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Social Media Marketing & Management Mrs. Piotrowski 1.

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1 Social Media Marketing & Management Mrs. Piotrowski 1

2 What is social media? Social media is any web-based or mobile media technology that connects people in a way that enables two-way communication. Forms of social media: Blogs Social networks Discussion boards Video or photo sharing websites Wikis Product reviews Online games 2

3 Social Media vs. Traditional Media Traditional Media has a one-way flow of information. MESSA GE COMPA NY AUDIEN CE 3

4 Social Media vs. Traditional Media Social Media allows the receiver of information to comment, share, add to, and/or redefine it. MESSA GE FEEDBA CK COMPA NY AUDIEN CE 4

5 Types of Social Media Blogs are websites where one person regularly posts content, and an audience can comment on it. Twitter is an example of a micro-blog. FUN FACT: The term “blog” is derived from a blend of the words “web” and “log.” 5

6 Types of Social Media Social networks are websites that link people or organizations into communities based on common interests, goals, or beliefs. Users typically create a profile that identifies who they are within that community. 6

7 Types of Social Media Crowd-sourcing is the collaboration of many people on a single project. Each person contributes a small amount of information to collectively achieve something massive. 7

8 Types of Social Media Content communities are websites created around specific types of media content. 8

9 Types of Social Media Opinion websites exist specifically to allow users to share reviews of products and services with other users. This form of social media has become standard on many retail sites as well. 9

10 Types of Social Media Some online games have evolved to incorporate elements of social media. Participants can create profiles, interact with each other, and share information in digital environments. 10

11 Advantages of Social Media Social media is based on the concept of community, and it is designed to make the sharing of ideas very fast and easy. If a marketer’s message is embraced by the right communities, it can spread much faster than it could via traditional media. 11

12 Advantages of Social Media Physical communities are based on location. Social media communities are based on shared ideology, interests, or beliefs. Because social media communities share a common interest, the message will be passed on repeatedly, spreading very quickly. This is called viral marketing or “going viral.” 12

13 Advantages of Social Media We are more likely to trust messages we get via our social media connections because they are from people we know. Social media allows for dialogue… companies talk with their audience instead of at them. 13

14 Disadvantage of Social Media With traditional media, marketers have full control over the message. Social media distributes power more evenly. This means every user has the power to broadcast ideas. Why would this be a disadvantage? 14

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