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PROPOSAL Phnom Penh Zoo/ Safari Theme Park Presented by:

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1 PROPOSAL Phnom Penh Zoo/ Safari Theme Park Presented by:
Asian Dragon International In association with; Horizon International Oceanarium Development Group & Thailand Marine Conservation Group Ltd. Provisional Concept: Subject to Change and expansion

2 Team Introduction Horizon International Oceanarium Development Group
Asian Dragon Company Limited Business Experts in South east Asia for over (30 years) Specializes in procurement and theme park proposals. Horizon International Oceanarium Development Group International Aquarium Specialist Works (“ASW”) designer with construction and major ASW project management experience over 20 years. Project profile includes design, supply, installation and construction experience on Public Aquariums and Oceanariums in Australia, China, Taiwan, Korea and Russia. COMPANY DIRECTORS Robert P Sullivan President/ CEO Asian Dragon International Bryan Blake – Director of Dolphin Odyssea Expert Marine Mammal Trainer [+20 years] Marine Park Curator Internationally Accredited. Blake Wallin – Director of Dolphin Odyssea Chief Finance Officer JAWS International Safety International Finance Expert & Funds Manager C

3 Horizon International Oceanarium Development Group Design, Turnkey Installation, Operations Management

4 Horizon International Oceanarium Development Group Past & present project experience ... sample profile only DOLPHIN ODYSSEA – Bali Indonesia current DOLPHIN ODYSSEA – Pattaya Thailand current THE WORLD AQUARIUM – Seoul South Korea 2011+ POLAR WORLD QUJIANG OCEAN PARK - Xi’an China, DISCOVERY WORLD AQUARIUM - Russian Federation, 2009 MOSCOW OCEAN PARK – Russian Federation, 2007 SHANGHAI OCEAN AQUARIUM - Shanghai China, 2000 HUALIEN OCEAN PARK - Taiwan, 1999 GUANGZHOU OCEAN WORLD - China, 1998


6 Perspective Layout of Ocean Odyssea Marine Park within Zoo complex

7 Commitment & Support Responsible Entities Asia Dragon Co Ltd.
Robert Sullivan – Founding partner, Architectural design, Engineering, overseeing project management of the project, habitat design controls. Horizon International Oceanarium Development Group Glenn Tonges – Design, Engineering, Construction Management of the project. Thailand Marine Conservation Group Ltd Bryan Blake and team internationally accredited curators and trainers. Recommended. Joachim Michael Gutmayer Project Management Expert in Asia for over 35 years. TBA (Paid Consultant) Jim Styers - 40 years experience working with Marine Mammals. Dr. Ted Hammond Highly qualified and experienced marine mammal veterinarian and care supporter for the animals. Hans Jörg Schuhmann River Zoo Farm , Breeders / Suppliers / designers River Zoo Farm is the largest, most modern and absolutely professional Wildlife Breeding Farm & Fauna Sanctuary of Western Africa John Rens INTERNATIONAL ZOO SERVICES


9 Daytime Dolphin Show

10 Sea-Lion Show


12 Other Park Attractions
Water attractions – Children Activities & Dining

13 A zoo is very complex. There is more to it than just building homes for animals.
For example, there are the edifices all around. In and around the site are various exhibits as well. When constructing buildings in the complex, numerous issues have to be addressed. The soil must be of good quality so it can handle large structures. Second, the site itself must be accessible and spacious. Holding exhibits and other shows necessitate this. Not to mention of course, that it must be able to accommodate large crowds. Protection against the Elements The costs of running a zoo are increased by the weather factor. When making homes for various animals, extreme forms of weather must be accounted for. The area is prone to intense heat, so many exhibits will require air-conditioning and back up systems . Cambodia has heavy rain fall here so drainage is most important comes, the structures must be built to survive typhoons and protect the animals. All of these things require study and planning. Experts in the field need to assess the efficiency of the buildings. During construction, its durability will be assessed. All of these require a serious budget. After a typhoon or heavy rain, the edifices will need to be inspected or checked for damages. These activities cost money too.

