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1 IRON ORE & GOLD SERVICES IN WEST AFRICA Mark Davidson Business Development Manager SGS Minerals Services.

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1 1 IRON ORE & GOLD SERVICES IN WEST AFRICA Mark Davidson Business Development Manager SGS Minerals Services

2 2 SGS GROUP GLOBAL LEADER Verification, inspection & monitoring Analysis, sampling & testing Commercial risk mitigation PUBLIC COMPANY 75,000 people 1,500 offices & labs 10 lines of business 13 industries

3 3 Life Science Services SGS MINERALS SERVICES Automotive Services Environmental Services Government & Institution Services Systems & Services Certification Agricultural Services Industrial Services Consumer Testing Services Oil, Gas & Chemicals Services 14,000+ staff in 50+ countries Major Service Offerings: Exploration and mine-site services Project development services Trade and shipping support services Finance and risk management Areas of Focus Hard rock and precious metals Diamonds Energy minerals and fertilisers Iron ore and steel Process Technologies and Consulting Metallurgy and mineralogy Process improvement Modelling / geometallurgical mapping Ore reserve estimation and 43-101 regulatory services Minerals Services Minerals Services


5 5 IRON ORE SERVICES IN WEST AFRICA SGS in Liberia is the first commercial XRF iron ore laboratory in West Africa In operation since February 2012 Services major iron ore projects in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea SGS draft survey/sampling and inspection services are available in Liberia Benefits: Significantly reducing transportation costs and lost time through efficient logistics Providing accessibility to the lab, technical experts and data to strategically advance your project through our integrated partnership

6 6 IRON ORE SERVICES IN WEST AFRICA Our iron ore lab in Monrovia, Liberia offers analytical services, trade support and basic metallurgical testing including: Sample preparation Borate XRF Davis Tube and Satmagan Size fraction analysis

7 7 GOLD SERVICES IN WEST AFRICA Laboratories in Burkina Faso, Liberia, Mali and Ghana and sample prep labs in Cote dIvoire and Mauritania Provide services for major gold projects throughout West and Central Africa All of our laboratories use the same global testing methods, analytical codes and sample preparation techniques to ensure uniform excellence Benefits Delivering timely, accurate & independent results which increase your speed-to-market Mitigating the commercial & contractual risks associated with importing, exporting & shipping

8 8 GOLD SERVICES IN WEST AFRICA Our labs in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Mali offer analytical services and trade support including: Sample preparation Fire assay Aqua Regia Acid Digest Accelerated CN leach BLEG AAS

9 9 SGS has been providing minerals testing services in Liberia for over four years Strong management in Monrovia supports testing lab and other required services Integrated service packages under one roof available In Sierra Leone, SGS provides analysis, trade support and on-site laboratory services 400 geological, plant and product sample analyses/day at Tonkolili mine site Independently certify iron ore quality at port according to internationally accepted standards SGS IN LIBERIA & SIERRA LEONE

10 10 ON-SITE LABORATORIES On-site laboratories are niche technical areas that require specific expertise These laboratories provide critical operational, environmental, and metallurgical data that guide site activities and establish product value Outsourcing of mine-site laboratories allows you to allocate capital and staff more efficiently, concentrate on your core competencies and ensure the data you base your decisions on is accurate and consistent The SGS Build, Own, Operate and Maintain (BOOM) initiative is available in West Africa and globally to the minerals industry


12 12 MOBILE SAMPLE PREPARATION UNITS (MSPU) MSPU – Mobile Sample Preparation Units A modular, containerized sample preparation lab Free standing Self-supporting when supplied electrical power & water Mobilized to any remote or challenging site, any climate Completely customizable for any commodity Quality SGS has a proven track record of commissioning and operating MSPU in difficult situations


14 14 INVESTING IN OUR PEOPLE SGS continues to develop and prepare our African staff for advanced assignments in Africa and globally We opened a Minerals Training Academy in Ghana in 2012 Providing the next generation of skilled managers and supervisors

15 15 INVESTING IN PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE SGS is installing advanced testing technology throughout Africa ICP-OES & ICP-MS analysis in Ghana, Tanzania, DRC, Kenya & South Africa XRF in Liberia, the first commercial iron testing facility in Western Africa QEM-SCAN & XRD in South Africa, the world`s largest advanced mineralogy facility We are leveraging our African technical base and supplier relationships to improve the quality of our group globally Partnership with African Mineral Standards in JHB to create an extensive library of purpose-built certified reference materials Progressive program to ensure industry standard ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for our commercial laboratories

16 16 MORE THAN ANY OTHER TECHNICAL PARTNER, SGS OFFERS An all-encompassing range of value-adding solutions which reduce risk and enhance value Integrated, authoritative, bankable industry-standard services to help solve your problems and giving you a competitive advantage Expertise, technology, trade and testing services help you reduce risk and push you ahead of your competitors

17 17 VALUE TO YOU Support of the entire SGS Africa network: >45 Minerals Services operations in Africa MSPUs, on-site and commercial geochemistry labs Metallurgical and advanced mineralogical testing in Johannesburg, South Africa Leverage expertise from the integrated SGS network: Perth, Australia Lakefield, Canada Toronto, Canada Johannesburg, South Africa Belo Horizonte, Brazil


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