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8A Unit5 Reading 2.

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1 8A Unit5 Reading 2

2 1 Why is Zhalong a special place ?
2 Why are the wetlands very important? 3 Where do many red-crowned cranes live now? 4 What will happen if people change the wetlands to make space for farms and buildings? 5 What does the Birdwatching Club need people to do? Because it is the ideal home for many plants, fish and birds. Because they provide food and shelter for birds. They live in Zhalong. The birds will not have enough space to live. It needs people to count and do something for the birds.

3 Help Sandy choose the right meaning for each word.
1.wetlands a. river and seas b. areas of land with wet ground c. areas of land for farming or fishing 2. provide a. cook meals b.grow plants c. give sth. to sb. 3. Shelter a. a place to live or stay b. a larger zoo c. a place to hunt animals 4. endangered a. safe b. in a dangerous state c. a large number of 5. tourist a. people who are traveling b. people who keep shops c. people who study Geography

4 and many other___________ birds. wetlands
cranes endangered ideal wetlands wildlife Daniel: Why is it important to protect the _______ in Zhalong? Lots of people can live in Zhalong if we build some houses there. Sandy: Zhalong is important for _______. Daniel: Do lots of birds go there? Sandy: Yes. Some of them go there for a short stay. Daniel: Do the other birds stay in Zhalong all year round? Sandy: Yes.Zhalong is the _____ home for_____ and many other___________ birds. wetlands wildlife cranes ideal endangered

5 You’re on the way to Zhalong
You’re on the way to Zhalong.You’re talking with a member of the Birdwatching Club,Miss Wang. action red-crowned north-east wetlands tourists protect space danger A: I’am so excited. B:Yes, I was just like you during my first trip to Zhalong. A:Are we in _________ China now ? B:Yes.We’re close to one of the world’s most important ________,Zhalong. A:I believe it’s a great place for _______ Look,what a beautiful place ! B:It’s great to get closer to nature I come here once a year and do something for the birds especially for __________ cranes. A:They’re beautiful,but sadly they’re in ______ now because they don’t have enough _______ to live in B:Yes,but luckily ,people start trying to take more _____ to ________ wildlife. A:I see. Oh, I can’t wait to see the birds now.! north-east wetlands tourists red-crowned danger space action protect

6 阅读以下某个动物的自传,填入所缺的词。 red-crowned
We’re ____________ cranes. We like living in _______. We live in Zhalong ______ ______. Zhalong _______ us enough food and ______. Every year many _______ come to see us. But some people want to change our home to make more _______ for and This means there will be and _______ space for wildlife and the number of us is getting ______ and ______ . We are and __________ birds .But many people don’t understand the of protecting us. What shall we do? Please help us! wetlands Nature Reserve provides shelter tourists space farms buildings less less smaller smaller rare endangered importance

7 make them actively take action to protect …
1.a nature reserve How many________________(自然保护区)for birds are therein China? north-east China= in the northeast of China 3.provide food and shelter for sb. =Provide sb.with food and shelter. The forest ________________________(提供食物和栖息处) the wild animals . The forest ________ the wild animals _____________ comfortably in… all (the) year round easily catch … for food make them actively take action to protect … nature reserves provides food and shelter for

8 important living area for… 6.change the wetlands
the changes in their numbers 7.make more space/room for… 8. less and less space for… 这意味着野生物的生存空间将越来越少. This means there will be _____________ living space for wildlife. 越来越少的猎人捕杀野生动物. ______________ hunters kill wild animals. less and less Fewer and fewer

9 9. protect the endangered birds = protect the birds in danger
10. one of … (s) China is one of _______________________ (最重要的市场)for cars . be safe safely: stay at home safely safety: your own safety You must be careful with ____________ when you are on your way home. My father likes______________________ and doing nothing. the most important markets your own safety staying at home safely

10 Zhalong Nature Reserve
Where In______________________________ Heilongjiang in north-east China One of _____________________________ the world’s most important wetlands Special (Why) The_________ for _____, fish and_____. ideal home plants birds An important __________for the_____ red-crowned cranes living area rare ________ farms and buildings Wetlands _______________ for wildlife Less and less space Danger Birds don’t have _____________ enough space The Chinese ________________ government Action (who) ___________Birdwatching Club Members of ________________ Tourists and some other people

11 Different people’s actions
Government Protect these endangered birds Build nature reserves for them Members of birdwatching club Study the different kinds of birds and the changes in their numbers

12 Different people’s actions
Tourists and some other people Go to Zhalong to watch birds Help to count and do something to help the birds

13 Some famous people’s actions
Protecting animals is to protect our future!

14 Discussion As a student of Grade 8, how can you help Zhalong and the wildlife there?

15 A true but sad story Once there was a kind-hearted girl. When she was young ,she kept a red-crown crane. After she left college, she returned to the place where the red -crown crane lived .One day ,she fell into the wetland and died while she was trying to save the wounded red -crown crane.

