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A Quality Initiative ISO 9001:2000 Rhonda Reis Metering Services Supervisor Georgia Power Company.

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1 A Quality Initiative ISO 9001:2000 Rhonda Reis Metering Services Supervisor Georgia Power Company

2 Background Quality Activities and Improvements for Several Years No Formal Quality Program – No Functional Organization – Lack of Consistency of Processes – Political Push Back February 2001 - New Metering Business Unit formed Need for New Business Structure & Formal Quality Plan ISO 9001:2000 met both requirements

3 Business Unit Structure Northwest Georgia Northeast Georgia West Georgia Central Georgia South Georgia Metro North Metro Atlanta Metro South TVA Formed a Metering Business Unit Centralized Management Established Meter Groups 17 Regions to 8 Meter Groups Reduced Supervision Empowered Field Employees

4 Functional Areas Data Management Engineering Region Field Services Field Technical Services Shop Services Safety & Training Business Operations Business Development – Marketing – Strategic

5 Business Strategy Metering Resources Value Added Activities Cost Activities Quality System The Value Proposition

6 Functional Areas Shop Services Acceptance Testing Sample Test Clean & Recondition Repair Calibration Fabrication Materials Procurement Shipping & Receiving Warehousing Consignment

7 Functional Areas Data Management SSA Accounts - 2200 $ 1.45 Billion Revenue Load Survey - 2000 Power Quality - 385 Energy - 250 Load Data Viewer Engineering Meter System Design Equipment Specifications - Documentation Technology Assessment - Issue Resolution Project Management Calibration - NIST Certification Product Evaluation and Testing ANSI Standards

8 Functional Areas Field Technical Services Interchange Metering - 200 points AMR – 75,000 points End Use Metering - 110 sites Special Service Accounts O & M Quality System Audits Safety and Training Safety Procedures and Monitoring Compliance Technology Transfer Employee Development Training Development and Delivery Apprentice Meterman Program

9 What Is ISO 9001:2000 It is NOT a Program It IS a Commitment to a Way of Doing Business It is NOT a one time event It IS a Continuous Management Process It Is Not The Way Weve Always Done Things It Is an Opportunity for Improvement

10 What Is ISO 9001:2000 An International Standard for Quality Business Operations Developed Around Eight Quality Management Principles Each principle is a fundamental belief focused on: – Customer Satisfaction – Continuous Improvement – Consistency Provides Structure for Business Excellence Quality Program to Improve Efficiency, Data Quality, and Accuracy of Meter Systems

11 ISO 9001:2000 Principles Customer Focus Leadership Involvement of People Process Approach Systems Approach to Management Continuous Improvement Factual Approach to Decision Making Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships

12 ISO 9001:2000 - Stuff Make a Plan and Stick to It Zero Defects - Smokey The Bear Do It Right the First Time If Its Not Documented - It Never Happened Its Not Extra Work - Its a New Way of Working

13 ISO 9001:2000 - More Stuff Its a Culture Shift Fly By The Seat of The Pants Auto Pilot With a Flight Plan A Sense of Accomplishment

14 ISO 9001:2000 Elements Quality System Manual - QSPQuality System Manual

15 QSP Categories Quality System Philosophy Documentation Requirements Management Responsibility Resource Management Design and Development Purchasing Production and Servicing Control and Monitoring Analysis of Data Continuous Improvement

16 ISO 9001:2000 Elements Quality Policy Work Instructions - WI Internal & External Audits Corrective & Preventive Action Process –Internal Corrective Actions - ICARInternal Corrective Actions –Supplier Corrective Actions - SCARSupplier Corrective Actions –Customer Complaint Notifications - CCNCustomer Complaint Notifications Quality System Manual - QSP

17 ISO 9001:2000 Elements Job Training Needs - JTNJob Training Needs Data Analysis & Trending Management Review & Responsibility Performance Measures Continuous Improvement - CFTContinuous Improvement Process Improvement & Identification

18 Key and Special Processes Key Processes Product Evaluation Assembly Testing Installation & Servicing Refurbishing Meterman Qualification Special Process Meter Data Acquisition & Management

19 Benefits Improved Customer Satisfaction –Consistency –Less Errors Improved Communications Better Decisions - Information to Manage Resources Improved Revenue Flow Optimization of Cost, Revenues, and Resources Alignment with Organizations Goals and Objectives

20 Benefits Fewer Things Drop through the Cracks A System of Discipline to Follow the Quality Plan Consistent Meter Operations in Service Area A Structure to Benchmark and Improve the Business Improved Performance Management & Accountability Cultural Change - Employee Satisfaction

21 Obstacles Short Term Increase in Workload Cultural Push Back Management Understanding Cost of Certification and Re-certification Cost of Consultant Education and Training for the System New Process Requirements Resources

22 Lessons Learned It is a Lot of Work It is Worth the Effort Understanding the Principles are Important The People are the Key You will get frustrated – Get Over It The Consultant was Invaluable

23 Lessons Learned Discipline Will be Forced Upon You Not Everyone is Going to Like It It Will be Misunderstood by Other Departments Accountably Will be Highlighted Excuses Will Lack Credibility Management Must Provide the Leadership and Excitement

24 Lessons Learned ISO 9001:2000 is of No Value in Itself …. Its How We Apply it to Make us Better that Transforms ISO into a Valuable Product. Ashok Thakkar President & CEO ITTI, LLC

25 ISO 9001:2000 QUESTIONS ??? I ncredible S ervice O rganization

26 ISO 9001:2000 Contact Information: Ellery E. Queen Manager Metering Services - Georgia Power Company 404-608-5444 Rhonda A. Reis Metering Services Supervisor - Georgia Power Company 404-608-5929

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