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Slack Water Tide Centerton Bridge, NJ Main Stream, Rancocas Creek.

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1 Slack Water Tide Centerton Bridge, NJ Main Stream, Rancocas Creek

2 Rancocas Creek 2 Rancocas Paddle Guide Let Us Begin this Descriptive Tour of the Rancocas Creek, as both Shores will be under our eyes at once 1893

3 NJs Blueways Paddling Trails Model 3 Water Trails Are Greenways w/ Specific Access Points and other recreation opportunities. Goal: Build a broad understanding of paddle trails and economic benefit to the community to which a paddle trail passes. Understanding

4 Map of Rancocas Creek Captain J. Wald - 1776 Mt. Holly 1776 Site of McIlvaine Farm Site of Present Day – Westamptons - Nature Center 4Rancocas Paddle Guide Riverside Understanding

5 Pine St. Mt. Holly, NJ RT. 38 Mt. Holly, NJ RT. 38 Mt. Holly, NJ Iron Works Park Mt. Holly, NJ Pine St. Mt. Holly, NJ To Rt. 38 Off-Load Areas Rancocas Paddle Guide North Branch Sailing Shallop 1700s Jug-Handle Rt. 206 Vincentown Diner Rancocas Creek Iron Works Park Mt. Holly, NJ 1) Paddling Trail is a Greenway that serves to attract visitors and acts as destination for environmental, cultural and historical attractions. Put-In Location Destinations

6 Iron Works Park Mt. Holly, NJ Put-In Parking General Parking Exposed at Low Tide Mt. Holly Leaving Kayak Launch on High Tide Mt. Holly has a 4 to 6 Foot Tide Launch Downstream Timbucto Westampton State Park Nature Center County Parks Open River Tidal Paddle Take-Out 6Rancocas Paddle Guide Destinations

7 Mt. Holly, Shallow Drafting River Sailing Scow Late 1800s Mt. Hollys Rancocas Creek Maritime History 1870s Boat Hook from the Tug Minerva Courtesy of Mt. Holly Library 7 Rancocas Paddle Guide Destinations

8 Mt. Holly Iron Works Park Start of Paddle Trail Timbuctoo Point Tidal Marsh Grist Mill Revolutionary War Site Rancocas State Park Nature Center Confluence of North and South Branch Long Bridge County Park WESTAMPTON, NJ Rancocas Village Destinations <<< Trail

9 Woodland Views Rancocas State Park Rancocas Creek Entry Rancocas State Park State Park Beaver Lodge Long Bridge County Park Landing Rancocas Paddle Guide Destinations

10 Atlantic Coastal Plain Fresh & Oligohaline Tidal Marshes Westamptons Historic Timbuctoo, Marsh Ecology Marsh Environment and Eco-Systems Courtesy of Nature Center Wall Mural 10 Rancocas Paddle Guide Destinations

11 High Tide Nature Center Landing Trail Marker #19 11Rancocas Paddle Guide Which One Doesnt Belong ? Destinations

12 Rancocas Paddle Guide 12 Destinations

13 13 Rancocas Paddle Guide Cedar Swamp Run Westampton 3) Paddling Trail Fosters Regional Destination Tourism, Stewardship & Creates Expanded Visitor Appeal Appeal

14 Early Fall Beech Beach Rancocas State Park Rancocas Paddle Guide 14 Appeal

15 Investment in a Regional Paddle Trail and Supporting Visitor Services Confluence Sand-Bar Lost on a Lazy Day 15 Rancocas Paddle Guide 4) Paddle Trails Catalyze Partnerships, Collaboration and Cooperation Collaboration

16 16 Confluence of the South and North Branch Rancocas Creek South Branch of the Rancocas Creek Access to Hainesport and Lumberton North Branch of the Rancocas Creek Access to Mt. Holly and Westampton Centerton Bridge Rancocas Paddle Guide Support Open Tidal Water Paddling Collaboration

