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The Virginia Capital Trail Jimmy Carr Assistant Secretary of Transportation.

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1 The Virginia Capital Trail Jimmy Carr Assistant Secretary of Transportation

2 1957 Completion of Colonial Parkway to Jamestown 1975 Route 5 Scenic Byway Designation 1997-99 “Capital to Capital Bikeway” Feasibility Study 2003 Preliminary Engineering begins for Eastern Section phases of the Virginia Capital Trail 2004 Establishment of Virginia Capital Trail Foundation 2005 Construction of James City phases underway East Coast Greenway Corridor Designation 2006 Construction of Charles City phase underway Henrico County Location Study Project History

3 Tourism Recreation Sustainable Economic Development Historic Preservation Alternative Transportation Private/Local Partnerships Project Objectives

4 From the Canal Walk in the heart of Richmond’s modern waterfront, to the Governor’s mansion in Colonial Williamsburg, the trail will traverse a unique landscape with unrivaled historic and cultural value. Project Corridor


6 The Project


8 Phased Development Complex (most expensive) /pressured phases to receive priority Local, Private, Inter-Agency Partnerships Use of designated funding sources Context-Sensitive Design Use of Existing Right-of-Way (when possible) Project Advancement

9 3-mile segment connecting Jamestown Island, Colonial Parkway and Route 5 Trailhead at Jamestown High School 40-Acre Wildlife Preserve Acquisition $3M total cost – 30% private/local funds Under Construction Greensprings Phase

10 5-mile/$5M phase ROW acquisitions drive cost (~40%) Trail over new Chickahominy bridge Local funding for park acquisition and construction, 10% trail construction Under Construction Chickahominy Riverfront Phase

11 8-mile / $4M phase Use of existing ROW Link to VCU Rice Center Historic Clerk’s Office renovated for Visitors Center with restroom facilities Construction to begin summer 2006 Charles City Courthouse Phase

12 Trailhead and interpretive site at Henrico County Park Parking and restroom facilities Locally-managed project Under Construction Four-Mile Creek Trailhead

13 Richmond Riverfront Phase

14 Existing Canal Walk to serve as Richmond terminus of the Virginia Capital Trail Connection with James River amenities and growing residential area Richmond Riverfront Phase

15 Not-for-profit foundation to work in partnership with public sector Independent Board of Directors / staff Community liaison Private fundraising / right-of-way donation Virginia Capital Trail Foundation

16 Richmond Riverfront Phase public involvement process Henrico County stakeholder outreach Formalize partnership with VCTF Prioritize/advance additional phases Next Steps

17 Jamestown 2007 Rising expense Closing window of opportunity Advancement Timeline

18 The Virginia Capital Trail Jimmy Carr Assistant Secretary of Transportation

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