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The Continuous Improvement Classroom Level II Classroom Meetings.

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1 The Continuous Improvement Classroom Level II Classroom Meetings

2 What is a Class Meeting? A class meeting is a valuable classroom management tool which helps students actively contribute to their academic and social learning

3 Rationale Students often develop a better sense of responsibility when given a chance to make meaningful contributions to the world around them. When students believe they are contributing to the school environment in a significant way, they feel a more positive attachment to school and are more motivated to learn. Students who are allowed to problem solve and make some of their own decisions are likely to buy in to the solutions.

4 Benefits Just as families can use meetings as times to connect and reflect on their goals and/or problems as a family, class meetings can achieve similar results.

5 Benefits Class meetings help children to take ownership for their actions by involving them in the process of understanding and questioning rules, guidelines, limits, and consequences.

6 Benefits Class meetings can help students learn to associate their academic successes with their own efforts and abilities, thus boosting self-esteem.

7 Benefits Students are able to reason/reflect on their actions, think about the consequences of their behavior, and comprehend the impact they have on others.

8 Benefits When students feel they are making an important contribution to the world, their motivation and sense of control in their lives can greatly increase.

9 Video

10 Key Points Class Meetings involve: ground rules, etc…? revisiting mission statements reviewing your SMART goals tracking data/progress toward goals

11 Time to Create How will the agenda for your class meetings look? Handouts





16 Time to Share

17 Reminders Stay focused on progress toward class mission and goals (use the classroom data center as the key information resource for the classroom) Keep a positive focus on continuous improvement Use meetings to involve the students and allow them to take ownership of the classroom

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