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The Four Regions of New Jersey

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1 The Four Regions of New Jersey

2 Appalachian Ridge and Valley
Lies in the northwestern part of NJ Part of the Appalachian Mountain chain

3 Appalachian Ridge and Valley
The Appalachians begin in Alabama and stretch north to Canada Hikers explore the mountain on the Appalachian trail, which is more than 2,100 miles long and passes through 14 states! (including NJ) The part that cuts through NJ is ABOUT 73 miles long.

4 Appalachian Ridge and Valley
This region holds many other attractions in addition to the large mountain range. High Point, on the Kittatinny Mountains, is the highest point in the state at 1,803 feet. From here you can see Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. You will see farmlands, forests, hills, and valleys stretched out in each direction.

5 Appalachian Ridge and Valley
This region also has a point where the Delaware River passes through the Kittatiny Mountains. This area is know as the Delaware Water Gap Here, thousands of visitors a year visit this attraction to hike, canoe, kayak, swim, and much more!

6 Highlands This region lies east of the Appalachians.
it is full of hills, forests, and valleys. It is called the Highlands because it lies ABOUT 1,000 feet above sea level. Sea level is land that is level with the surface of the ocean.

7 Highlands In this region, there are large lakes and rivers, such as:
Lake Hopatcong Greenwood Lake Musconetcong River There are also many valleys that pass through this region such as the Musconetcong River Valley. Many farms, dairies, towns, and cities are found here.

8 Piedmont Lies at the BASE of the Appalachian Mountains. In fact, the word piedmont means “at the foot of the mountain.” Begins at along the Hudson River, near the cliffs of the Palisades are located.

9 Piedmont This region is 20 miles wide!
Most of the land is 100 to 200 feet above sea level. However, areas like the Watchung and Sourland Mountains reach up to 500 feet above sea level.

10 Piedmont Major rivers flow through this region such as: Raritan River
Passaic River Hackensack River

11 Which region lies at the base of the Appalachian Mountains?
POP QUIZ! Which region lies at the base of the Appalachian Mountains?


13 Atlantic Coastal Plain
This is the largest natural region of New Jersey. Millions of years ago, this land was uncovered when the Atlantic Ocean fell! As the water disappeared, a flat plain of sandy soil surfaced in today’s South Jersey.

14 Atlantic Coastal Plain
Because this region is so large, geographers divided it into 2 sections. The west (left) side is called the Inner Coastal Plain. The east (right) side is called the Outer Coastal Plain, which touches the Atlantic Ocean.

15 Inner Coastal Plain This region is nicknamed the Greensand Belt. How do you think it got its name?? It begins below the Piedmont region and runs along the state’s southwestern border.

16 Inner Coastal Plain The soil in this region is a fertile mixture of clay, sand, and silt. Silt is the rich soul left behind by water. Because the soil here is so awesome, it makes the region great for farming. Here you can find dairy farms, orchards, vegetables farms. Sometimes these vegetable farms are called truck farms because they produce so many vegetables crops that trucks come in and ship them away to far away markets.

17 Outer Coastal Plain The soil in this region is different from the Inner Coastal Plain. Here, it is very sandy. However, there are many places for fruits to grow, like cranberries and blueberries. NJ is the third-largest producer of cranberries in the WHOLE country!

18 Outer Coastal Plain Much of the region is covered by oak and pine forests. A popular forest is called the Pinelands.

19 Outer Coastal Plain The eastern edge of this region runs along the Atlantic Coast. Can you think of any beaches along this coast?

20 Outer Coastal Plain Sandy Hook, Long Beach Island, Atlantic City, Cape May, and many more are found along this coast. Other than beaches, you can also find salt marshes, lagoons, and sand bars.

21 Assignment Work together with your table to design a postcard for the region you are assigned. Your postcard MUST HAVE: A picture of the region (illustrated to the best of your ability) on the front. A message to a friend or family member explaining what the region is like on the back. EXAMPLE: Front: Back: Dear Mom, The Outer Coastal Plain is awesome! It is full of sandy beaches that touch upon the Atlantic Ocean. They even grow cranberries and blueberries in bogs! Did you know that New Jersey is the third largest producer of cranberries. Sincerely, Annie Mom 130 Highland Ave Somerset, NJ 08873

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