14 Getting the Animals There are a lot of issues that need to be assessed here. In no small way do they raise the costs of running a zoo. First we have to choose what animals to bring in. Of course these animals cost money not only to purchase but to transport. We need to conduct research on every single one. Where are they from? What kind of food do they eat? Does it need a body of water to live in? What type of shelter is required? Does it need plenty of sunshine or does it require cool weather? Does it prefer shade or the open air? Habitats are most important Safety Precautions Knowing the behavior and habits of each animal is critical. When determining the costs of running a zoo, this cannot be ignored. The personnel in charge must know how far the animal can jump, so the right wall can be created. Does it dig the ground, or destroy walls ? At the same time we need to make sure it’s comfortable. If it’s shy, you should put the animal in an area with plenty of shade. Put it in places where it most feels at home, whether it is rocky, swampy etc. at the same time ensuring the viewing public can see the exhibit. Personnel Part of the expenses goes to the people running the place. These include the exhibit designers, animal caretakers, curators, guides and many more. The food and maintenance also drive up the costs. The costs of running a zoo are very high. But they are absolutely necessary. Without the right funding, the safety of the animals and guests will not be guaranteed, hence its importance.

15 Start-up Costs Total Cost Start up: $40,604,000.USD Plus any local tax
Provisional research, verification, site visits and documented information have resulted in the following summery of all start up cost and expenses; Zoo animals, birds and marine mammals $ 7,000,000.USD Construction of zoo $12,000,000.USD Transportation & Holding of zoo & marine mammals $ 1,000,000.USD Construction Marine Park, Pool, Lazy River & Landscape $ 7,000,000.USD Chlorine/Chemicals/vet care for 1 year $ ,000.USD Animals/Birds/Marine Mammal food for 1 year $ ,992.USD Pier & Paddle wheel steamer $ 2,500,000.USD Working Capital startup & opening $ 1,000,000.USD 1st year startup marketing $ ,000.USD Transportation Vehicles $ ,000.USD Steam Train throughout park $ ,000.USD Purchase of property $ 8,000,000.USD Total Cost Start up: $40,604,000.USD Plus any local tax

16 Monthly Expenses Total: $174,166 .USD Electricity $5,000.USD
Water $1,000.USD Chemicals $1,000.USD Zoo Animals, Birds & Marine Mammal Food $29,166.USD Office Supplies $3,000.USD Business & Vehicle Insurance $5,000.USD Maintenance/ Upgrades/ CPI increase $10,000.USD Marketing $10,000.USD Salary * staffed for up to 1000 customers * $110,000.USD Total: $174,166 .USD

17 This is How the Money Comes Back
Gate Admission Swim with Dolphins Encounter Photograph Souvenir’s with Dolphin & Sea Lion & Zoo Animals Concessions Projected figures and breakdown available on request

18 Review of the Project DAILY INCOME $ 20,000.USD
DAILY INCOME $ 20,000.USD MONTHLY INCOME $ 600,000.USD YEARLY INCOME $ 7,200,000.USD YEARLY EXPENSE $ 2,089,992.USD YEARLY NET PROFIT $ 5,110,008.USD These estimates are based on 1000 customers per day. All taxes are excluded from these estimates.

19 10 x Asian Amusement & Theme Parks Rank order of Park & Attendance Numbers
ANNUAL ATTENDANCE TOKYO DISNEYLAND, Tokyo, Japan ,900,000 TOKYO DISNEY SEA, Tokyo, Japan ,100,000 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN, Osaka, Japan ,500,000 EVERLAND, Kyongii-Do, South Korea ,500,000 LOTTE WORLD, Seoul, South Korea ,500,000 YOKOHAMA HAKKEIJIMA SEA PARADISE, Yokohama, Japan ,400,000 HONG KONG DISNEYLAND, Hong Kong, China ,200,000 OCEAN PARK, Hong Kong, China ,380,000 NAGASHIMA SPA LAND, Kuwana, Japan ,910,000 HAPPY VALLEY, Shenzhen, China ,930,000

20 Malacca Zoo, Malaysia Comparison Malacca Zoo is a 54-acre (22 ha) zoological park located besides Lebuh Ayer Keroh (Federal Route ) in the town of Ayer Keroh in the state of Malacca, Malaysia. More than 1200 animals of 215 species can be found at the Malacca Zoo. In 2007, Malacca Zoo was visited by 619,194 visitors; the highest number ever recorded. An average of 1619 per day Malacca Zoo is now a famous attraction in Malacca and listed in many official tourism websites. Now, it is visited annually by 400,000 visitors; averaging 1093 visitors a day.

