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Make a Hullabaloo about Pet Poop Nightmare or Opportunity.

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1 Make a Hullabaloo about Pet Poop Nightmare or Opportunity

2 The Nightmare





7 Opportunity! Composting The City of Toronto Green Bin Program The largest organic waste diversion program on the continent. Collects food waste, wet-paper waste, diapers and pet waste from 440,000 single-family homes and 66,000 multi-residential units weekly.


9 Imagine, if all of these people made a shift in how they think & what they do about pet waste. What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things. Margaret Mead

10 Lets Talk Alternatives in Dog Parks, Backyards & Beyond Our goal: No more pet waste to landfills and certainly not in plastic bags Pet parents focus on sustainable backyard options Let's make pet waste a resource. Develop & support emerging technologies for dog parks & residential waste streams

11 Challenging all of us to do better. It all begins in our own backyard, each of us doing the work and telling everyone we know what better options there are in disposing of with pet waste

12 The Opportunity! Using pet waste to do what? What about lighting city streets, neighborhood parks and sidewalks with the power of dog waste?

13 The Original Park Spark, Cambridge, MA Summer 2010 - Art & Environmental Awareness Micro Digester – Dog Waste Methane Power When methane CH4 is burned it is reduced to CO2 and H2O Coming to Colorado Park Spark Denver

14 Park Spark - Matthew Mazzotta The Park Spark project makes visible how we as a city can handle the waste from the animals of our communities and what the potential is.

15 For some in the U.S. picking up dog waste is too gross so they Spray it with a freeze it first product Cardboard Pooper Scoopers that you can throw away with each scoop Out of Sight, Out of Mind Solution -- Hire a Pooper Scooper service. Always ask what they do with the collected waste. Note: 99.999% throw it in the trash in a plastic bag

16 These methane digesters are low- pressure systems, the methane from the digester outside is piped into this woman's house, Here is the end result of her work - a little stove for cooking. Northern India, near the Himalayas Courtesy of Matthew Mazzotta and the Park Spark Project Next door to this woman's house was a neighbor who shows us how she mixes up the manure from her cow by hand with a bit of water before she introduces it into the system.

17 Consider Greener Back Yard Options You do WHAT with your dogs waste? I use a plastic bag and trash it. Ug! Do better! At the very least use a bio-degradable or compostable bag.

18 No discussion of reducing pet waste can begin without paying attention to your pets diet LEARN to feed your pet the highest quality diet possible. This reduces poop output Makes pets healthier in the process You are what you eat! Quality in, less out!

19 Stoop to Scoop It all starts in your own backyard Storm water sewers are not dumps Keep waterways clean, pick up the poop Use compostable or biodegradable bags Alternatives Indoor Flush (according to the EPA) Outdoor flush direct to sewer line Compost pile Worm bin Doggie in-ground digester Community shared destination digester Trash (no plastic bags )

20 In-ground digesters Could solar energy break down pet waste? Flush to sewer system Think of it as an in-ground toilet which installs easily in your landscape and connects directly to a water source and existing sewer or septic line.

21 Installed in some South Carolina Dog Parks

22 Cats in the know are against clay-based liters Bio-degradable litters are less dusty (silica ), compostable, flushable, safer for you, your cat and the earth. Got a finicky cat, make the switch to safe litter slowly. Toilet trained cat Use plant-based litters Cat Genie with washable permanent granules

23 Ongoing Opportunities are Happening! Poop-to-Power GE's commercial focuses on Biogas Technology. Using waste from cows and landfills to create energy

24 MA Gov. Patrick to Join Local Farmers for Opening of Renewable Energy Plant RUTLAND, MA--(Marketwire - May 25, 2011) - The first of five farm-based biogas plants that convert manure and food scraps into electricity for hundreds of homes dedicated Tuesday, May 31st at the Jordan Dairy Farm. Each cow produces enough manure to generate one thousand kilowatt hours of power (1 MWh) per year = the needs of a home for 4-6 weeks.

25 NuVention Solutions Pilot Project Opportunity! Ohio Hog Farmers

26 Is there an end-product possible from pet waste like this? Asphalt shingles & pavement from pig manure. Makes an asphalt-like end product for roofing, pavement binders and fertilizer. Generates farm $$$ revenue, solves environmental problems and offers performance and cost $$$ advantages for industry. Asphalt prices today are sky-rocketing!

27 Animal waste and trash will be converted into clean energy through a biomass gasification system Denver Zoo, Asian Tropics

28 As a final point, welcome to Cedar Dogs Poop-to-Power Park Copyright ©

29 Books by Cedar Dog & Transcriber Kathy Deitsch 303 274 4930 DOGGONE GOOD COMPOST ® Rose Seemann, 303 617 7049 Copyright © and

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