Scouting position

7 Goals Must Be Smart Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-Base

8 Details Needed For each goal
Who will be involved? What – a description. Where – in what setting? When – the start and end date? How – the steps use to complete the goal. Why – what purpose has the goal? How verified – how can it be measured?

9 Wood Badge for the 21st Century
John Doe, Senior Patrol Leader trained a better Scouting program in the Troop one To successfully complete Junior Leader Training. The youth and adults in the Troop will be benefit. I plan to attend the next JLT held in the District and later use that experience to teach the younger Scouts My training will be at the JLT site, but training of younger Scouts will take place at the Troop meetings. I will begin with the next JLT and complete the process within 6 months. The steps I will take are (1) find out the date and location of JLT being offered, (2) attend a session to completion, (3) practice what I have learned and (4) share this with younger Scouts. This is important because it will help me be a better leader and will improve the program in our Troop. I have asked one of the Assistant Scoutmasters to evaluate my success and give me feedback at various stages in the process. X

10 Ticket Tips

11 Mental image of future success
VISION Mental image of future success Where do you see yourself and your group in the future? What would you like to see different about your group 18 months from now? It is 18 months from now and you are leading the group of your dreams. Describe that group as if you are able to see it realistically before you.

12 Steps leading to realization of your vision
MISSION Steps leading to realization of your vision Ticket goals should be SMART. SPECIFIC Does your goal describe a specific item that will help realize your vision? Does the goal use action words to describe the intended performance? (Avoid abstract terms like know, believe, understand.) MEASUREABLE What are the measurable indicators of success? Is the goal verifiable?

13 Ticket goals should be SMART.
ATTAINABLE Is the goal realistic? (Avoid extremes in cost, time or manpower. Beware of goals referring to “ALL” or “EVERYONE.”) Can it be achieved with the resources and time allowed? Is attainment of the goal in your control and not dependent on the actions of others? Is the attainment of this goal within your power?

14 Ticket goals should be SMART.
RELEVANT Is the goal relevant to/within the responsibilities of your Scouting position? Does the goal benefit your group? Will the goal be a step toward the realization of your vision? TIME-BASED When will the project be completed? Is there an identifiable point of completion? A goal might be worked over a specified span of time

15 Behavior that supports the
Values Behavior that supports the vision and mission Key Questions to Ask Yourself •Why are you at Wood Badge? •What motivates you to stay involved in the Scouting program? •What are the things that drive your priorities in life?

16 It is your Personal Commitment to Yourself and Scouting!
Your ticket is in Your Hands It is your Personal Commitment to Yourself and Scouting!

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