16 We should learn from her!
Do you know the story of Xu Xiujuan, who lost her life in saving red-crowned cranes? We should learn from her!

17 1987年9月15日中午,丹顶鹤牧仁、黎明在笼子里鸣叫不已,徐秀娟以为它们想出来游玩和戏水,就进去把它们抱出来放进水塘里。不想牧仁、黎明玩兴大发,先后挣脱绳子飞走了。到了晚上,牧仁被找回来了,黎明还是不见踪影。夜深了,领导让大家回去休息,明天再找。可是徐秀娟放心不下,等大家走了,她一个人摸黑钻进密密的芦苇中,不断呼唤着黎明,可是没找到。这天晚饭她也吃不下,第二天一大早没顾上吃饭就又去找。中午回来喝了半碗稀饭,牵挂着黎明又出了门。到了复堆河,小王、小殷游过了河,徐秀娟快游到江心时,忽然喊了一声“我不行了”,停住了身。对岸的小王、小殷见她脸色苍白,大声喊她退回岸上,见她上岸后,两人才回身继续寻找。徐秀娟回到鹤场心急火燎呆不住,又推了一辆自行车,沿河堤绕道北行,想和小王、小殷会合,把黎明尽快找回。不知是由于顶风人累踏不动,还是骑车跌了跤(后来发现车子铃铛掉下来了),她又推车来到刚才下水的地方,把车子放倒,连鞋子都没来得及脱又下了水…… 人民的好女儿徐秀娟就这样深深沉入复堆河底,再也回不到她亲爱的鹤儿们身边了…… 时间过去了4个小时,黎明被找回来了,欢天喜地中的人们到处找徐秀娟,不见;呼唤娟子,不应,焦急的人群又冲向了原野……夜沉沉,路漫漫,遍野是人群,到处唤秀娟。当强烈的汽车灯直照水面,人们把娟子从水底托起时,抢救的人群开始是惊慌忙乱,后来想到时间过去太久,已经没有希望了,一片呼唤娟子的哭声,这才忽地震动苍穹掠过草滩。

18 The story reminds(提醒) us that man should
learn to protect wild birds actively. Luckily, more and more people have already realized (意识到) the___________ (important) of ___________(protect) wild birds. They do a bird count and something else __________ (help) the birds.They build more nature _________ (reserve)for the birds. We all know that Zhalong is one of the world’s ________________(important) wetlands. importance protecting to help reserves most important

19 A lot of birds, including red-crowned
cranes are living ____________(comfortable) there. Red-crowned cranes can catch small fish for food _______(easy). They are _________ (thank) to the _____________ (birdwatch), especially to a girl. comfortably easily thankful birdwatchers

20 课堂检测 一、完成句子 1 Cranes are in danger.They are in a dangerous state.So they are __________ birds. And there are a few cranes in the world, so they are very ______. Zhalong is an area of land with wet ground. So we can call it ____________. 3 It’s necessary to give animals something to eat and help them find some places to live or stay. That means we should _________ food and ________ for the animals. 4 What do we call the people who are travelling? Yes, they are travellers or ___________. 1 endangered rare wetland provide shelter tourists

21 二.改错 1 We should protect the dangerous birds.
2 Can you make a space for me? 3 We understand the important of learning English. 4 Elephants are the biggest alive animals on land. 5 Shanghai is one of the largest city in the world. We should protect the endangered birds. Can you make space(不可数) for me? The living space is less and less. = The living areas are fewer and fewer. We understand the importance of learning English. Elephants are the biggest living animals on land. Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world.

22 翻译下列句子. 1 政府为越来越多的珍稀鸟类提供了理想家园。 2 一些鸟飞去南方作短暂停留。 3 我们希望这些信息能帮助人们明白保护自然的重要性。 4 他们正在研究老虎在数量上的变化。 5 地球上的居住空间越来越小了。 6请给老人让个地方。 The government provides the ideal home for more and more rare birds. Some birds fly to the south for a short stay. We hope the information will help people understand the importance of protecting the nature. They are studying the changes in tigers’ numbers. There is less and less living space on the earth. Please make space/room for the old man.

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