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Sex Knowledge Quiz Suggestion for use.

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1 Sex Knowledge Quiz Suggestion for use. The Sex Knowledge Quiz is a vehicle for debate, sharing of opinions and knowledge. Sheet 2 individuals answers, at this stage no conferring or discussion, just personal answers. Form into small groups, ask each group to agree if possible a group answer for each question. Give each group sheet 3 to “mark” (check the correctness of) their group answers. Take feedback from the groups as to the answers using Sheet 4 to help with the validation of the answers. Pick up on any debates that are generated by the quiz!

2 Sex Knowledge Quiz (True, False or Don’t know)
1 Girls all start their periods by age 14 these days. 2 If you have had sex education you are more likely to be sexually active. 3 Homosexuality is caused by parents. 4 Condoms often split during sexual intercourse. 5 If you have sex with a virgin you can’t catch an STI. 6 Pregnancy can be caused by oral sex. 7 Masturbation is harmful.

3 8 Most teenage girls do not have orgasms during sexual intercourse.
9 It is abnormal for a girl to have a discharge from the vagina. 10 It can be harmful if a boy does not have sex after he gets sexually excited. 11 If a teenager has a same sex experience he or she is probably a homosexual/lesbian. 12 By sixteen, less than half of teenagers are sexually active. 13 Douching (washing out) after sex prevents pregnancy.

4 14 There is no known cure for genital herpes.
15 There is a safe period for teenagers having sex to avoid pregnancy. 16 Ovulation occurs about 14 days before the start of the girls next period. 17 It more common for a boy to masturbate than a girl. 18 The size of a mans feet is proportionately equal to his prowess. No Conferring No Talking Give your own answers, don’t copy

5 1 True False 2 False False 3 False True 4 False False 5 False True 6 False False 7 False True 8 True True 9 False False

6 Sex knowledge Quiz…….. Full Answer sheets
1. True: Our parents had started their periods earlier than their grandparents and we will or have generally started even earlier. There are lots of possible causes, better nutrition, health etc. 2. False: Knowledge makes us more likely to make good decisions about our life choices, whereby poor information and myths can be detrimental to us. 3. False: Children in families of choice (gay parents or couples) are as likely or not to be gay, as those in a heterosexual family.

7 Sex knowledge Quiz…….. Full Answer sheets
4. False: Condoms will and do split but not usually from normal use, they are incredibly strong, however they can be damaged by fingernails, teeth, jewellery, not being used correctly and by some oil based products (always use water based lubrication) 5. False: Could have an STI that has been passed from mother to baby at birth, some are passed through very close bodily contact. 6. False: But sperm can be transported by other methods e.g. on fingers, etc and if sperm are anywhere hear the opening of the vagina can and will swim in.

8 Sex knowledge Quiz…….. Full Answer sheets
7. False: This is a natural exploration of our fantastic body, its not mandatory, but can be very pleasurable (and SAFE) in the privacy of your own room. 8. True: They are probably capable of it but for various reasons it may not occur i.e. Fear of pregnancy, discovery, lack of skill by partner, feeling pressured, not the right time, place or person, not ready, not using protection. etc. 9. False: Perfectly natural to have a discharge from the vagina, becomes cloudier at puberty and more noticeable. Is a great indicator of your health, particularly sexual health, a change in texture, colour and smell can indicate that something is not as it should be, check it out! Get to Know Your Discharge.

9 Sex knowledge Quiz…….. Full Answer sheets
10. False: Old remedy, a cold shower. 11. False: A lot will be experimentation, there is no rush to categorise your sexuality, enjoy life! 12. True: Although we adults worry that most have and young people might think that most have, MOST YOUNG PEOPLE Don’t have SEX until after they are WELL OVER SIXTEEN. There is no problem in delaying until you are ready (what ever age that is) Very few people regret having waited till the right time but all too many wish that they had not had sex at a younger age.

10 Sex knowledge Quiz…….. Full Answer sheets
13. False: Getting water into the vagina with the idea of washing sperm out after sex, (even if it did work as a method) would already be too late. Sperm will have swum through the cervix and be on their way to find an egg, by the time you’ve even thought the thought! 14. False: Like most viral infections we can treat them but not cure them. 15. False: Not for teenagers, bodies are still developing and menstrual cycles can be erratic.

11 Sex knowledge Quiz…….. Full Answer sheets
16. True: As useful information, not much good to teenagers (see 15 above) 17. True: Anecdotally but no definitive research has been undertaken. Pretty sure that girls do but boys tend to talk about it more. 18. False: No correlation. Big doesn’t mean big or small, small. After all it does not matter!!!

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