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Fact and Opinion.

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1 Fact and Opinion

2 What are facts? A statement is a fact if you can answer yes to these two questions: “Is it true?” “Can it be proved?”

3 What is an opinion? An opinion statement can be well thought out but can’t be proved true or false – it is always open to debate. Ask yourself: “Does this statement tell a thought or feeling?” “Would the statement be true all the time?” Look for signal words.

4 Opinion Signal Words think usually best perhaps most worst believe usually most suggest good bad probably beautiful Also look for adjectives that express judgment: brave, funny, strong, kind, etc.

5 Did you notice the signal word?
Opinion Caution Agreeing with a statement doesn’t make it true. For example: Dairy Queen ice cream tastes better than ice cream you buy from the grocery store. Why is this statement an opinion? This is a personal judgment: someone else may not agree.

6 Identify the Fact or Opinion
Maryland is located in the United States. Reading is the most interesting subject in school. The character of Cinderella should marry the prince. Bats use echolocation when they fly to “see” where they are going. X X X X

7 Authors Use Facts to Support Opinions
Ads promise that you’ll be happier if you buy certain clothes or toys. Articles try to talk you into believing an idea. Speeches and try to persuade you to change your mind to do something. These are examples of persuasive writing. In persuasive writing the writer’s goal is to explain why a reader should think, act, or feel the same way he or she does.

8 Identify the Fact/Opinions in an Article
Everglades National Park is an amazing place. Located near the southern tip of Florida, it is a wilderness wetlands of swamps, marshes, and lakes. The park is the home of animals, including many rare ones such as the Florida panther. The most exiting ways to see the park are on foot or by canoe. At times, park rangers lead group hikes right into the water itself. Hikers carry poles to help them keep their balance in the water. Although alligators live in the park, they tend to avoid humans and don’t bother hikers. Hiking at night is especially fun to do. That is when many animals come out to feed. Canoe rides are rewarding too. Canoes allow visitors to see the park and some of its inhabitants up close in their natural habitat. Alligators, turtles, bald eagles, manatees, and snakes are just a few of the creatures at home in Everglades National Park.

9 What is the author’s opinion of the park?
The author believes that the Everglades National Park is amazing.

10 How did the author use facts to support their opinion?
Describes the natural habitat – swamps, marshes, lakes. Lists some of the animals that live in the park – alligators, manatees, snakes, panthers, turtles, bald eagles. Lists some of the activities that visitors can experience at the park – hikes, canoe rides.

11 Use an Organizer to Prove the Author’s Opinion
The Everglade National Park is amazing. Fact #1 that proves opinion It is a place filled with wetlands made of swamps, marshes, and lakes. Fact #2 that proves opinion The park contains animals such as alligators, manatees, snakes, panthers, turtles, and bald eagles. Fact #3 that proves opinion Tourists can participate in hikes and canoe rides. Connection The author enjoys going to the park to see and experience a new place and animals. He uses words like rare, fun, and exciting between his facts about the park to show he thinks the place is incredible.

12 Identify the Author’s Opinion
The most admired person in American history is Thomas Jefferson. At the age of nine, Jefferson studied Latin, Greek, and French. I think it is astonishing to learn three languages at the age of nine! He entered college at the age of sixteen. After graduating from college, Jefferson studied to become a lawyer. He also became an architect, and he designed his own home, Monticello. It is the most amazing home you will ever see. Jefferson invented many things for his house that other houses of that time did not have. For example, Monticello had a dumbwaiter, a small elevator to move food from one floor to another. He also invented the swivel chair. In my opinion, he is the smartest man who ever lived.

13 In Partners Draw an Organizer and Explain the Author’s Opinion
Fact #1 that proves opinion Fact #2 that proves opinion Fact #3 that proves opinion Connection

14 Check Your Answer Author’s Opinion
Thomas Jefferson is the most admirable person in American history and is the smartest man born. Fact #1 that proves opinion Jefferson learned Latin, Greek, and French by age nine and started college at age sixteen. Fact #2 that proves opinion He was a lawyer, architect, and inventor. Fact #3 that proves opinion He designed his house, Monticello, and invented the dumbwaiter and swivel chair. Connection The author is impressed with Jefferson’s intelligence and his accomplishments. He uses words like astonishing and amazing to show that he feels Jefferson should be respected for what he has achieved.

15 Practice Skills We will read 3 articles today. Complete the following activities: Draw an organizer and identify the author’s opinion about the topic of each article. Complete the first two articles in partners. Complete the last article on your own.

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