17 17 17-23 Safety Issues for Tidal Paddlers Be Alert for Other Boats and Ships, especially on the Delaware River. The Lower Rancocas is home to fast moving jet-skis and rapid fast boats. Stay Clear of Such Vessels. Paddle in the near-shore tidal zone. Ships, Boats and Tugs Generate large and at time dangerous wakes. Be aware of the changing tide. The tide reverses its flow direction four times a day. Kayakers on the Tidal Delaware Should be Experienced. Open canoes without flotation are not recommended. Do not paddle or boat alone. Stay visible to other boaters. Be alert for things behind you. Watch for floating debris, Especially after up-river and local rain storms. Much of the river is urbanized. Piers and river traffic present obstacles. Be prepared for changes in climate, wind forces, tidal currents, and other natural hazards whose risks are mitigated by your action and preparation. Stay clear of river oriented security risk areas. Be able to communicate w/ others while paddling. Rancocas Paddle Guide SupportCollaboration

18 DOWNSTREAM OF CENTERTON BRIDGE OPEN TIDAL WATER PADDLING Centerton Bridge Bridgeboro Narrows Confluence Rancocas Paddle Guide Support Open Tidal Water Paddling Collaboration

19 Confluence Section 1: Centerton Bridge Section 2: Willingboro Mill Creek Park Open Tidal Water Paddle HAS Increased Hazards and Risks Rancocas Paddle Guide Support Open Tidal Water Paddling Collaboration

20 Burlington Countys Blueway Paddling Trail 20 SupportCollaboration

21 Willingboro 21 Rancocas Westampton Burlington Charleston Mill Creek Willingboro Rancocas Creek Westampton State Park SupportCollaboration

22 Route 130 Section 3: Bridgeboro Narrows Warning Rapid, Fast Tidal – Currents Mill Creek Park Open Tidal Water Paddling 22 Rancocas Paddle Guide SupportCollaboration

23 Details of Bridgeboro Narrows Rt. 130 Willingboro Bridgeboro Bridge RAPID, FAST CURRENTS Above, Under and Past Bridge Open Tidal Water Paddling Rancocas Paddle Guide Fenton Island SupportCollaboration

24 24 Rancocas Paddle Guide Down CreekLanding Basin 5) Paddling Trail Encourages Local Entrepreneurship Take-Out Lightning Jacks Marina, Riverside NJ 4 Hours from Mt. Hollys Iron Works Park Put-In Location Commerce

25 Section 4: Lower Section of the Rancocas Creek Take-Out Location State Highway Route 130 Willingboro Recommended Take-Out Lightning Jacks Marina Open Tidal Water Paddling Page 25 Hawk Island 25 Rancocas Paddle Guide Bridgeboro Road Laycock Street >> Amico Island Burlington County Park Bridgeboro Commerce

26 Lightning Jacks Marina 26 Laycock Street Lightning Jacks Driveway Daily and Season Pass Ramp Fees Waterfront Restaurant Repair and Storage Facilities On-Site Parking Lightning Jacks Amico Island Burlington County Park Office Restaurant Ramp Delaware River Rancocas Paddle Guide Commerce

27 27 Amico Island Burlington County Park Lightning Jacks Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware River Emergency Landing Only Rancocas Paddle Guide Low Tide-Mud Flat Commerce

28 28 Paddle 2 to 3 Hours R/T Paddle Time Paddle No Creek Access No Waterfront Access Lightning Jacks >>>>

29 29 From the North Overlook Rancocas Creek on the Delaware River Convergence Burlington Countys, Amico Island Park Pennsylvania Hawk Island NJ Rancocas Creek Delaware River Riverside, NJ 6) Paddle Trail Connects, Engages and Cultivates a Community Sense of Pride and Well-Being

30 Amico Island Park Delaware River Cinnaminson, NJ 30 Rancocas Paddle Guide

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