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Moores Creek TMDL Pet Waste Initiative

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1 Moores Creek TMDL Pet Waste Initiative

2 The Rivanna Regional Stormwater Education Partnership
Albemarle County Albemarle County Public Schools Albemarle County Service Authority City of Charlottesville Piedmont Virginia Community College

3 The Rivanna Regional Stormwater Education Partnership
Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority University of Virginia Virginia Department of Transportation Thomas Jefferson Soil & Water Conservation District

4 Moores Creek Watershed

5 Moores Creek TMDL 1998 placed on DEQ’s impaired waters list
Unsafe for fishing and swimming due to high levels of fecal coliform bacteria 2011 RRBC received grant from DCR to fund programs to reduce bacteria in creek Pet waste education Pet waste composter cost-share Dog park methane digester Septic repair and pump out cost-share Agricultural BMP cost-share

6 Moores Creek Watershed

7 photo courtesy Dick Rochester, Lafayette, Colorado

8 Impervious Cover




12 Initial Watershed Mailing

13 Flyer For posting in local pet stores, grooming salons, veterinarian offices, etc. Talking points: Pet waste is a health risk to pets and people bacteria and parasites Pet waste left outside can wash into streams and lakes Makes water unsafe for swimming and wading Moores Creek contains harmful levels of E. coli Picking up after pets makes water cleaner and safer

14 Flyer Dispose of pet waste properly Trash Toilet Composter
50% cost share for a pet waste composter offered to residents in Moores Creek Watershed Also available to other pet owners in Charlottesville and Albemarle county See details on RRSEP web site


16 Brochure For mailing to dog owners in watershed. Talking points:
More detail than flyer Examples of disease organisms and diseases Runoff down storm drains is untreated and goes into local waterways Pet waste also contains nutrients that lead to algae blooms Benefits both local and for Chesapeake Bay Neighborhood pet waste stations added to list of approved disposal methods

17 Presentations for Neighborhood Associations
Radio Advertising 66 ads on 3 Charlottesville stations for one week during first week of December and second week of February Presentations for Neighborhood Associations Put up display Make brochure and flyer available Samples of biodegradable pet waste bags, flushable pet waste bags and biodegradable cat litter

18 Neighborhood Associations



21 Pet Waste Composter Cost-Share Program
The TJSWCD will pay 50% of the cost of a pet waste composter (up to $100). Q: How can you apply for cost-share? Buy a composter at a local store or online. Install or set up your composter for use, following the manufacturer's instructions. Download the "Application and Agreement for Cost Share", fill it out, and sign it.

22 4. Mail the completed application along with a copy of your receipt and a photograph of the installed composter (or permission to visit your home for verification) to the Thomas Jefferson soil & Water Conservation District. A check will be issued to you for 50% of the cost of your composter (up to $100 for a $200-composter). The applicant agrees to provide feedback to the RRSEP after one year of use by phone, or mail (whichever the user prefers) to evaluate the effectiveness of composting as a means of managing pet waste.

23 Q: What types of composters are available?

24 Septic Tank Style Composter

25 Dig a hole 2-4 feet deep

26 Insert composter into the hole


28 Drop pet waste into composter

29 Add water

30 Add septic-tank-type enzyme once a week


32 “Traditional” Style Composter

33 “Traditional” Style Composter
Converts kitchen and garden waste to a rich organic dark humus to be used in the garden Water and organic material are added The material is occasionally turned or mixed Composted pet waste cannot be used with edible plants.

34 Bokashi Fermentor

35 Bokashi Fermentor Bokashi fermentation is an alternative to composting. Safely transforms pet waste into a product that restores nutrients and microbes to the soil for ornamental plants. Faster than composting: takes 30 days.

36 Methane Digester

37 Methane Digester Anaerobic dog waste digester will be designed and installed for use in the Azalea Park. Pet owners using the dog park will be asked to collect their dog waste in flushable bags and deposit them in the digester. Dog waste will be anaerobically converted to a solid remnant and methane gas. The gas will be used to light a gas lamp The solid remnant will be pumped out once a year and transported to the wastewater city’s treatment plant.

38 Methane Digester The digester will be used to:
increase the rate of pet waste pick up and disposal in Azalea Park process the waste in an ecologically-beneficial way generally increase public awareness throughout the Charlottesville-Albemarle community

39 Methane Digester Drop pet waste bag down chute

40 Methane Digester Turn wheel to stir

41 Methane Digester

42 Methane Digester

43 Methane Digester

44 For more information:

45 Martin Johnson (434) 975-0224
For more information: Martin Johnson (434)

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