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Faculty of Environment, Society & Design Greg Ryan, Dean.

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1 Faculty of Environment, Society & Design Greg Ryan, Dean

2 Faculty of Environment, Society & Design School of Landscape Architecture Department of Environmental Management Department of Social Science, Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Sport Department of Applied Computing Undergrad and postgrad degrees in these areas 60 staff / c200 postgrad students

3 Sarawak Certificate in Conservation and Ecotourism Management 1999-2002 Major undertaking between the Government of Sarawak and Lincoln University Impetus from two reports - Sarawak Tourism Master Plan (which stressed national parks and ethnic cultures) and the Master Plan for Wildlife in Sarawak Programme designed for professionals working in the fields of parks, recreation and tourism management

4 Taught by Lincoln University staff and professionals within Sarawak Delivered to 75 proven Dept. of National Parks and Wildlife permanent staff with qualifications and employment records to take full time leave Delivered at Lincoln Sarawak Campus in Kuching

5 Content focused on the knowledge and skills necessary to manage protected natural areas and the people who visited these special places. Expected outcome was graduates capable of managing to the highest professional standards in areas recognised as world class. Much of the teaching conducted in protected areas such as Bako, Batang Ai, Niah, and Samunsam

6 Programme comprised five by six week blocks, each dedicated to a major theme: Protected Area Management and Planning Cultural and Ecotourism Conservation Ecology Environmental Interpretation Parks and Reserves Engineering Research Report Graduates subsequently in senior management roles throughout the protected area system and doing excellent work

7 Nepal Long association with Nepal dating to Hillary in 1953 - first school he built near Namchee, the last major village before the route to Sagarmatha (Mt Everest). New Zealand Government through its National Parks administration (Lands and Survey) played a lead role in the establishment of Sagarmatha National Park Arranged for first Nepalese to visit Lincoln University which was in the process of introducing academic programmes in protected area management from 1970s. First Nepali to Lincoln was Ram Prit 1975/76 - before returning as Chief Warden of Royal Chitwan National Park.

8 Other graduates from Hillary schools following - now senior professionals currently working in Nepal. Nepalese sponsored by New Zealand government, usually two at a time, completing diploma programme in Parks, Recreation and Tourism and later the Bachelors degrees. Many students have also completed Masters and doctoral degrees over the last 20 years. At some stage over recent years virtually all Nepalese Protected areas have been managed by Lincoln graduates.

9 Department of Applied Computing Keith Unsworth - ongoing research collaboration with Department of Mathematical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang Research study / sabbatical visits Ongoing research in Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD) - applications of curves and surfaces in industrial design Conducting 2-day workshops on applying Matlab to CAGD Liaising with USM postgrad students to discuss their research projects.

10 Developing collaboration with USM Dental and Medical School in Kota Bharu. CAGD applications can be applied to the design and manufacture of, for example, implants in both medical (eg skull implants) and dental applications. Lincoln honours student (graduated in 2011) has returned to Malaysia to work at the dental school to further cement this relationship. Developing a Memorandum of Understanding between USM and Lincoln which relates to these particular areas of interest.

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