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Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 1 1 Welcome to: Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus, Inc Presented by New Haven Consulting Group, Inc.

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1 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 1 1 Welcome to: Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus, Inc Presented by New Haven Consulting Group, Inc.

2 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 2 Todays Agenda Review the need for more effective communication Collaborative Healthcare Skill Clinics Present the key skill models for Collaborative Healthcare Skill Clinics Take a few Polls Take a few Polls Participate in a few activities Participate in a few activities Q & A Q & A

3 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 3 Who Are We? Full service training firm Leadership HR Compliance Sales & Sales Management Customer Service International Facilitator Network Distributor of Collaborative Healthcare Skill Clinics Consultants in customer-centric behavior Exclusively focused on service skills Subject matter experts in healthcare communication skills New Haven Consulting Group, Inc. Customer Focus, Inc.

4 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 4 Todays Presenters Tim Shay Healthcare Account Executive New Haven Consulting Group, Inc. Rick Milczanowski Director, Client Services New Haven Consulting Group, Inc.

5 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 5 Recent healthcare clients

6 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 6 Customer Focus benchmark clients

7 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 7 Hospital Issues Driving Skill Clinics 1. Medicares HCAHPs affecting payments in 2012 2. Growth of accountable, integrated healthcare 3. Need to reduce re-admissions, errors, costs 4. Need to engage patients in their healthcare 5. Need for defensible performance management

8 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 8 Question Which of the five issues is most important to you and/or your organization? 1.HCAHPs affecting payments in 2012 2.Growth of accountable healthcare 3.Need to reduce re-admissions, errors, costs 4.Need to engage patients 5.Need for defensible performance management

9 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 9 Hospitals Training Dilemma Employees cannot easily be taken off-the-job Learning needs vary among employee groups Content must be evidence-based to healthcare organizations Single event training Short-term effect Manager-only training No standards No employee training

10 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 10 Collaborative HealthCare Skill Clinics One-hour on-site spaced workshops 10 Core + 10 Elective Proven healthcare service & collaboration skills Matched to Patient Satisfaction Areas Delivered by your Leaders as role-models Or by our Facilitators Organization-wide accountable job standards Changes culture - reinforces content & skills For all employees & managers at all levels System-wide improvement Builds patient-centered collaborative culture Improves Patient Satisfaction Builds Patient loyalty & referrals

11 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 11 Healthcare Communication #1 Predictor of overall HCAHPS scores #1 Criteria for patients choosing a provider #1 Factor in $1 billion cost of non-compliance #1 Reason 50% of prescriptions taken incorrectly #1 Cause of preventable medical errors #1 Preventer of malpractice litigation #1 Cause of re-admissions & preventable costs

12 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 12 Its All In The Percentages 11% 81% 6% 76% 75% 40% 10% Patients say they reported entire agenda HPs didnt listen or interrupted Patients are asked for ideas & beliefs Patients dont ask questions out of fear Dont ask views, negotiate, or check acceptance Patients are able to make an informed choice Staff keep quiet due to an HPs intimidation

13 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 13 Question When asked, Healthcare Professionals (HPs) said they take nine minutes to explain to patients. How much did they overestimate? A.2 times B.5 times C.7 times D.9 times E.12 times

14 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 14 The Basis for Skills Clinics Content Measures of patient care and satisfaction: HCAHPS: Medicares 8 factors Press-Ganey survey items and Loyalty Drivers TJCs Effective Communication: A Roadmap for Hospitals Harvard Medical Schools 8 dimensions of care Calgary-Cambridge session guide and skills

15 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 15 Core Skill Clinics 1. Own The Patients Experience 2. The 4-Ps of Respect 3. Align to Build Trust & Confidence 4. The KIND Greeting & Manage Expectations 5. Ask & Listen to The Patients Voice 6. Explain & Instruct for Improved Outcomes 7. Empathize to Save Time & Build Loyalty 8. Delight with GEMs (Go the Extra Mile) 9. Resolve Complaints & the BlameFree Apology 10. Say No with I-Can

16 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 16 Advanced Skill Clinics 11. Improve Ideas and Build Solutions 12. SpeakUp for Patients and Each Other 13. Improve Others Health Behaviors 14. Share Decisions with Patients 15. Value Diversity and Differences 16. Conclude Completely and Follow up 17. Coordinate and Work as a Team 18. Engage Patients in their EMRs 19. Connect with Phone Skills 20. Manage and Respond to E-Mails

17 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 17 Skill Clinic Activities Interactive, fast-paced, competitive, fun Unique experiential self-discovery exercises Team-building healthcare simulations Varied skill drills and practices In-depth discussions of local challenges Take-away standards commitments for accountability

18 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 18 TRU Needs

19 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 19 Question Which action demonstrates respect for the patient? 1.Interrupting with the right answer 2.Knocking on the door before you enter 3.Telling the patients visitors to leave 4.Asking if now is a good time to discuss the patients history 5.Telling the patient you understand they are concerned and worried

20 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 20 Collaborative HealthCare Continuum

21 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 21 Ask, listen, and respond to: To serve, collaborative, & engage

22 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 22 The Patients Voice

23 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 23 The Five Master Skills

24 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 24 Clinic Standards Accountability Process Each Clinics skills are converted to 6 – 12 standards based on the Clinic skills HPs commit to standards at end of each Clinic HPs document how met standards Managers coach and reward use of standards

25 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 25 Skill Clinic Leaders 1. If your Leaders conduct Skill Clinics: We provide Leader Certification We provide initial Leader materials 2. If we conduct Clinics: We use our facilitators to conduct Clinics We schedule Clinic sessions to your needs

26 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 26 Licensing for low cost, great flexibility Skill Clinics are sold as a License: You have all the electronic file masters As low as $1 / Clinic / person / year Full rights to reproduce and customize Use it in other internal programs & materials Create versions for different groups Print on-demand at cost only what you need

27 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 27 Five Advantages of Skill Clinics 1. One-hour Skill Clinics fit schedules, saves costs 2. Evidence-based service and collaboration skills 3. Enterprise-wide accountable standards 4. License to customize and re-purpose materials 5. Based on the Patients VOICE ®

28 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 28 Next Steps Email Research Paper Phone Call to Discuss Hospitals Needs Meeting to Discuss Implementation of:

29 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 29 Contact New Haven Consulting Group Phone:203 926 1526

30 Copyright © 2011 Customer Focus 30 ® The Patients VOICE ® The VOICE globe is a trademark of Customer Focus, Inc.

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