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Introducing Gordon College of Education. Gordon College of Education, Haifa Founded 1953.

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1 Introducing Gordon College of Education

2 Gordon College of Education, Haifa Founded 1953

3 Urban Campus in Haifa

4 3,500 Students 250 Faculty

5 Gordon College is a microcosm of Israels multi- cultural population

6 B.Ed. Degree Each Child is a World : Being a Teacher is a Mission M.Ed. Degree

7 Gordon College Offers Academic Preparatory Courses Each Child is a World : Being a Teacher is a Mission

8 Thousands of educators have received their Teaching Certification, B.Ed. Degree, or M.Ed. Degree from Gordon College of Education 2009: 245 students awarded B.Ed. Degree and 25 were awarded the M.Ed. Degree

9 Druze Graduates Hundreds of Israeli Druze and other minorities have received their teaching certification and B.Ed. Degrees from Gordon College of Education


11 Multicultural Educational Resource Center

12 THE MULTICULTURAL EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE CENTER AT GORDON COLLEGE The main mission goal is to train teachers from different ethnic and religious groups to educate children to live in the multicultural Israeli society. Our staff develops learning programs aimed at enhancing tolerance and respect among children.

13 Member of UNESCO Associated Schools (ASPnet) in Israel 2009: Rapporteur at the 6 th National Coordinators of European Meeting for 10 hours of working sessions on the topic of Human Diversity Education More than 20 countries participated.

14 Gordon is the Center for National Educational Conferences in Northern Israel Preschool Education Conference: Great Poetry for Little Ones.

15 Gordon College of Education: Volunteering and Programs for the Community Integrative Approach: Involvement

16 Gordon Colleges Learning Centers Serve the Community Learning Centers in English, Reading, Mathematics English Department and the Department of Special Education Creating Opportunities for Weaker Populations

17 Opening a new HOLOCAUST CENTER With new method's of teaching the young generation

18 Educational Programs for Teacher Training Training Students and Educators to Teach About the Holocaust

19 Innovative Multifaceted Pedagogical Program Courses Pedagogical Supervision of Student-teachers practicing to teach about the Holocaust from kindergarten through junior high school Innovative Methods fo teach about the Holocaust to Children with special needs. Training students of education and in-service teachers to create educational interactive programs with the school. Educational Field Trips that provide teachers with the tools to teach about the Holocaust through visits to memorial sites throughout Israel

20 Workshops for Children about the Holocaust Yearly Educational, Interactive Exhibition during Holocaust Memorial Week in Israel.

21 Interactive Exhibitions at Gordon College During Holocaust Memorial Week included: Holocaust survivor artists display their work and discuss it with children. Exhibition of Childrens art work, who read stories about the Holocaust. Visits of hundred of elementary and junior high school students who have interactive activities that relate to the paintings.

22 Enrichment Program for Gifted Children. Training teachers to educate gifted children. Involvement in the Community

23 Mentoring Ethiopian Children in Pardess Hana In partnership with the Federation of Jewish Communities of Miami, Gordon College of Education is working in three elementary schools strengthening the academic learning skills of 40 Ethiopian children. Finding jobs for our Ethiopian graduates by integrating them into this program. INVOLVEMENT IN THE COMMUNITY

24 Partnerships with High-Tech Industries for Furthering Education Environmental Programs supported by INTEL Involvement in the Community

25 Gordon College Involvement in World Issues and Challenges Involvement in the World

26 Special Educational Missions in the Ukraine: Tri-city Partnership: Boston- Haifa- Dnepropetrovsk. Bostons Jewish Children and Family Services-Tufts University-Gordon College-Beit Channah Bringing our Expertise of Tolerance towards People with Special Needs to the Ukraine.

27 Since 2002 Gordon College has sent 19 missions to the Ukraine

28 Student Exchange Program in Switzerland Enabling our Students to Develop an Understanding of Cultural Exchanges.

29 In this spirit of involvement in the community and commitment to training teachers to be educators in Israels multicultural society, Gordon College is leading a TEMPUS IV Application unites 26 institutions in 7 countries on the whole issue of cultural diversity training of Teachers.

30 Development of an International Model for Curriculum Reform in Multicultural Education and Cultural Diversity Training (Acronym = DOIT ).

31 Consortium Composition: 17 Universities and Colleges 3 NGO 6 Student unions Partner Countries Include: Israeli, Georgian, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Estonia, United Kingdom.

32 Focus of the Project within Priorities and Subject area of Israel and Georgia Aims to enhance the quality of teacher training and educational programs for multicultural education and cultural diversity competence through curriculum reform.

33 Outcomes Professional Educators of Teachers will have strategic models for multicultural educational training and developing cultural competency among students of education and teachers. Professional Educators of Teachers gain life-long skills which they pass on to their students and teachers (domino effect).

34 Curricular Reform will be integrated into participating HEI in Israel and Georgia. Professional Network will be established among Professional Educators which will enable the sharing of knowledge and joint projects in the future.

35 Gordon Colleges Vision for Tomorrow




39 M.Ed. Wing: classrooms, workshop areas, computers, and work areas for educational discourse and discovery.

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