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R. Michael Siatkowski MD James P. Luton Professor Residency Program Director Vice Chair for Academic Affairs.

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1 R. Michael Siatkowski MD James P. Luton Professor Residency Program Director Vice Chair for Academic Affairs

2 The People Residents Faculty Chair Program Coordinator Staff

3 Breadth and Depth of Experience Clinical faculty in all areas Retina (5) Cornea (3) Glaucoma (3) Neuro (3) Pediatrics (3) Oculoplastics (2) Uveitis, low vision 1 each Pathology/oncology on the way in 2014 PhD faculty in top 12 of NEI funding Broad clinical exposurelarge referral base

4 Surgical Volume Resident experience as primary surgeon Recent graduate mean values (national percentile) CASE 2012 (4 grads)2011 (3 grads) cataract 197 (85-90)218 (91) strabismus56 (90-99)76 (98) glaucoma17 (85-90)22 (91) oculoplastics130 (90-95)169 (98) total801 (95-99)878 (99)

5 Facility

6 International Experience

7 Resident Support

8 Resident Clinic technicians Resident Clinic designated scheduler Ophthalmic librarian Clinical Trials office Biostatistician

9 Didactics 18-month lecture series Mon/Thurs/Fri 7-8 AM Tuesday clinical conference 5:30-6:30 PM FA, neuro, cornea, peds FOOD PROVIDED! Monthly cataract video conference Quarterly M&M conference Regular call review conference Quarterly Journal Club (FOOD!) 5 visiting professors + 2 named lecturers per year

10 Other Strengths Orbital dissection course Macrosurgical skills course

11 Other Strengths Elective in PGY4 micro surgical wet labs Protected research time Biostatistician Support to attend any meeting at which you present AAO attendance once during residency Acers fund National reputation

12 Future Horizons Ocular pathologist/oncologist 2014 Additional pediatric ophthalmologist 2013 Resident continuity of care clinic New Microsurgical facility and curriculum Scopes Video recording Surgical simulator

13 New Microsurgical Training Facility

14 Research and Service 10 PhD faculty Top 12 for NEI funding Clinical research 15 resident publications/presentations from 2008-2011 167 faculty publications/presentations from 2006-2011 Faculty Service and Leadership ABO, AAO, AAPOS, AGS, NANOS, OAO, ACGME/RRC

15 Resident negatives Volume/busy call schedule From 1/1/12 to 10/1/12 mean resident work hrs/week = 54 (55 in 2011) From 1/1/12 to 10/1/12, 16% of resident weeks > 60 hrs (14% in 2011) Location No ocean, mountains, 10M population But affordable, friendly, clean, safe Good for families, decent cultural/entertainment venues

16 My philosophy To provide you with a first-class clinical and surgical education in ophthalmology To help you identify your strengths and weaknesses To have an open-door policy and be responsive to your needs and concerns To help you realize your talents and interests To equip you to enjoy and succeed in what you are called to do in ophthalmology To prepare you to make a difference in your sphere of influence

17 How do we do? ABO Exams Written: First time pass rate 100% over last 10 years Oral: First-time pass rate 98.5% over last 10 years Fellowship match 26/37 residents sought fellowship since 2000 100% match rate over last 11 years Peds/glaucoma/neuro/plastics/cornea/retina 2011 and 2012 ACGME resident survey 96% of residents would definitely or probably select this program again

18 Resident Comments Approachable faculty with faculty willingness to engage and support culture of supportive resident body Residents are treated well. (e.g. General attitude of staff toward residents, Acers fund, weekly meetings with the program director, food on call and for conferences, loaner lenses and loupes...)

19 Resident Comments I didnt realize until I was on the interview trail, but we are very well respected, which translates into many fellowship and job opportunities. I think graduates of DMEI would have no problem handling just about anything that walked into a clinic. Most other residents are not confident with their knowledge/skills at graduation and pursue a fellowship for this reason whereas we pursue fellowships because of interest in a specialty. This gives us a lot of freedom in a career choice which is nice. I have fun at work. I enjoy my co-residents and the faculty. For the most part it seems that everyone at DMEI enjoys coming to work which makes for an amazing work environment.

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