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Graduation Transition Program Alberni District Secondary School.

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1 Graduation Transition Program Alberni District Secondary School

2 What is Graduation Transition? It is a requirement of the Ministry of Education - all Grade 12's must go through a Graduation Transition Plan in order to graduate. It includes four things: 1.Completion of a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer OR work experience. 2.Completion of 90 hours of physical activity in Grade 11 or 12. 3.Completion of a Graduation Transition Booklet plus a sample cover letter and resume. 4.An exit interview.

3 30 HOURS VOLUNTEER OR WORK EXPERIENCE The purpose of this requirement is for students to explore potential career opportunities, or to gain an insight into community involvement. What counts towards volunteer or work experience hours? A paid job A volunteer position with a community group or organization A volunteer opportunity with a community or school special event

4 What doesnt count towards your 30 hours? Doing odd jobs for your parents or family (i.e. cutting the grass, raking leaves, walking the dog, doing household chores, etc.

5 PROPER DOCUMENTATION IS REQUIRED!! Your volunteer or work experience hours must be recorded on specific forms, which are available from the Career Centre. When complete – the signed forms must be handed in to the Career Centre where your hours will be recorded.

6 Volunteer Hours Record your volunteer hours on a Community Volunteer Involvement & Responsibility Journal. You may record a period of time instead of specific dates (Example: Sept-Dec 2012 – 45 hrs.) Your supervisor must sign in the right hand column and provide some comments at the bottom of the page.

7 Work Experience Hours Hours are recorded on an Employability Skills Work Experience Journal. You may record a period of time instead of specific dates (Example: Sept-Dec 2012 – 45 hrs.) Your supervisor must sign in the right hand column and provide some comments at the bottom of the page.

8 The Work Experience and Volunteer Recording forms each have some questions on the back of the pages that you must answer in some detail. An Employability Skills 2000+ sheet will help you answer these questions.

9 90 HOURS PHYSICAL ACTIVITY HOURS It is a Ministry of Education requirement that every graduating student must have completed 90 hours of physical activity in grade 11 or 12. What counts to meet this requirement? Completion of PE 11 or 12 Womens PE Extra-curricular sports or physical activity (must be supervised by an adult) There is a 90 Hour Activity Sheet available from the Career Centre. Students will need this form to record extra-curricular hours. The sheet includes a personal fitness reflection which is part of the form and should be completed thoughtfully.

10 Extra-curricular Physical Activity What counts? Participating on a sports team Dance program Track and field Martial Arts A regular fitness program/gym membership

11 What Doesnt Count? Walking a dog Walking to school or to run errands Walking the track with a friend or family member Doing yard work or lawn cutting Chopping or stacking fire wood

12 Grad Transition Booklet This booklet is an "assignment" and must be treated with importance, and completed neatly, thoughtfully and handed in on time. Any incomplete or messy work will be returned to students to redo. Students will meet with Career Centre staff and teachers in small groups in early April to receive some training in how to complete a booklet properly.

13 The Grad Transition Booklet is 11 pages in length and asks a variety of questions and includes: The due date A checklist of what needs to be completed A series of questions that require detailed answers A sample post-secondary budget that you need to complete Some questions about your post- secondary plans

14 Cover Letter & Resume A cover letter and resume MUST BE HANDED IN along with a students Grad Transition Booklet. This should be stapled together and delivered to the Career Centre on the due date. For assistance with how to do cover letters and resumes, please see the examples on the Career Centre website.

15 When the Graduation Transition Booklet is handed in along with the cover letter and resume, it is marked by Career Centre Staff. A booklet completed satisfactorily is marked complete, and the student is then eligible to schedule an EXIT INTERVIEW. Complete

16 EXIT INTERVIEW An Exit Interview is a mandatory process that every grade 12 must go through in order to get an RM – or Requirement Met. Students are responsible for booking their own interview time. A sheet is posted in the Career Centre in late April. The appointment is booked upon completion of the Grad Transition Booklet.

17 What is the Exit Interview Process? The Exit Interviews take place in the gym on a school day in early May. Each appointment time is for two Grade 12 students, who may sit together at a table. Each table will have two Grade 12 students, two Adults, and two Leadership or Planning 10 students. Grade 12 students are responsible for remembering their interview time and for attending. Each interview will be approximately 20 minutes in length. The adults and Grade 10/11 students will ask a variety of interview questions. If a student misses their Exit Interview, it is there responsibility to schedule an alternate date/time.

18 What Questions will be asked at the Exit Interview? The Exit Interview process is not meant to be difficult or stressful for students! The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Students will be asked questions about their experiences in high school and what their future plans are. Here are a few sample questions. Describe an ADSS experience that you are proud of. Describe your top 3 strengths and what you have learned about yourself. Is there an area or skill that youd like to improve in? What advice would you give students in Grades 10 or 11 as you look back at your years at ADSS? What did you like about ADSS? What do you plan to do when you graduate?

19 If you have any questions at all, please speak to any staff member in the Career Centre. We are here to help!

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