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1 International Education at the British Quality in Central Asia.

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1 1 International Education at the British Quality in Central Asia

2 2 We are different... A young but very dynamic university A British university with solid integrity and reputation Academic quality at higher standards audited by UK bodies Professional and committed staff with international qualifications Challenging and students centered learning environment and assessment system

3 3 WIUT Courses - Internationally recognised and validated by the University of Westminster, London Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Commercial Law Certificate of Foundation Studies Certificate of Foundation Studies Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Computing Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Economics Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Administration Masters in International Business and Management School/College/Lyceum graduates Those who successfully completed 1 st year of local Universities or with UK “A” level qualification Those who has Bachelor Degree and working experience 1 year - Full-time 2 years - Part-time 3 years - Full-time Max 6 years - Part-time 1 year - Full-time 2 years - Part-time

4 4 Education at WIUT A British learning experience Challenging learning environment with broad learning facilities Student exchange opportunities Friendly and supportive society of students and University staff Active social life

5 WIUT is an International University almost 10% of student population from South Korea, Malaysia, Afghanistan, CIS and other countries ; 15% of staff from foreign countries students of 17 nationalities and 16 ethnic groups with the English medium of teaching and communication internationally validated academic qualifications

6 Staff at WIUT Young people with average age of 30; With academic qualifications from HEIs of UK, USA, Japan and Europe Motivated and involved in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities Responsive with relatively low power distance Has on-going professional experience of academic research, real business, consultancy and/or international projects

7 7 Preparatory Courses Help to entry level academic competence through: Multilevel IELTS and General English Mathematics

8 8 Students’ life WIUT Students Union Student Support Services

9 9 Halls of Residence 15 minutes away from the University by bus 130 places Security guard 24 hours a day Internet access Sport facilities

10 10 How to apply Complete WIUT Application form Obtain Certificate of English proficiency  IELTS scores 5.5 for Foundation Studies (writing – 5.0) 6.0 for Undergraduate Programs (writing – 5.0 and 6.5 for Commercial Law course) Maths Test (High School Level)

11 11 Funding your studies at WIUT Tuition fee - $4,800 Financial Aid  University Scholarship* (For Uzbekistan citizens and Foundation Studies only)  Other sponsors *Subject to a scholarship Test and IELTS

12 12 GRADUATION  We have already more than 600 graduates  90% employment rate on the first three months after graduation  Our graduates work on major national and international companies

13 13 Benefits of being a WIUT Graduate Internationally Recognised British Degree Internationally Competitive Knowledge and Transferable Skills Placement in leading Public and Private Enterprises Further Study opportunities at WIUT and overseas universities Services of the Career Centre for the University alumni Alumni Association Military training opportunity

14 Expansion of WIUT Starting September 2009 WIUT will have: A new renovated 9-storey campus building A Lyceum to accommodate British National Foundation level 1-3 studies A sports club with facilities for football, basketball, in-door mini- football/basketball/volleyball hall and gym

15 15

16 16 Build your future with us

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