21 Why NOW is the “Right Time”
Phnom Penh Why NOW is the “Right Time” First Class Facility Zoo & Pool design and Landscape Location Prime Property 40 Hectare’s (river side) Phnom Penh Phnom Penh’s First true Family tourist destination Marketing Similar Projects (swim with Dolphins) are booked 3 months in advance Management Glenn Tonges – Horizon International Oceanarium Development Group Expertise & experience. Robert Sullivan-Asian Dragon International Bryan Blake & Team of world class trainers

22 Zoo & Ocean Odyssea Theme Park Tourist Attraction
Would you like to get involved ? With a secure investment Doing outreach to charitable organizations Provide educational programs to schools Organizing clean up for Phnom Penh community Improving water quality around Phnom Penh Restoration of local waterways and wetlands Education for positive environmental changes Beautify and directly impact Phnom Penh’s Future Animal Breeding and release programs International Zoo exchange programs

23 Safari Camping Grounds
Affordable over night A, B and C Class accommodations. Experience the zoo from dusk till dawn!  Overnight night camps will include guided trail hikes, up-close animal encounters, engaging activities and games, a delicious late-night snack and a continental breakfast.  You will have the unique opportunity to experience the zoo when the nocturnal animals are waking up at night and the diurnal animals are waking up in the morning.  The only question is will our campers sleep with the sounds of the coyotes yipping or the lions roaring?! The Zoo will help build students' understanding of the natural world.  Students will experience programs that foster a sense of wonder, share knowledge, and advocate active involvement with wildlife and wild places

24 Sleep with the Manatees
Fall asleep with Manatees circling your feet! This program focuses on biodiversity, human interactions, and highlights the endangered species . Who can participate? 5th grade and up. Adults also welcome. How much does Sleep with the Manatees Cost? $15.00 per participant (*Teachers bringing school groups are free) Where will you sleep? Sleep with the Manatees sleeps in the Manatees exhibit . Minimum group size is 15 participants, including chaperones. Maximum group size is 60 participants, including chaperones. What will you learn? On your overnight experience, you will explore: Biodiversity, where it can be found and how we play a significant role in protecting it Eco-regions, specifically the habitats in Cambodia, and how relationships with native animals make them so significant Human impact to biodiversity

25 A.D.O.P.T. an Animal For a gift of $20 or more to your favorite animal, you can be a Zoo A.D.O.P.T. parent ! When you become a Zoo A.D.O.P.T. parent, your gift helps to provide food, toys and fun enrichment items for the Zoo’s animal family.  Every animal, from the Leaf-Cutter Ant to the largest Asian Elephants, is available for A.D.O.P.T. Specify your animal of choice when making your purchase. Political Figures , Celebrities and patrons are encouraged to A.D.O.P.T their favorite animal for an agreed amount. This will give them a brass plaque in the habitat PLUS an exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Tour and Meet the Keeper experience.

26 Days out for the underprivileged and those with special needs are extremely rewarding and a wonderful experience, especially for children. Ffinding activities that are accessible can be a real challenge in Cambodia. Our project will be built totally wheelchair accessible and will include disabled toilets. Our project will be planned to ensure the day goes smoothly for EVERYONE !!! Leisure activities are a terrific learning and development opportunity for children with learning disabilities. Motivating for our disabled children experiencing new surroundings. Our Project will be offering at least one day a month free access for the underprivileged and handicapped and other days for Government schools. These days are great opportunities for volunteers to assist in showing kids around and also to undertake maintenance on some exhibits

27 Are Zoos Cool ? Many species today are more endangered then they where years ago. However, this is not the fault of the wildlife trade, as this is minimal. It is other activities that have resulted in the decline of fauna. Such as, uncontrolled hunting, habitat destruction of farmland, timber milling and by burning big forest areas. A big problem in Africa right now that receives little or no publicity is Portuguese "Tourist Hunters" who will shoot thousands of birds in the morning, just for fun. However, the biggest problem is the fast growing human population in tropical counties and the need for more living space. Yes, these activities are having serious effects on the native fauna. The Self made fauna protectors or Green activists only show concern that a few species are kept by zoos , who are persecuted because they are a minority, and easy high profile victims for these activists to attract attention to themselves and their drive for donations. It is however these private keepers who really do care for these animals and do a lot for the protection and future conservation. The result of activists will see more and more restrictions to the trade in wild taken species, some of which will die out altogether with their natural habitat. The only solution to this is the breeding of such species in facilities such as we are proposing.

28 GETTING THERE With its exciting River side access, getting to PP Zoo and water park is easy and fun; access by road or on the river on our proposed paddle wheel steamer operating from River side to the park.

29 Thanks for Your Time and Consideration
Any Questions?

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